Full Review And Alternatives: Genific Hd Youth Activator By Lancome Men

Another of Lancôme’s rejuvenating treatments for men, which promises to rejuvenate the skin every day, regaining its vitality and energy.

To evaluate it, I analyze its ingredients one by one to see what properties they have, and if they are recommended or it is better to avoid. I’ll show you below, and then I propose a better alternative.

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Not only do I analyze the most popular creams, but I also explain the difference between men’s and women’s skin, what are the ingredients you should look for in a cream, etc.

Génific HD Activator Analysis of Jeunesse by Lancôme Men

Génific HD Activateur analysis summary of Youth by Lancôme Men

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Let’s first talk about the positive things: you have few ingredients, and it has several active ingredients. The second ingredient is one of them, which has the property of counteracting oxidative damage, which is very good in an anti-wrinkle cream.

It also has hyaluronic acid in the top ranks, and an ingredient that reduces the depth of wrinkles a little lower.

The rest are in the lower part of the INCI, so they will not contribute much.

However, we must also talk about the negative things, such as alcohol and silicone too high; as well as a buffering agent that can generate free radicals in the presence of oxygen, and because of this, it is preferable to avoid.

And lastly, we also see a potentially toxic preservative (Phenoxyethanol) that is also best avoided.

On this occasion I think that the negative ingredients outweigh the positive ones, which is why I would not recommend this cream.


There are alternatives that are formulated with several active ingredients that are effective against wrinkles, without ingredients that are better to avoid, such as Nezeni Cosmetics cream.
It is the one that I am using, and I explain my reasons in the article that I recommend above.

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