How Do I Identify Implantation Bleeding?

9 out of 10 women seeking to become pregnant want to know: what is implantation bleeding? . When a spot of blood appears on the panties, suspicion soon comes! Is it the implantation I dream of? Is it my turn to be a mother ? But not all bleeds are a sign that the baby is on the way. We must remember that other possibilities must be considered, including menstruation. In fact, the main cause of bleeding is menstruation , it may take a few days for the “drip” to arrive, meanwhile, there is hope, and it can tear a heart full of anxiety for a baby.

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Sometimes the flow can be less and confuse the woman, but if there is, even a minimal flow should be considered as menstruation. Some women have a little bleeding at the beginning of the flow, and if this is not usual, it can turn on a “yellow light” of hope. But before creating expectations, you should wait a few days to see if the flow will come as usual.

Implantation bleeding is the exception rather than the rule, as not all women who become pregnant see it. We can say that only 20% of women have this bleeding after implantation, the vast majority manage to realize the pregnancy through this bleeding.

Implantation bleeding is a very low flow that, on the other hand, should not happen, in fact it happens due to the fixation of the embryo and the desquamation that favors the endometrium . To understand it better, let’s say that the uterus is a padded field where the baby goes to sleep and when that happens, the mattress will need to be open to accommodate the baby in a small hole in the layer of blood.

This action could cause a small amount of blood in the endometrium to leak out through the vagina. The vast majority of the times that implantation bleeding appears, it is for a short time, so we can say that the implantation bleeding should not exceed 3 days and should not have any flow . If so, something is wrong, in these cases there is the possibility of a hormonal drop ( progesterone ), which would generate an imminent risk for the recent pregnancy , and you will need the help of a gynecologist.

But how do I know that the bleeding is implantation? How to know that it is not just menstruation?

Simple, implantation bleeding occurs when there is pregnancy . Only with the presence of HCG in the body , you can be 100% certain that the bleeding that happened was actually the implantation . The blood should not have a menstrual volume . Its appearance should be from red to brownish red, it can also appear as a brown mud, but always in small quantities.

Remember that not all blood is associated with the ovulation process. Some women may experience bleeding due to medications, such as birth control pills or the morning-after pill. In this case, these bleeds are drug withdrawal leaks or even a signal from the body regarding the drug, so there is no reason to panic if you don’t want to get pregnant. Allow a few days to pass and if you do not have menstrual flow , take a test just in case you may be left.

Bleeding is implantation

How long after implantation bleeding can I get the HCG hormone test?

Only after implantation, the pregnancy hormone HCG is produced , before that, there may be evidence in the body, but at the time of fertilization the amount is minimal, small values ​​above 2, sometimes the value reaches 5, even 6 mIU of HCG due to deployment. However, the values ​​are only significant above 25m IU. If you get tested much earlier, the chances of having an indeterminate beta HCG are very great.

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HCG hormone test

We can say that quantitative beta HCG can be done about the 5th day after implantation and possible implantation bleeding , but always when this happens within 7 to 15 days after sexual intercourse, however, it is recommended that you Examine again from the 20th day after sexual intercourse to verify if you are pregnant.

Some pharmacy tests can detect HCG on the second day after implantation , the most sensitive, with a minimum amount of 10 mIU, it can give a very faint line, sometimes almost imperceptible. This can be hell on a woman’s head, however repeating the test in 48 hours is a reasonable time. If the implantation bleeding does not stop, it is recommended that you seek a doctor.

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