Micellar Water 4 In 1 From Isdin, Analysis And Alternative

Removes makeup, cleanses, tones and hydrates, these are all the properties of ISDIN’s 4-in-1 micellar water, a multifunctional product that will leave your skin clean, toned and hydrated.

Thanks to its formula with micelles, it is able to remove all makeup – even waterproof – and clean all types of skin – especially sensitive ones – in one go, without altering the skin barrier .

Tones the skin to leave it fresh and ready for the next step in your care regimen; and it does not dry it out with harsh astringent ingredients, but pampers it with moisturizing and softening agents.

In a single gesture, it leaves the skin of the face, eyes and lips clean, toned and hydrated. Purifies skin exposed to pollution at the end of the day, perfect for sensitive skin.

We are going to give a more objective assessment by looking at its ingredients, which we will analyze below, as we have done in this article about the best micellar waters .

ISDIN 4 in 1 Micellar Water Analysis

ISDIN 4 in 1 Micellar Water Analysis Summary

Isdin micellar water ingredients are of natural origin, opting for gentle cleansers that respect the natural oils of the skin without attacking it. It does not contain alcohol, perfumes, or soap, so it does not irritate or sting the eyes.

In addition to glycerin, which reinforces the hydration of the cleanser, they have included betaine, an amino acid that provides a moisturizing and anti-irritant action, the ingredients that sensitive skin needs.

There is little else to mention about ISDIN’s 4-in-1 micellar water, other than that it does not include parabens, alcohol, has a low level of preservatives, and is hypoallergenic.

Forget about tireless tugging and repeated rubbing to remove mascara and makeup. This fast-acting formula effortlessly dissolves waterproof makeup residue thanks to its good cleansing ingredients.

Tip: Keep the cotton over your eyes closed for a few seconds, and then easily remove all traces of makeup.


Although micellar water is fine, you should not forget that there are better products that you can use to cleanse your skin, such as the Nezeni Cosmetics option.

It is a micellar water enriched with glycerin, salicylic acid and various botanical extracts, which manage to deeply hydrate the skin, protect it from external agents, and leave it fresh and clean for the next steps of the facial routine. You have the complete analysis of the product available at this link .

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