What Kind of Bottle to Buy For Babies?

There are so many models of bottles and nipples that sometimes one goes crazy to find the one that is most suitable for our little one. We tell you the keys to choose the ideal one .

Before we get into the world of bottles and nipples, let me make a stop at feeding the baby and the recommendations given by the WHO (World Health Organization). Pediatric experts recommend that the baby’s feeding up to 6 months be exclusive through breastfeeding and, from 6 months, is when this feeding can be supplemented with other types of substitutes and more solid foods.

The reality is that not all women can breastfeed and many other women choose not to breastfeed. This can generate a certain feeling of guilt or anguish due to the high expectations that are usually had of motherhood and what society expects of women as mothers; What is certain is that either of these two feelings must be overcome so that this moment of feeding continues to be a special encounter with the baby. For him and for you.

When choosing to give formula milk, new questions about types of bottles and nipples begin to appear.

Types of baby bottles

In pharmacies or in the children’s sections of shopping centers we can find a wide range and variety of bottles . Not only the different designs and sizes, but also the different materials with which they have been manufactured.

All these characteristics must be taken into account in order to select the best bottle for the baby, since we are talking about an item that we are going to use several times a day and for a long period of time.

So the first question will be glass or plastic?

Glass Baby Bottles

  • Despite being a material that can be broken very easily, it has the advantage that it is easier to sterilize.
  • The glass does not suffer any type of pigmentation regardless of the food that is introduced.
  • This type of bottle does not absorb odors.
  • Can withstand sudden changes in temperature

Prolippropylene baby bottles

  • Perfect for when babies start to want to hold the bottles themselves, since if it falls, absolutely nothing will happen to it and it is a lighter material.
  • It is resistant to temperature changes
  • You can heat the bottle in the microwave
  • Negative aspect of plastic bottles is that it loses its initial color with use, absorbs odors and colors.

The design of the bottles must also be taken into account since bottles with a handle make cleaning difficult, while those that have a base to unscrew turn out to be much easier to clean.

Recommended bottles

We can deduce that a baby suffers from infant colic when he cries inconsolably for a long time and does so every day at the same time. This problem affects between 10% and 40% of newborns.

Brands such as Nuby have created anti-colic bottles that help the infant to drink milk at the speed they can without taking in as much air, that is, it reduces the probability that they will suffer from colic and enjoy feeding more.

For those of you who are interested in this type of bottle, we leave you a video that will be very useful to understand the procedure to follow

Anti-reflux baby bottle

The anti-reflux bottle or anti-regurgitation nipple is characterized by having a 30º inclination and being larger than the other nipples. The size of the nipple changes because when babies have reflux, pediatricians always recommend that they drink a thicker formula to avoid swallowing air.

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