Hydraphase Intense Eyes From La Roche Posay: Analysis And Alternatives

Contour specially designed for sensitive, dehydrated and fatigued skin, so it really is not an anti-wrinkle or anti-aging treatment.

Already in the container they warn us of the presence of hyaluronic acid, but in what proportion and in what way? That is precisely what I am going to find out by analyzing your INCI.

And if, like me, the care of the eye contour is a topic that interests you, I recommend that you read this other article with a complete analysis of the Best Eye Contours ; But do not stay alone in the analysis, at the end you have a lot of information about this important cream.

Hydraphase Intense Eyes by La Roche Posay

Summary Analysis Hydraphase Intense Eyes of La Roche Posay

The INCI is quite concise, with only 16 ingredients. I always say that the fewer ingredients there are, the better; although in this case there are very few active ingredients.
Actually, only hyaluronic acid (in its two forms) works by hydrating and filling wrinkles; and they are not in the most optimal concentrations.

Soy protein and caffeine can act as antioxidants, but the rest of the ingredients will not contribute anything to the skin (although they do to the cream).

For my taste, it falls short of active ingredients, although it must be recognized that it has no undesirable ingredients: no silicones, no parabens, no irritating or toxic ingredients. Just a warning for those allergic to soy.


An option with many more active ingredients that will attack other signs of aging is the Nezeni Cosmetics contour. Because since you apply a cream, let it be a global treatment.

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