Kiehl’s Serum Midnight Recovery Concentrate, Analysis And Alternative

The night repair serum that Kiehl’s presents to us has the function of visibly regenerating the appearance of the skin.
The serum follows the line of the eye contour of the same range, using mainly botanical ingredients as active ingredients.

We are going to analyze it and at the end I will tell you what I think (always according to its ingredients), and I will give you an alternative.

For after this, I recommend you read this Analysis of the Best Facial and Anti-Aging Serums , so you can see what we are applying to the face.

Kiehl’s Serum Midnight Recovery Concentrate Analysis

Kiehl’s Serum Midnight Recovery Concentrate Analysis Summary

As expected, the formula is full of essential oils from different botanical ingredients, which act as antioxidants, antibacterials, anti-inflammatory and soothing, so it works for all skin types.

Squalene, a good anti-aging ingredient, is also in a high proportion; and it is a formula free of parabens, silicones, PEGs, irritating and toxic ingredients, which is appreciated.

To put a catch, for my taste it has many fragrance ingredients, and some of them are sensitizing in some cases.

This is a very interesting serum, although it is only advisable to use it at night.


Another great option for the morning is the Nezeni Cosmetics serum, with not so many botanical ingredients, but with very good active ingredients as well.

I tell you why I like it and its complete analysis in the article that I recommend above, with the Analysis of the Best Facial and Anti-Aging Serums .

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