Micellar Water Ultra Sensitive Skin Of La Roche Posay, Analysis And Alternative

At first glance, it looks like normal water, but don’t be fooled. The micellar technology removes makeup and skin impurities, even particles of contamination, effortlessly and without drying.

Instead of using a soap cleanser in the morning, which can irritate the skin, Micellar Water Ultra can be used to gently refresh the skin. At night, it is perfect for removing make-up, since it manages to remove 99% of the long-lasting make – up base .

Its mild, water-like formula can be used as a daily cleanser, makeup remover, or toner to remove dirt, oil, makeup, and skin contamination. These are its benefits:

  • Perfectly removes makeup, impurities and dirt.
  • Leaves skin clean and fresh without drying it out.
  • Provides an immediate sensation of freshness.
  • It has no soap, no dyes, no alcohol, and no parabens.
  • Its fragrance is hypoallergenic.

La Roche-Posay has introduced three Ultra micellar water formulas with glycemic technology in its product line: for sensitive, reactive and oily skin, a line that adapts to a wide variety of skin types, as not all sensitive skin They are equal.

Not all have the same ingredients, so this time we are going to analyze the ingredients of the product for sensitive skin. And if your skin is otherwise, don’t hesitate to look for a better product in the special micellar water post that we have prepared.

La Roche Posay Ultra Sensitive Skin Micellar Water Analysis

La Roche Posay Ultra Sensitive Skin Micellar Water Analysis Summary

The formula is made up of micelles that encapsulate dirt, oil, makeup and contamination when they come into contact with the skin, and do not need to rub hard.

The new micellar technology achieves higher performance thanks to its better adherence to makeup and impurities, facilitating their removal with less friction.

Contains an increased concentration of five percent glycerin for optimal tolerance, comfort, and hydrating power.

Its cleanser is so mild, it is used in contact lens solution; And of course, you cannot miss the La Roche-Posay thermal spring water, rich in antioxidants to soothe the skin.

A minimalist formulation with zero percent soap, colorants, alcohol, or parabens. What it does have is perfume, which can cause problems in some very sensitive skin.

This formula, which is specially designed for sensitive skin, leaves the skin clean, soft and hydrated. It has a detectable odor that does not last over time.

The reactive skin version would be a great addition for anyone who suffers from dry skin as it is fragrance free. After application, it leaves the skin hydrated, similar to a light moisturizer. In short, it offers the highest hydration of the three formulas.

While the version for combination / oily skin contains Zinc, which has been shown to reduce the production of sebum (oil). The formula helps reduce shine. After application it leaves the skin clean and smooth, but does not hydrate as well as the other formulas It also takes longer to settle after the skin has dried.


Without a doubt, a better alternative for sensitive skin would be Nezeni Cosmetics micellar water, an option without irritants and with the benefits of aloe vera, glycerin, apple, oat and ginger extract, and salicylic acid.

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