Hydrabio Bioderma Cream, Analysis And Alternative

The French brand specializing in the care of the most sensitive skin, presents a moisturizer for sensitive skin, dry to very dry. It is a very rich and creamy formula that hydrates, softens and provides a pleasant sensation of well-being.

To hydrate the skin, it uses the patented Aquagenium biological complex, in addition to Vitamin PP and apple seed extract. To soften it, add salicylic acid and to prevent aging it has vitamin E.

The formula is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, paraben-free and highly tolerant.
This is something that we are going to verify by fully analyzing its ingredients, as we have also done with other creams in this other article where we collect the Best Moisturizing Creams .

Analysis Hydrabio Cream from Bioderma

Summary analysis Hydrabio Cream from Bioderma

In the formula I see too many silicones (and in a high proportion), an ingredient that is very present in moisturizers, but it does not really hydrate.

There are also a couple of irritating ingredients (one in a fairly high proportion) and an alcohol, something that does not benefit sensitive skin at all.

There are many emollients, but really hydrating actives like squalane, hyaluronic acid, or apple seed extract, are way down the list.

Be careful with salicylic acid, as it increases sensitivity to the sun and can cause irritation. So I recommend that you always use sunscreen, right after applying the cream.

It is true that you will notice a softer, more pleasant and comfortable skin, but everything is the work of silicones. Make no mistake, she won’t be really hydrated.


To hydrate from within, you must use moisturizing actives, not masking. One of the best is hyaluronic acid, present in this cream, but in too low a proportion to be noticed.

However, in Nezeni Cosmetics Collagen cream, Organic Silicon is present in a high concentration, and its effect is to help synthesize both collagen and hyaluronic acid. It is also a cream suitable for sensitive and dry skin. It does not have silicones, so its effect will be long-lasting.

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