Hydra Plus Perfection By Le Pommiere, Analysis And Alternative

This moisturizing and nourishing facial cream is a very complete cosmetic, as it has sun protection and a high antioxidant power thanks to coenzyme Q10, ferulic acid and mandelic acid.

In addition, it is very moisturizing thanks to the hyaluronic acid; provides extra nutrition due to shea butter and other botanical active ingredients, and can restore elasticity and firmness to aged skin through the use of collagen and elastin.

The result is smooth, hydrated and radiant skin, whatever your skin type. Something that we are going to contrast by analyzing its ingredients.

You have more analysis of collagen creams in this article in which I have compiled the Best Collagen Creams , based on their INCI; in addition to everything you need to know about how these types of cosmetics work.

Hydra Plus Perfection Analysis by Le Pommiere

Hydra Plus Perfection review summary by Le Pommiere

This cream from Le Pommiere does everything from increasing collagen production to hydrating skin and preventing free radical damage and irritation.

Its ingredients are varied, and they serve all these anti-aging purposes, however, most of them are present past the top 10, and their proportions are not as high as I would like.

At the top of the list are lubricants and emollients, as well as sunscreens and an alcohol. Then the actives start to appear, starting with shea butter, hyaluronic acid and elastin, which are great additions to a face cream.

Then there are more amino acids, antioxidants and AHAs, in addition to other plant extracts that increase the production of collagen in the skin.

Finally, vitamins A, C and E appear, which will provide more protection against oxidation and free radicals.

Something also good is that it includes few preservatives, and except for one that is harmful, and the potentially irritating perfume, the formula does not have any ingredients that we should avoid.


Le Pommiere’s formula is very similar to Nezeni Cosmetics Collagen, the option I have chosen. The latter is less harmful, since it does not include any harmful or toxic ingredients.

Le Pommiere’s is more focused on preventing oxidation than on moisturizing, which is why I like Nezeni Cosmetics better, as it has more moisturizing actives and is suitable for more skin types.

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