Keratin Hair Treatment Pros and Cons

Keratin is a protein that helps shape nails and hair . It is so important for the growth and vitality of the hair that keratin-based treatments are common that are carried out in beauty salons, to give shine and protection to our hair .

This protein consists of 15 amino acids, of which cysteine ​​is the most prevalent.

When is keratin used?

Hair naturally has keratin, but due to chemical aggressions with dyes, discolorations, pollution, chlorine, and sunlight, we lose this protein . That is why it is important to reset it. If your hair is too damaged and brittle, you can use keratin and the frequency of use will depend on the condition of your hair. In general, it is recommended 1 time every 15 days for hair that is not very damaged and if the hair is in critical condition, it can be used once a week, alternating with hydration and nutrition.

Keratin Treatments

Keratin Treatments

There are some keratin application techniques. The main ones are:

  • Nanokeratinization : It is done with a brush connected to a device that contains liquid keratin. This brush is passed through the hair, releasing the keratin in the form of steam. The finish is done with a ceramic plate.
  • Capillary / plastic cauterization : It is carried out in stages: cleaning the hair, hydration, loading the keratin, heating with an iron (for greater penetration of the product) and finishing with silicone. For the treatment to be effective, 3 to 4 sessions are recommended, with intervals of 20 days between each one. Read more about capillary cauterization .
  • Hair reconstruction : It can be done on all types of hair , from virgin to those that have been subjected to chemical processes and are opaque, rough, dry and fragile. The process returns to the hair keratin, amino acids and minerals that are essential for the hydration of its physical structure. As it treats the outer layers of the hair, the result is shiny, smooth and balanced hair.

Ways to use Keratin

Ways to use Keratin

There are numerous keratin shampoos and conditioners in their formulations, but for a more effective treatment it is necessary to resort to concentrated products with liquid keratin.

Light reconstruction: Use an anti-residue shampoo . Part the hair into fine strands and apply the keratin. Let it sit for 15 minutes, rinse and proceed to the application of your usual conditioner.

Medium reconstruction: Use an anti-residue shampoo, remove excess water and apply the keratin to each strand, avoiding the roots. Let it sit for 15 minutes, rinse well and apply a hydrating mask . Rinse again and apply some conditioner to the ends. Rinse one last time and allow hair to dry naturally.

Keratin Hydration: Add a tablespoon of liquid keratin to your moisturizer and apply according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Keratin does not replace hydration

The use of liquid keratin is a complementary treatment , it will not replace the capillary hydration , since this is the one that replenishes proteins (while keratin hydrates your hair, the masks provide nutrients and water). Ideally , in the case of aggressions such as straightening, bleaching and dyeing, you create a “ capillary calendar ” , in which you alternate hydration, nutrition and restoration with keratin. In this case, the first two should be more frequent, and you use keratin only 1 or 2 times a month.

Be careful with excess keratin

Be careful with excess keratin

When there is no aggression to the hair fiber and a lot of keratin products are applied , unnecessary reinforcement of the hair fiber occurs, which can cause dryness and leave it prone to breakage . Therefore, you must know how to dose the amount of keratin hair care products.

Buying tips on liquid keratin

Once you put your hair through treatments like nanokeratinization and cauterization, it is important to maintain the results. You can buy liquid keratin and mix it with your hydrating mask. If your hair is very damaged , this moisturizing should be done every week . You can also apply liquid keratin to your hair a couple of hours before washing it, but remember to avoid leaving it too long. In this link you will see a list of all keratin hair products, but even so, we leave you the most recommended below:

  • Brazilian keratin liquid keratin licensed in Reconstr
  • Keratin Liquid Spray for dry hair 250 ml 1 bottle
  • Brazilian Keratin Liquid Treatment of Keratin Leave-In – For Diamond And Flexible Hair – 300 ml
  • Schwarzkopf Gliss – End treatment – with liquid keratin for very damaged hair – 50 ml
  • Anian – Keratin Liquide – Repairs and revitalizes damaged hair – 250 ml

How should I use liquid keratin? See the step by step for a perfect reconstruction of your hair!

use liquid keratin

If your hair is damaged, straightened or colored, it is time to invest in a good reconstruction . The treatment will help reverse its brittle appearance, revive the fibers and restore elasticity and softness. Do you want to know the best of everything? The procedure is simple and you can do it without leaving home . You just need to invest in a liquid keratin and a treatment mask. Take a look at our step by step and get to work!

It is very simple to do hair reconstruction at home. Follow the step by step!

  • Step 1: Wash hair twice with unsalted shampoo to leave it clean and free of greasy residue.
  • Step 2: After shampooing and while it is still damp, spray the liquid keratin through the hair and down to the ends. Let the product work for 10 minutes before moving on to the next step.
  • Step 3: If you want your hair to be even smoother, you can apply a mask from the same line without having rinsed off the keratin. To improve the effect and guarantee more shine to the hair, it is recommended to use a few drops of argan oil in the mixture and massage the hair with your fingers. This will ensure that the substances penetrate effectively. You can clarify now.
  • Step 4: Now that your hair is hydrated, you must remove the excess water with a dry towel, it is important to do it gently, so that the cuticles that the hydration has just sealed do not open again.
  • Step 5: Lastly, apply a styling cream with a UV filter and brush the hair using a blow dryer. Finally, go with the iron to get the hair ready and seal the cuticles.

How often can you do hair reconstruction?

capillary calendar

The ideal time to repeat the procedure will depend on the condition of your hair. If it’s very dry, it’s worth doing it once a week . To facilitate your beauty treatments, the best option is to have a “capillary calendar”. This care program is carried out in three steps: hydration, nutrition and reconstruction . To build your schedule, you need to assess what your hair’s real needs are before investing in new products.

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