Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day And Its Origin

Every mother, regardless of her country of origin or residence, has her own day: Mother’s Day. A holiday that reminds us that being a mother is not just carrying your baby in the womb for 9 months or bringing him into the world, being a mother is something that never ceases to be.

The Mother ‘s Day is an international festival that varies in time depending on each country , but in all, the aim is to honor both physical and spiritual mother.

Since 1965, in Spain it has been celebrated on the first Sunday in May like other countries such as Portugal, Romania, Lithuania, Hungary and South Africa. Previously, in Spain it was celebrated on the same day as the Immaculate Conception, December 8, but it was decided to separate both celebrations.

Although it is an international holiday, there are more than 20 different days around the world dedicated to the same celebration. For example, it is celebrated on the second Sunday of May in countries such as Brazil, Greece, Venezuela, Canada, the United States, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Honduras and Uruguay. We also talk about celebrating this day in months like March, October, November, December, February … The dates vary but the objective of this celebration is perennial.

Even, the gifts with which mothers are usually given during these dates are similar, with flowers, chocolates and crafts being the most chosen presents to entertain them.

The origin of mother’s day

It does not matter that many fill their mouths saying that this is a commercial celebration because they are so wrong. Before the craving for consumption entered capitalist societies, many centuries before, rites and celebrations were already held around the figure of the mother.

There are indications that already in ancient Egypt rites were celebrated to honor the goddess Isis, who was called the Fertilizing Force of nature, Goddess of motherhood and birth or “Great Mother Goddess”.

Later, if we move to ancient Greece , we also find celebrations around the goddess Rea (mother of the gods Zeus, Poseidon and Ades), just as in the Roman Empire , Cibeles was honored under the name of the Hilaria festival .

The Christianity transformed these celebrations to honor the goddesses of the Virgin Mary and, specifically, the feast of the Immaculate Conception on December 8 is also become the Mother ‘s Day.

There are references throughout history that show how this holiday has been very present internationally for centuries. In England, already in the seventeenth century there was talk of Mother’s Sunday ; In 1873, Mother’s Day was celebrated in different cities of the United States, but it would not be until 1914 that President Woodrow Wilson called the second Sunday in May Mother’s Day, a holiday that spread internationally .

Ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day

The gift that is best received by mothers are those that their children have made thinking only of them. Those gifts that they have made with their own hands, in which they have worked for a while, in which they have put all their love in each of the steps and have been thinking about everything that their mother will like.

So, the best way to celebrate Mother’s Day is to let her know how special she is , how valued she is at home, and pamper her as much as you can’t during the days running around.

To start the day with energy and in a special way, with Dad’s help you can prepare a delicious breakfast and take it to bed. It will be a good start to tell you without words how important it is.

You can prepare personalized cards with messages for mom, pictures of important moments together, remember a special moment or simply say “I love you”.

This can be accompanied by very varied crafts that will have to be adapted to the tastes of each mother:

  1. If you are a lover of reading, you can prepare a homemade bookmark with messages, drawings and small photos that is a reminder of how special it is.
  2. Make a photo frame for your desktop with your favorite photograph.
  3. A personalized or homemade keychain so you never lose your keys.
  4. Candle holders decorated by the little ones and they are also taught to recycle using glass jars.
  5. If mom always needs a coffee, tea or a glass of milk in the morning, what better way than to decorate a mug for her and give it to her?

There are many options that exist in terms of crafts and activities to do, it all depends on the mother’s taste.

And we take the opportunity today to tell you all the “I love you” that sometimes we forget

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