Isoface: Contraindications, Properties And Benefits

It is a drug used for the treatment severe acne , nodular acne and acne conglobata , which received no improvement with other treatments and antibiotics previously indicated.

It is a treatment for acne in chronic cases , likewise, it can be used for cases of rosacea, various types of pityriasis and skin diseases that are directly related to bacteria of the ” Gram Negative” group.

Its name is due to the main active compound , which is the powerful Isotretinoin , a product that is used to treat acne and some types of cancers such as stomach, pancreatic and rectal.

The use of this drug to cure acne is very efficient, since it is called ” the definitive cure for acne “, thanks to its powerful efficacy, which can be seen notably in the first months of treatment with this product.

Mechanism of action

It is a retinoid that binds to nuclear receptors for retinoids and exerts its effect on the target organ.

This mechanism is carried out through two types of receptors, such as: the retinoic acid receptors or RAR and the retinoid “X” receptors whose initials are RXR.

The union of these receptors forms dimers, with the particularity that they can regulate the genetic expression of the genes responsible for their growth and differentiation.

For this reason, these receptors are considered therapeutic targets to be able to attack different pathologies, among which we can mention skin proliferation and cancer.

The work done by this retinoid is the reduction of the sebaceous glands (size), so it decreases and improves the conditions by suppressing the production of these glands.

This retinoid was used in epidermal proliferation diseases. Likewise, it has the ability to produce synergism in the presence of interleukin, for the treatment of diseases such as solid neoplasms and in cases of Kaposi’s sarcoma; producing a significant improvement in terms of the total count of lymphocytes, natural killer cells and for proteins.

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At the beginning of acne treatment with this medicine, there is an increase in immunoglobulin levels and “T” and “B” cells. IgE is responsible for allergies, causing hypersensitivity to infectious agents, so it is not surprising that there is an increase in new outbreaks of acne during the first days of treatment.

This fact manifests itself very aggressively in patients with a compromised immune system , for this reason any underlying pathology that may be had and that compromises the proper functioning of the immune system must be reported.

In diseases such as psoriasis, retinoids such as this drug act very effectively, significantly improving the inflammatory condition, since it is a process in which polymorpho-nuclear leukocytes are involved, therefore, that is the success and efficacy of the drug.

It reduces the generation of leukotriene C4 mediated by eosinophils , thus mediating the effects of these retinoids, due to the changes produced in the activation and function of neutrophils.

As retinoids inhibit cell growth and differentiation, it brings great advantages in various types of cells that can cause pathology; including as already described above, cancer cells that can occur on the skin.

It has an inhibitory effect on angiogenesis product of tumors, it is believed that it may be preceded by the effect that this drug exerts on VEGF (which reduces its production), which is a basic glycoprotein whose function is to bind heparin that it has a central role in angogenesis.

If it is combined  with Interferon alfa and cholecalciferol which is better known as vitamin D3, an antitumor synergistic effect occurs , then it significantly reduces the growth of tumor cells. Likewise, it exerts its effect in the inhibition of angiogenesis.

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Special care must be taken with this drug and the correct dose of administration, because it can produce an antiangiogenic effect of retinoids , which increases growth in cases of hamster squamous cell carcinoma and increases vascular growth, so it must be taken forecasts in light of this fact and do not administer more than 2 mg / kg to humans.

Isoface Pharmacokinetics

There are differences in the wide range of known retinoids, there are fat-soluble and others that are part of the group of water-soluble retinoids, as is the case with this drug.

It is necessary at this time to talk about the bioavailability of Isoface, since the pharmacokinetics deals precisely with this action of the drug according to its presentations.

Oral Isoface has an oral bioavailability of 25%, which can be increased if taken with food.

The main transport protein for this drug is serum albumin , which gives it the advantage of significantly reducing the inhibitory effects that epithelial cell receptors can produce for the drug.

If this drug is taken with food, the interaction of these receptors with albumin is blocked, increasing the availability of the protein to bind to the drug and transport it and exert its effect on the target organ in a more effective way.

After administration, it only takes 30 minutes to be detected in the blood, reaching a maximum concentration in an interval of 1 to 4 hours.

Its disadvantage is the ability to cross the placental membrane, so studies have shown that it causes a high teratogenic activity in the fetus, for this reason it is totally contraindicated during pregnancy or suspected of it.

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This retinoid is excreted in the feces, so it is necessary to be evaluating the good liver function and to a great extent it is also excreted in the urine, for which the renal system could also be affected and it is necessary to be aware of any changes in it. , through the relevant tests to measure its correct function.

This type of medication can have a prolonged effect after the completion of treatment, it is spoken of up to 20 hours after it continues to be eliminated in the urine. The action disappears on the skin in approximately two to four weeks after treatment.

Isoface and other uses other than Acne

Retinoids act in different pathologies (as has already been mentioned), they not only fulfill their beneficial action in cases of severe acne resistant to other drugs.

Cases such as psoriasis have been seen with notable improvement after the use of this drug, due to the ability to alter the production of cytokines through T lymphocytes, it has a marked effect in abolishing the resistance of keratinocytes to apoptosis and interferes in the response of keratinocytes to cytokines.

Despite the fact that Isoface is not a first-choice drug for problems such as psoriasis. It has been scientifically proven that with the taking of this drug a quite noticeable effect appears in the improvement of this skin condition caused by this disease.

Pityriasis rubra pilaris, is a disease that begins in the scalp and spreads caudally through the skin causing erythroderma, it can be resistant to multiple treatments in various presentations.

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In search of a solution or approach to a possible improvement of this skin disease, it was determined in studies that Isoface can bring notable benefits, which would be worth trying.

This improvement can be predicted to manifest itself after continuous taking of the drug in a period of 16 to 24 weeks, only if the proper care of the skin that is subjected to this type of treatment with moisturizers is added to this, which can replace the loss that this drug causes in the skin, while it exerts its action against the disease.

It is also said that this drug can completely eradicate the virus that produces condyloma, since orally, in addition to the effects that have been described of great importance as powerful immunomodulators, they also reduce epithelial cell differentiation and replication by what does not produce the assembly of the virus in the affected cells.

Retinoids do not cure cutaneous malignancies , they only act by suppressing the effects of these cells and their growth, therefore they are not drugs of choice in these cases.

The combination of this drug with systemic corticosteroids showed a very noticeable improvement in cases of diseases such as rosacea fulminans.

Likewise, it was also used  in other diseases where the skin is involved without experimental studies for these pathologies, so it was necessary to evaluate the risk-benefit very well and adequately discern the person’s conditions; to determine if any effect is possible.

What type of acne can I cure with Isoface?

Given that acne is a disease characterized by the appearance of volcano-type lesions on the skin as a result of folliculitis, and later an infection in the nodule or papule formed, the drug attacks the most serious . These lesions usually appear in the form of pimples, blackheads, closed spots, and red, inflamed patches.

This disorder can occur as a consequence of other pathologies or puberty, pregnancy, menopause, stress, among others. The causes are usually varied (as already mentioned), and depending on different factors that can cause an excessive production of sebum and oil in the skin , it can be mentioned that some products used in makeup can also cause acne.

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Nodular or cystic acne

It is a more serious phase of acne and appears in the form of larger pimples than in cases of hormonal and vulgar acne, these cystic lesions bring pain, and within these is the presence of a liquid that usually becomes infected by proliferation of bacteria .

This type of acne is more severe than any other, since it can deform the face and leave deep scars on the skin permanently or, failing that, they are not completely eliminated. This pathology occurs when the excess of fat in the pores is enormous and the lesions of normal size begin to increase it, considerably.

The treatment used for this skin condition is Isotretinoin , under the trade name Isoface , this resource is used as a last resort when other antibiotics such as Doxycycline failed to have the expected effect.

How does Isoface work?

The Isoface , is a retinoid from “vitamin A” which acts directly on the sebaceous gland where acne occurs. For this reason, it is used by dermatologists to attack acne.

Its effectiveness is thanks to the fact that it acts on all the points that cause acne and in turn preventing the proliferation of bacteria in the affected area. It is especially responsible for changing the production of fat in the skin, its composition and eliminates keratinization at the level of the hair follicle.

Isoface reduces the production of the sebaceous glands in the body and inhibits their activity, thereby decreasing sebaceous secretion and consequently decreasing the nutrients that acne bacteria feed on .

It should not be indicated in people who do not tolerate any ” vitamin A ” compound , it does not have risks such as the formation of tumors or liver risks, after ingesting treatment with this drug.

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Its main virtue is that it does not have mutations in the body and less in the bacteria found in the affected areas. The fertility of the person who takes it is not affected at all, this was confirmed thanks to studies that were carried out in men and women, where no harmful changes were observed in both sexes.

Active ingredient of Isoface

The main active compound of Isoface is Isotretinoin , derived from a retinoid of ” vitamin A “, said retinoid is used for various pathologies suffered by the skin , due to the action it exerts on the growth of epithelial cells.

The toxic effects produced by the retinoid ” vitamin A ” are quite high and prolonged if ingested for a long enough time; however, that’s where the effectiveness comes from for its post-treatment effect .

The action of this retinoid in the body is immunomodulatory, since it activates an action against the formation of tumors, nodules and accesses, deflating any area that has an abnormal size due to an infection.

Due to its active compound, Isoface is compatible with anyone who takes it, thanks to the flexibility of absorption in the body that it possesses, although it is compatible a person in a state of pregnancy cannot use this product due to the repercussions that it could. have on the fetus.

Considerations to take before starting treatment

A doctor or dermatologist should be notified if you have or suspect any allergies or hypersensitivity to the components of the formula, to “vitamin A” in general or any other excipient that may be present in the preparation of the drug.

In the same way, if you are taking any other medicine (including those of natural origin), you should inquire about the action that may be produced by the joint administration or you have to suspend some. It is important to note that medicinal plants can influence the active principle of any drug.

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Depression is an important factor to consider before starting Isoface, since some drugs have the ability to change or alter the personality of the person , so care must be taken.

It cannot be used during breastfeeding, as this would be diverted directly into breast milk, thus ingested by the baby. You must wait at least at least 1 month after treatment with the drug to be able to breastfeed the baby.

You should avoid as much as possible exposing yourself to sunlight or artificial radiation, unless necessary, because your skin will be more sensitive than usual, producing painful burns and spots in the presence of these factors.

Waxing or laser hair removal should be avoided while taking Isoface , this is because the skin is more vulnerable to marks and scars. It is important to note that it cannot be done until 6 months after completion of treatment.

It should be foreseen that outdoor activities and sports should be consulted with the doctor since the Isotretinoin contained in the medicine can cause fragility in bone mass, making the person vulnerable to injury.

What dose is adequate?

The dermatologist will indicate the correct daily Isoface prescription , which throughout the treatment may vary depending on how the acne improves , with higher doses in the first months than at the end of the treatment.

Most people who undergo treatments with this type of drug are indicated with 20 mg of Isoface per day for an approximate duration of 24 to 36 weeks or, failing that, 6 to 9 months.

If for any reason you forget to take the daily dose, you should continue with the normal doses without increasing the next ones as compensation for the loss, since it could cause a disorder in the treatment dosage .

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The Isoface is better absorbed in the body in the presence of foods containing fats so it is not advisable to take them fast, you should always do with some food.

It is important to note that the tablet cannot be broken or divided , in short, it must be taken as it comes in the presentation with a glass of water.

Effects of treatment with Isoface

In general, the effects of this drug are mild, improvable and tolerable , disappearing throughout treatment. Dryness in the skin, lips and mucous membranes is totally normal due to the change in the production of fats in these.

The daily use of moisturizers, sunscreen, lip moisturizers, and nasal sprays will help significantly alleviate the symptoms that the drug may produce. However, exposures to the Sun or to agents that can damage your skin should be avoided .

The Isoface causes bad congenital formations almost 45% of cases, why can not get pregnant while using the drug do. Use double protection because the active compounds in Isoface lower the hormonal effects of birth control pills.

It is a drug of delicate use so you should not self-medicate, but go to the specialist in case of acne, because the degree of acne must be evaluated to determine the correct treatment, perhaps it is not the use of this drug .

Isoface-induced depression

Isoface has caused great controversy regarding the effects on the Central Nervous System with regard to changes in mood, specifically inducing depression.

Among its effects once the treatment is started, it can be mentioned that the person loses interest in daily activities and in extreme situations, is capable of having suicidal ideas.

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It is due to the report of cases like these that Isoface has had to go through more detailed studies on specifically this effect that it produces in the body during treatment in people who suffer from some type of acne resistant to other drugs.

In this study, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and New Zealand were integrated, obtaining as a result that people subjected to this treatment at a certain time felt depression and some of the people studied reported that they had suicidal thoughts.

Of course, it all depends on the personality of the person who is subjected to this kind of long-term treatment and their history with this type of psychological disorders or inheritance of them in direct family members.

You can get many forums on the web that deal with this drug-induced condition, some more serious than others due to the repercussions that the use of this type of treatment brought to the person.

Likewise, it greatly harms that people affected with acne at a certain time have felt low self-esteem and, therefore, are more likely to suffer a depressive episode due to the aesthetic condition that is produced by this disease.

Therefore, it is very likely that a depressive episode will arise with the use of this drug for the treatment and improvement of acne, it is for this reason that a good medical interview is of the utmost importance where all these circumstances that have occurred are highlighted. presented from the beginning of the problem with acne.

Likewise, no detail should be ignored, since only a negative thought about your personality or way of looking is an indication that when taking the drug depression may occur, that is why these cases should be monitored more closely and go evaluating each change in personality that is detected in time.

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People who have experienced these psychological changes with the use of this drug have fought because its label places great emphasis on this effect, and that the treating doctors when they indicate this drug carefully guide this fact in order to avoid fatal consequences.

These concerns have led recognized pharmaceutical companies to include this information in the drug insert.

By taking this psychiatric condition into account with due respect and in conjunction with psychologists, treatment could be prevented from being a failure and the life of the person for whom treatment is indicated could be put at risk.

It is a delicate situation and it has been shown in studies that if you work together with psychologists in patients who have had episodes of depression in their lives or have this underlying pathology; They can also be treated with Isoface and obtain great results in their effect on the skin and even the cure of severe acne.

One of the defenders of this drug is Natalia Hernández , who is president of AsocolDerma, confirming once again that it is a safe drug and that it has been used for more than 20 years as the only known option in the event of recurrence or resistance to other drugs in the severe and disfiguring acne.

It is a drug that has more benefits than risks , so the risks could be mitigated with the proper implementation of precautions in this regard, visiting other specialists who can help improve such conditions and continue without treatment with Isoface.

Studies on the effects of this drug will continue, as is the case with its risks, as a consequence controversy will continue to occur.

Therefore, having the tools that is the real information of everything that can happen with the use of this medicine and the proper professionals as support, it can continue to be used under medical prescription in the face of such a problem, such as acne.

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Other questions about Isoface treatment

It is time to clarify other questions regarding Isoface treatment, they probably coincide with your doubts.

Can I drink alcohol during treatment with Isoface?

No. If you are taking this medicine, it is most likely that if you mix it with alcohol, a series of adverse-risky effects for the health of the person will occur or accentuate , so it is not recommended.

In addition, it can cause an increase in triglyceride levels. In addition to affecting the liver with a lack of control in transaminase values.

The effects on the skin is to induce even more dryness, as an adverse effect of the drug, this case would worsen.

Does the drug Isoface cause liver cancer?

No. The Isoface is not able to produce liver cancer, although it should provide recurring studies to keep track of hepatic transaminases as a precaution, but not because it can be considered a lethal damage to this organ, just to avoid lack of hepatotoxicity pay attention to this control.

Final words on the use of Isoface

Isoface can be used as an effective method against countless skin diseases, especially acne.

However, the adverse effects that may occur with the use of this medicine should not be underestimated .

Isoface is a great ally against acne, you should only act correctly during the use of this treatment, including continuous visits to the treating doctor to evaluate the results that are obtained and the timely notification of any sign of adverse effect resulting from the intake of this medicine.

Only then will you achieve the desired results, such as a good appearance of skin without features of having suffered a disease such as acne.

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