Latest Hair Color Trends and Ideas for 2022

New year, new me! What better way to greet 2019 than with a new hair color ? When it comes to beauty trends, nothing is really out, especially in terms of hair colors. Thanks to social media, it’s easy to see what new shades or staining techniques are becoming increasingly popular with influencers, celebrities, and even ordinary people. This is how trends come about: everyone copies them to be there. Fortunately, these trending hair colors are extremely wearable. Some are easier to reach than others, but they all look amazing. Adventurous women would like to wear bolder colors that attract attention.


The pantone color expert just announced his expected color of the year for 2019, and it’s driving us crazy. We bid farewell to last year’s violet hue and salute “Living coral,” a vibrant peach hue. He also called this year’s color “an invigorating coral color with a golden hue and a soft side.” It is warmer than peach with a hint of red-orange. Just imagine how beautiful the hair color would be and how much it would favor with the summer tan.

platinum blonde

This hair color looks best for a pale skin type with a warm undertone (yellowish or pinkish). However, the undertones can range from ice blonde to butter blonde, depending on what is best for your skin tone.

Every variation of reds from strawberry blonde to deep mahogany red will pay off in 2019.

Hairdressers predict that this color will be even more popular in the New Year.

While red hair is always pretty, many women avoid color because they think it is too “fiery.” On the other hand, the “copper” still has this beautiful red hue, which is somewhat toned down. This color is warm but not over the top. Well copper hair was still popular in 2016, more and more celebrities have decided to follow the trend.

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Brown with caramel highlights / Caramel ombré

Don’t you want to dye your hair completely copper? With a few more prominent locks, like Kerry Washington’s, you can still follow the copper trend.

With dark brown hair, very yellow highlights always look unnatural. If you are a brunette, you should go for caramel highlights. These are super pretty and natural when the hair is wavy or curly.

Balayage / Ligt tone – dark

The highlights to achieve its appearance, you should focus on the ends of the hair and the parts that frame your face.

Pastel Color

The opal color is so beautiful and perfect for someone who already has platinum blonde hair and wants to bring it to life. For these colors to look so reflective, the base color must of course be silver blonde. If there is too much yellow in the hair, it will alter the effect.

This color is a tone which, to make it more natural, is still mixed with a little ash color, which is a cold effect and turns off that typical golden-copper color that brings the brown tones in a natural way. This mixture is often called “mushroom blond” because of its cold tone so similar to that of a mushroom.

The colorist who created this hue is called Yokasta Pérez  (making herself known on instagram as Yokki Techi), and is based in Rockville, Maryland.

He named the color that because when applying the mixture to a client it reminded her of the color of the mushroom.

Golden blond

This hair color makes us think of “old Hollywood glamor”. The soft blonde takes on the color of champagne thanks to a mix of warm and cool tones. It is a bit more beige than blonde, but just as impressive. Champagne blonde is best for pale skin and light eyes. However, the color tone can be adjusted for all skin tones. Since the hair color has a cool undertone, it is perfect for warmer skin types.

Deep black

Black is another bold trend hair color 2019, perfect for winter. It is full and deep, with a hint of blue. This color goes very well with the Glass Hair trend, as black gives the hair a special shine.

Due to its rich color, most skin tones can be washed out. That is why it is ideal for olive and dark skin. Hair coloring experts recommend using a self tanner or bronzer to add color to your skin.

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