Lavender Essential Oil: Contraindications, Side Effects

We are going to talk about essential oils. After this article on aromatherapy we see that lavender oil is the most commonly used. This is because of its extreme versatility and the delicious smell it gives off. It is the best anti-stress oil , as lavender soothes and calms.

For those who still do not know, essential oils are highly concentrated volatile substances, which have different active principles, according to their origin. Depending on the plant, the essential oil will have different characteristics of aroma, color and density. To learn more about this wonderful world of essential oils, see this article .

Lavender essential oil balances the body physically, mentally, and emotionally. Relieves nervous tension, stress and insomnia. It can be used in its pure form for skin healing and tissue regeneration in cases of burns, cuts and acne. It is one of the few oils that can be used directly on the skin, as well as Melaleuca ( Tea Tree ) Oil .

Lavender essential oil has unmatched properties , its wide usefulness has led it to be considered the king of essences, so it should not be missing in the home.

Lavender essential oil is the first option when you are entering the world of aromatherapy, its versatility and safety in its use allows it to be the first essence to choose to start using essential oils and obtain their aromatic and therapeutic properties.

Lavender oil is within the group of essences that do not need a vehicle or conductive substance for dilution , since it can be used directly taking only the precaution of doing it in a moderate way.

Among the benefits that we can obtain just by having the essence of lavender in our home, is to enhance with just a few drops of this oil the action of any substance or mixture of clay or different essential oils to better take advantage of its properties and benefits in its use. .

Due to this, it is recommended to have this type of essences and use it for any natural treatment that is needed with all the security that the benefits will be more than risks that can be obtained.

Among the properties that this essence contains is its aroma, which leads to imagine those blue-violet flowers of great beauty providing their fragrance on a sunny summer day. It is one of the great contributions of this fragrance in the home, but if it is studied in depth, it will find infinite uses and properties that are unmatched and that go beyond a simple fragrance.


What is lavender essential oil?

Lavender oil is the result of the distillation of fresh lavender flowers , which generates an essence that is colorless, yellow or yellowish-green in color with a pleasant fragrance but that may be bitter to taste.

Origin of lavender essential oil

The origin of lavender oil is found in North Africa and the Mediterranean, especially mountainous areas , with rocky and sunny areas being a predilection for abundant flowering.

At present it has spread throughout southern Europe, Australia and the United States, being the largest producer of lavender flowers in France.

Lavender was well known to the Romans for its fragrance , as they used it in their daily bathing routine. Its name is derived from the Latin word “lavera”, which means “to wash.”

Lavender arrived in England as a result of its use and popularity among the Romans, where it quickly acquired great favoritism.

Among its uses, the dew on the ground stood out, since in contact with the friction of the footsteps, a pleasant aroma was given off in the environment.

Currently its use is not limited since it is infinite, among which the fact of being used as a deodorant in toilets, sachets to maintain a fresh aroma on clothes, as well as as an antiseptic for wounds and burns, among many others. applications.

History of lavender essential oil

The history of lavender dates back to the ancient Persians, Romans and Greeks , who used it for more than 2,500 years for its properties and its fresh aroma for their daily personal hygiene routine, they did so by placing handfuls of flowers in the water to then use it and purify your skin.

Later it was used by the Arabs, Phoenicians and Egyptians as perfume and to immerse the garments that were used for the mummification of the deceased . In ancient Greece and Rome it was used as an antiseptic and wound healing, and in medieval and Renaissance Europe it was a favorite for its aroma that was sprayed on the floor and was used as a disinfectant and natural air freshener.

A particular use given by the inhabitants of London in the seventeenth century, was to place the lavender flowers around their waist during the arrival of the great plague to be protected from the Black Death.

It is believed that the origin of modern aromatherapy was defined by lavender , due to an accident that occurred to a great French chemist named Rene Maurice Gattefossé, who burned his hand and, knowing the antiseptic properties of lavender, proceeded to use it obtaining results surprising, so he dedicated himself to the study of the different essential oils and their properties since then.

Lavender essential oil characteristics

The most notable characteristics of lavender oil is its sweet, floral, herbaceous fragrance, in which a slight woody aroma can be felt . Its color is variable, it can be pale yellow, or greenish yellow, or colorless.

Scientific name of lavender essential oil

Lavandula angustifolia Miller subsp. angustifolia (Lamiaceae)

Chemical composition of lavender essential oil

The chemical composition of lavender essential oil is complex, as it has more than 150 active ingredients .

Lavender essence contains a high content of esters , which are part of the particular smell of lavender due to their aromatic molecules and in turn produce antispasmodic and analgesic effects.

Among the compounds of the essence of lavender is linalin acetate, which is nothing more than a terpene alcohol, whose main function is to be germicidal by nature, other components such as cis-ocimene lavandulyl acetate, 1.8-cineole, lemon tree and geraniol , also join its germicidal or bactericidal, antiseptic and in turn antiviral and anti-inflammatory power, also providing aroma to its fresh fragrance.

How is lavender essential oil extracted?

Lavender oil is extracted from lavender flowers through a process called steam distillation .

The flowers must be collected in the flowering process of the plant, it is believed that this is when the greatest amount of esters can be extracted.

To produce one pound of pure lavender essential oil, the use of approximately 150 pounds of the plant’s flowers is required.

Recommended dosage of lavender essential oil

Lavender essential oil per drop the average in milligrams is 18 mg . So it can be dosed with precision as required by each particular situation.

The following description will give you a better idea of ​​how to know the correct dose for each drop in milligrams to be used. Dosage ranges from 18mg to 160mg. Let’s see:

  • 2 drops = 36 mg
  • 4 drops = 72 mg (this is a good place to start)
  • 5 drops = 90 mg
  • 7 drops = 126 mg
  • 10 drops = 180 mg (this is the maximum dose)

The maximum dose of lavender essence is not toxic, it is a very safe essence to use, the problems that can occur with the maximum dose are gastric such as belching, discomfort, among others.

A recommendation to take into account is that it should not be administered with meals because it produces unwanted intestinal effects.

Active ingredients of lavender essential oil

The active principles of lavender are diverse, this is where its properties stand out , among the components of lavender are essential oil in 0.5%, non-terpene and terpene esters and ketones, camphor, mono, bisaturated and bicyclic sesquiterpenones .

It also has among its components monoterpenes sesquiterpenes, non-terpenic and terpenic aldehydes, coumarins, lactose.

Flavonoids such as luteolol, phytosterols, triterpenes such as usolic acid, among others, cannot be missing in its composition.

Lavender Essential Oil Benefits

The list of benefits is very broad: antiseptic, analgesic, cytophilic, antispasmodic, tonic, anti-inflammatory, antiparasitic, muscle relaxant, astringent, antidepressant, deodorant, sudorific, hypotensive, sedative. This oil is really amazing.

In what situations is lavender oil useful?

  1. Oily and dry skin
  2. Inflamed skins
  3. Acne problems
  4. Headaches .
  5. Problems with insomnia and agitation.
  6. For insect bites.
  7. Skin with dermatitis.
  8. In burns and skin rashes.
  9. PMS and menstrual cramps.
  10. For dull and fragile hair.
  11. Anxiety and depression.

How to apply lavender oil in each case


10 drops in the diffuser, or apply a few drops directly to the temples.


4 drops of lavender essential oil on the pillow. Or put a few drops on the wrist, rub and breathe deeply .


10 drops of lavender essential oil in 10 ml of ice water and spray on the spot. Immediate relief is achieved . It can be substituted for almond oil with cold water.


4 drops for every 10 ml of coconut oil , should be applied at each diaper change.


Put 2 drops on each temple and massage the area.


Use 10 drops of lavender essential oil in a liter of hot water, use a compress on the belly for 15 minutes . Or by mixing 9 drops in 2 teaspoons or 10 ml of sweet almond oil (grape seed) and massage the pelvis.


Make an inhalation of the lavender steam (200 ml of boiling water + 5 drops of lavender essential oil water). It relieves a sore throat , and together with eucalyptus essential oil (+ 5 drops) it is very effective in calming coughs.


10 drops lavender oil per 10 ml of vegetable oil, and massage with the mixture in the area affected by pain. If the muscle pain is too intense you can add drops of other oils such as rosemary , tea tree or copaiba .


With the help of a cotton swab (swab), add 2 drops to the swab and rub directly on the infected pimple . Repeat the procedure 2 times a day.


Place the usual amount of moisturizer on your hand and put two drops of lavender essential oil, mix and apply on the skin as usual.


5 ml of vegetable oil of your choice and we add 5 drops of lavender essential oil . Mix well and rub into the scalp, massaging for 5 minutes. Let it rest for 30 minutes and wash your hair normally.

Make sure that the product you buy is not mixed with other essences, because then it will not have the full effect: the essential oil must be pure and natural.

It is good for hair, how is it used?

The essence of lavender is par excellence the number one in cosmetology, since its properties allow it to regenerate the scalp, which gives the hair greater manageability and appearance.

There are countless hair products available such as shampoo, conditioners, among others that contain lavender oil and cause noticeable effects in hair enhancement. If you do not have these types of presentations and you want to obtain the properties that this essence confers on your hair, you only need to place a few drops of lavender essence on your hair after rinsing off the shampoo.

What benefits does it bring for the skin and face?

The benefits of lavender oil are endless, as it is such a versatile oil that it can be used for multiple purposes.

On the skin and face it offers protection and a pleasant aroma. Its properties range from being powerful antiseptic, healing, anti-inflammatory, providing essential nutrients for the good care and maintenance of the skin and face. Let’s see in more detail the benefits that we can obtain with its use:

  1. Prevents the formation of wrinkles; and it does so through its high regenerative power conferred by the large amount of active principles that it possesses like no other known essence. It should be noted that no natural and cosmetic product will prevent the aging process from occurring in the skin, but it can be delayed as the essence of lavender does.
  2. Activates the metabolism of tissues. By activating the metabolism of the tissues, it promotes its regeneration, with a rejuvenating effect, a property that stands out in the essence of lavender used as antiseptic and healing in cases of burns, the regeneration is amazing
  3. Provides extra hydration. Nourishes the cells to keep them healthy, this produces that their metabolism is in optimal conditions and provides a smooth, soft skin without signs of dryness or dehydration

Where to buy lavender essential oil?

For those who are curious and want to buy essential oils of different types of quality and cheaper than in herbalists, try some of the ones we recommend from the amazon brand

  • Lavender – Essential Oil – 50ml

Caution: Essential Oils are not drugs or medical treatments that should be used alone. Essential oils should not be ingested.

Does lavender essential oil help you lose weight?

Lavender oil helps to improve anxiety disorders and therefore reduces appetite, overeating will not be a problem and can improve metabolism, which leads to a better use of nutrients by the body and correct elimination of the waste.

Among its multiple active principles are esters that produce the elimination of accumulated or localized fat , which produces a considerable decrease in weight.

The essence of lavender also increases diuresis and helps in inflammatory processes, which reduces edema, also improves blood circulation which will improve the individual’s lifestyle in all aspects, improving their appearance and condition.

For wrinkles and acne

The essence of lavender is effective against acne , since its power is obtained by its high antiseptic degree against bacteria, fungi and viruses that can affect the skin or the body in general in any area.

In addition to being antiseptic, it is healing, which prevents recurrences in the treated areas and ensures that the skin is fully regenerated.

Pregnancy and lavender essential oil

The use of essences during pregnancy is not allowed , due to the fragility that occurs due to the change to which the woman’s body is subjected, causing harmless substances to become lethal for both the mother and the fetus.

Similarly, it is the case of drugs such as barbiturates, benzodiazepines and coral hydrates, which used in conjunction with the essence of lavender can enhance their sedative effect and cause deep hypnosis.

During lactation it is safe to use

The same case arises during pregnancy and lactation for all known essences . It is not recommended since the essence of lavender can produce mild iatrogenic and antiandrogenic effects, which generates endocrine lack of control in the infant that can produce multiple collateral effects of great importance and lethality.

Although it is a great antiseptic and healing, it is not recommended to use it on cracked or inflamed nipples , since a small amount of essence ingested by the infant can trigger serious problems.

The consumption of the essential oil by the nursing mother is also counterproductive since it is excreted in breast milk and logically comes into contact with the baby.

Lavender oil can produce seizures with its ingestion, which makes it neurotoxic for the infant.

Is lavender essential oil good for babies?

Lavender essential oil is safe to use for adults, but it is not the same for babies. So it is advisable not to use topically or ingest the essence of lavender by babies since there are more risks than benefits that it can grant.

As the essence of lavender is a powerful antiseptic, it can be mixed with a vegetable oil and can be used in cases where there is no other valid option. It also works mixed in water to wash wounds.

Lavender essential oil as an insecticide

The essence of lavender since ancient times has been used as a repellent and insecticide to protect clothes from moths in addition to scenting them, it has also been used to refresh, disinfect and repel insects in rooms.

It can be used as a repellent for fleas and lice for pets, skin problems such as scabies or scabies, among others.

Can lavender essential oil be ingested?

Lavender essential oil can be ingested, you just have to place 4 to 5 drops inside a soft capsule and ingest , preferably on an empty stomach

It is a low dose that is equivalent to approximately 80 mg, which would produce an improvement in the body ranging from improvements in rest and sleep to a general state of optimal physical and mental health that favor a better quality of life for the person.

The capsules can be purchased as empty gelatin or cellulose capsules, in which with the help of a dropper, the drops established as safe for consumption are uncovered and introduced and they are taken.

With the use of lavender essence you can see improvements in anxious pictures , since the intake of this substance makes its absorption 10 times greater compared to the topical and olfactory route, so it would not be bad to have it as a natural option reliable in many cases.

Cosmetic uses of lavender essential oil

Lavender in cosmetology is a unique and preferred scent, as it contains the volatility that a good perfume requires.

Its fresh fragrance and at the same time that woody and wild smell gives it a special note in perfumery, being one of the first fragrances to be found in the list of ingredients of very high-cost, well-known and famous brands of perfumes.

Medicinal properties of lavender essential oil

Why is it considered a scar?

Lavender oil has in particular among its components a mixture of active substances whose main purpose is to provide the skin with protection against pathogens and cell regeneration , which is why its action is known to be a great healing agent.

Its form of application varies depending on the case, but it should be noted that drops of lavender essence can be applied directly to the skin or wounds without having irritation or toxicity reactions.

Is it good for hypertension?

Lavender oil is recognized for its effect on the central nervous system and, in turn, improvements in the circulatory system.

By improving anxiety states and promoting a good rest , being anti-inflammatory of the digestive tract and increasing diuresis, it produces a beneficial effect on blood pressure levels, which leads to a regulation within the established blood pressure levels and considerable improvements in cases of hypertension.

It is recommended against insomnia, why?

Lavender oil has been effective since ancient times against anxiety, panic states, stress, and insomnia. Its effects on the central nervous system are very marked, inciting relaxation, drowsiness, and improvements in rest.

It is therefore a perfect ally when it comes to improving insomnia . Its fragrance used as aromatherapy in rooms makes the environment feel fresh and pleasant, with the use of diffusers a perfect balance can be achieved to promote a pleasant rest.

It is believed that the effect it produces rejuvenates the senses, promoting better health and quality of life for the person.

The effects that the lavender essence produces in the person by inducing rest is first to calm the mental state, relaxing all the leather and then to act producing sedation, which induces to feel drowsy and later to feel a restful sleep.

This substance acts in the nervous system specifically in the amygdala gland , which is responsible for the perceptions of the environment and everything that happens, perceives stress, anxiety, and everything that has to do with emotional responses.

By acting directly in this area of ​​the brain, it allows the gland to become inactive just by rubbing a few drops of lavender essence on the palms of the hands, rubbing them and feeling its fragrance.

With that, it is enough to fall asleep and avoid long sleepless nights, it is a natural way to control that store of emotions that has accumulated during the day and does not allow you to achieve a relaxation capable of promoting a good rest.

It is recommended, apart from having the essence of lavender on your bedside table next to the place of rest, to try to be strict with the daily sleep schedules, to improve its quality and therefore a better enjoyment of the splendor of life, as it will promote greater vitality.

How is it used against migraine?

The versatility of the essence of lavender has led it to be a substance of arduous study by recognized scientists , in search of the great contributions it offers to aromatherapy.

In the same order of idea, it should be noted that among its great virtues is its great analgesic power, which places it as a natural and reliable choice in cases of intense pain such as that which occurs in migraines, bringing surprising results.

Inhaling the aroma of lavender not only reduces the pain caused in a migraine attack, but also acts to ward off the attacks and their severity in each episode.

It is the studies revealed in patients by European Neurology, which validate effective and safe results against migraine.

The mode of use to counteract migraine is to place 2 to 4 drops of essence in 2 or 3 cups of boiling water and inhale the vapors.

Another mode of use is the application directly with massages on the skin , this will produce a relaxing effect and will help to improve the condition that triggered the migraine and will in turn produce its analgesic action.

Esoteric properties of lavender essential oil

Essential oils are generally widely used for their esoteric or spiritual properties , with respect to the essence of lavender, its spiritual benefits are calming and healing.

Lavender oil is cataloged by people who practice spiritual teachings as the representation of Mother Earth , so it is of great importance and esoteric use.

The properties of lavender oil make it one of the most used essences due to the benefits in terms of healing and relaxation it provides, since it can be used by any type of person.

Lavender oil can give immediate effects with its use, so it would not be difficult for it to become a favorite essence in your daily use and be a faithful believer in its many benefits.

Lavender essential oil against cancer, is it good?

Lavender oil has among its chemical compounds substances that act against cancer cells , has cytotoxic and apoptotic action, as well as in some cases decreases the weight and size of the tumor.

In 2015, after studies carried out, it was discovered that one of the substances that lavender oil contains, such as perilic alcohol, which when administered inhaled, had an effect in patients with glioblastoma.

The patients with glioblastoma studied had been classified with a depressing prognostic diagnosis for not responding adequately to standard treatments for this type of cancer, so they were taken into account for this study that gave surprising results using daily inhalations they could live for several years, that is to say more than expected.

Linalol, a substance that was the object of study in 2016, is also forming art of the chemical components of lavender, proving that it is cytotoxic , that is, it causes the death of the cancer cell, and in turn it is apoptotic, which means that produces a programmed cell death , against cancer cells of the ovarian epithelium.

Within the study carried out, they were able to observe that linalool used in conjunction with paclitaxel produced a significant loss of tumor weight, comparing this result with the use of only paclitaxel for this purpose.

Linalool also has an inhibitory effect on the growth of human melanoma cells .

The effectiveness of the essence of lavender has then been proven, so the results of arduous research have revealed endless benefits, especially when it comes to cancer cells, providing a great, reliable and natural contribution to medicine.

Lavender essential oil has cytitoxic effects against malignant cervical cells and breast cancer, as well as estrogen and progesterone receptors.

Among the different types of lavender, lavender angustifolia was investigated, obtaining great contributions in cases such as Hodgkin’s lymphoma, inhibiting cell growth and inducing apoptosis, which is the programmed death of cancer cells .

How is lavender essential oil used for massages?

Lavender essential oil has the advantage of being able to be used without the need for a base oil as a vehicle.

You can use a few drops of lavender essence directly on the skin and massage where pain or inflammation is found.

It can be used in vapor form together with oxygen to highlight its analgesic effects in postoperative periods, giving positive results, reducing pain and promoting rapid improvement.

Massages with the essence of lavender on large surfaces, such as relaxing or anti-stress massages, for greater comfort it is recommended to use a vegetable oil, which together with the essence of lavender enhances its action, so you have to know choose which one to use.

The essence of lavender only with the volatility of its aroma is capable of causing an immediate effect in the change of a state of mind , reducing anxiety, producing a long-lasting state of relaxation, which leads to a better rest.

Its usual form of use is 3 to 4 drops of lavender essence in a teaspoon of base oil such as sweet almond, olive, sunflower or jojoba. With which a relaxing and repairing massage will be performed.

This type of mixture can be made and stored in case it is over or has been prepared in order to store, it must be protected from sunlight so it is recommended to place it in a dark container to reserve all its properties.

Lavender essential oil and allergies

Lavender essence is naturally an antihistamine , so it reduces allergic and inflammatory reactions in leather.

Lavender, apart from having analgesic effects, also has antiallergic effects in cases such as insect bites, hives, and any other skin disease.

Lavender essential oil defends the body against asthmatic reactions caused by allergies, since it suppresses the inflammation of the respiratory tract, which improves drastically with surprising results.

If you are the type of person who sneezes a lot, coughs frequently and wheezes during the night, only a few drops of lavender essence should be placed on the pillow, which will allow the aroma to do its job and provide a peaceful rest.

Aromatherapy and lavender essential oil

The outstanding properties of lavender have to do with the effects it produces at the level of the central nervous system, producing a state of tranquility that just by feeling its aroma can give a total change to the mood.

In aromatherapy it is an exceptional combination, since its healing or therapeutic properties are mixed with its aroma and causes immediate effects, which is why it is well recognized by lovers of high-potency natural alternatives that can be found in this essence.

It is an ally at rest , to get a restful sleep, reduces anxiety and stress of the day so it is recommended for people who suffer from insomnia seasons.

The way to use lavender essence is as versatile as its properties, in aromatherapy it is very well known and studied so it can be used in bathtubs or showers to relieve muscle aches and reduce stress, anxiety and panic states.

It can be used directly on the skin or together with a vegetable oil base, if a massage in large areas is preferred, to be used as an analgesic in joints, muscles and in turn serves as an antiseptic for the skin and wounds, it helps to heal as it is a cell regenerator, in cases such as acne it is the choice to eliminate the bacteria causing it and regenerate the damaged skin layer without leaving marks or scars.

The lavender essence can be used directly in vaporizers, in an essences diffuser or place a few drops of lavender essence in boiling water and absorb the steam, by doing this process its analgesic, anti-inflammatory action of the respiratory tract, soothing in situations of anxiety, reduces blood flow so it improves blood pressure, among many other benefits that are obtained with just its aroma.

It is an excellent relaxant (as already mentioned) so if you have tired hands and feet from work or daily routine, you can immerse them in water with a few drops of lavender oil for instant relaxation and analgesia.

It can be used in compresses in cases where pain occurs, for example in sprains or muscle injuries, just apply a few drops of lavender essence on a cloth previously soaked in water and apply to the affected area.

How to make homemade lavender essential oil?

To make homemade lavender oil, the following ingredients must be counted:

  • Dried lavender flowers.
  • A base oil that can be mineral or olive oil
  • A properly sterilized bottle.
  • A piece of cheesecloth or muslin
  • A clean and sterilized bottle.

The process for obtaining it is:

  1. Place the lavender flowers in the bottle so that it fills the jar completely.
  2. The mineral or olive oil is placed inside the bottle until it covers the lavender flowers.
  3. Then the bottle is placed in a place where sunlight can reach, it is left to rest for three to six weeks, because the light helps to extract the oil contained in the flowers which mixes with the base oil and forms the essence.
  4. After this period of time, the essence is poured on the cheesecloth or muslin and the filtrate is placed in the bottle that had been reserved and cleaned and sterilized.

Lavender essential oil for cats and dogs?


Lavender oil was the object of study in 2006, where remarkable results were obtained regarding its function in the central nervous system of dogs, producing a relaxation that will reduce their movements and vocalization, during a car trip .

It was a great contribution for its use as an alternative to avoid the use of treatments to calm the excitement produced by a car trip in dogs and thus avoid the adverse effects they produce.

The essence of lavender is safe to use in these cases, and in any situation where the dog is in an anxious state, to try to reduce hyperactivity.


The essence of lavender is considered toxic for cats, so it can cause nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite. So contact with cats should be avoided.

The substance contained in the essence of lavender that causes these effects in cats is the chemical linalool, which can be found in 49.47% in the essence.

This high concentration of this substance is the cause of the effects in cats that should be avoided, so it is not safe to ingest it even if its calming effects are rumored.

Lavender oil can be found in insect repellent products to keep the environment where the pet is clean and prevent the proliferation of mites and fleas.

Contraindications of lavender essential oil

Lavender oil is very safe to use both in sprays and in its application on the skin , but the same cannot be said for its essence in infusions.

The essence of lavender in some people consumed as tea, can be toxic and cause effects such as respiratory distress, blurred vision, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, among others.

The best way to make lavender tea is through its dried flowers , because the concentration of lavender would be adequate for consumption, the opposite is the case with the essence since many pounds are needed to obtain a small amount of oil. of lavender flowers, that is, its concentration is very high, which is why it can cause toxicity.

Although the application on the skin and inhalation are an adequate and effective therapy for many cases where its analgesic and sedative effects have to be taken advantage of, there is also the possibility that the effects are reversed and cause headache, nausea, chills and vomiting after undergoing treatment. It is advisable to individualize treatments with lavender essence since each organism can respond differently to the same essence.

Lavender essential oil datasheet

  • Botanical name: Lavandula angustifolia
  • Distilled Part: lavender flowers.
  • Origin: France
  • Cultivation: Its cultivation occurs naturally in the wild or can be cultivated.
  • Botanical family Lamiaceae
  • Main Active Principles: Among its most prominent active principles are linalol, ocimeno, linalyl acetate, lavandulyl acetate.
  • Properties: Hypotensive, Anti-inflammatory, Powerful Anti-spasmodic, Antalgic, Healing.

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