Lab Series Multi-Action Face Wash, Analysis And Alternative

A unique multi-action foaming cleanser that cleanses, exfoliates and conditions skin for a brighter, healthier appearance.

Leaves skin clean, fresh and conditioned. The foam texture dissolves excess oil and unclogs pores. Exfoliating pearls remove dead cells and impurities from the skin, helping to smooth dry and uneven skin. Leaves complexion clear and radiant after each use.

The vitamin-enriched formula nourishes and conditions the skin, preparing it for a perfect shave.

Revealing a healthy complexion, this cleanser works with normal and dry skin to nourish and hydrate damaged areas and restore the glow of youth.

We are going to check what ingredients it uses to achieve these results, analyzing the INCI. And if you are interested in more cleanser reviews, you have the best in this article with the Best Facial Cleansers for Men on the market.

Lab Series Multi-Action Face Wash Analysis

Lab Series Multi-Action Face Wash Review Summary

The Lab Series formula begins with a fatty acid (surfactant) that can be irritating, and relies on other fatty acids, such as palmitic acid, lauric acid, or stearic acid to remove dirt from the skin; although some of them can cause irritation.

In addition to these surfactants, it contains galactoarabinan, which is an exfoliator, and panthenol, which is a good moisturizing ingredient.

Chamomile and peppermint oil act as an antioxidant, soothing, and fat balancing, although peppermint has a sensitizing power that can be harmful to sensitive skin.

The list ends with a sensitizing fragrance, menthol; and several preservatives, one in particular that is toxic and irritating.

For my taste it has too many troublesome ingredients, various irritants and sensitizers. And even though cleansers don’t stay on my skin, they just rinse off, I don’t like that the cosmetics I use have these kinds of ingredients. So it would be an option to avoid.


The Nezeni Cosmetics micellar water formula is better composed, as the active ingredients are present at the top of the list, and then it uses mild surfactants that do not irritate or sensitize the skin.

I like that it doesn’t have any toxic or harmful ingredients, and the amount of preservatives is minimal. If you want to see the complete analysis, you have it in the link that I leave above.

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