Hydrix Gel Hydratant By Lancome, Analysis And Alternative

Gel moisturizer formulated for men of all ages with normal to dry skin. It has a very convenient packaging and a texture that spreads and absorbs very well.

It is formulated to strengthen the skin’s barrier and increase its resistance, for this it contains microencapsulated Ceramide-3 to facilitate cohesion between cell layers.

In addition, vitamin E fights against environmental aggressions; and micronutrients (vitamin B5 and royal jelly) nourish the skin for optimal hydration.

It only remains to check in what proportions are these assets, as we have already done with other creams in this
analysis of the Best Moisturizing Creams for Men . It is an item that you cannot miss if you are thinking of buying a moisturizer or changing the one you are using.

Analysis Hydrix Gel Hydratant Lancome

Hydrix Gel Hydratant Lancome analysis summary

In the first 6 positions there is an alcohol, an ingredient that is irritating to sensitive skin, this time in a large proportion. Aside from two silicones (which I’m not overly excited about), there are no moisturizing agents in high concentration.

After the top positions, emollients, pro-vitamin B5, and vitamin E begin to appear. But you have to scroll to the bottom of the list to see the true protagonists of cream, ceramides, royal jelly and other ingredients. that stand out for creating a barrier to prevent water loss from the skin.

In the end, the brand mentions that there are 4 active principles, of which two are in a minimum concentration, and little or nothing will contribute.

In addition, there are a couple of irritating and sensitizing ingredients, a fragrance that can cause allergic reactions, a PEG, and a toxic preservative.

I think it is not an option for me as the benefits do not outweigh the harm to the skin.


If I have to choose, I choose Nezeni Cosmetics Collagen cream, a more concentrated formula, with more active ingredients (both moisturizing and anti-aging), and without irritants or ingredients that can be harmful (in the short or long term).

It is the cream that I use daily, and if you want to see its complete analysis to find out what it takes, I invite you to read this article with the Best Moisturizing Creams for Men .

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