Learning For The Little Ones During The Trips

Traveling with the little ones can be a lot of fun, but if you take advantage of it to learn as a family, it’s much better! In this BodyCarre article we leave you some simple ideas to integrate learning by doing tourism.

Children learn a lot by traveling: they do it through seeing new things, talking to different people, learning about new things and practicing a lot of skills that were very useful throughout life.

If you have a trip planned with the little ones, surely you also like to integrate new ways of learning. Here are some easy-to-carry out ideas that can be modified according to the interests of the children or the place to be visited.

Activity packs

Surely the easiest way is to get hold of activity packs such as coloring things, crossword books and word searches, riddles, etc.

You can find many activities of this type online that can be printed before the trip to take by hand, although it all depends on how much or how little the parents or the little one get dizzy on the way reading or doing little things of this type! !

Make a travel journal

Keeping a travel journal helps children with motor activities and creativity, as well as helping parents see what their little one is looking for while sightseeing.

It is a way of collaborating with the family memory that can be used later to recall the experience and recall what has been learned. If the same journal is used for different trips, it is also possible to observe how the child’s writing and drawing skills are developing.

Reading for children on trips

There is a lot of material that can be taken as reading , from pamphlets of the sites that are visited to magazines or books. Leave them for your little one to take a look at and explore on their own, so that in addition to providing reading opportunities they can learn about the place they are traveling to.

If the plan is to stay for a while in the same location, you can find out if there is a library and make use of it : surely you will find books about the area in which you are, information about the fauna and flora and other material that is probably not there. available on other sites.

Write postcards

Writing postcards is a fun and easy way to join a grammar or drawing class . Writing to someone else encourages children to make an effort to correct their writing and use of language, something parents can help with if they need guidance or support.

If you let the little one choose the postcard, you can look at what has attracted their attention the most and stimulate their interest by going deeper into that subject with some other activity.

Tell what has been learned during the trip

Going home is not an excuse to put aside the trip … Now we must tell others what has been learned! An event can be organized with the child’s friends or family members in which, above all, the child is encouraged to tell by himself details about the trip, taking as references the diary, photos of the trip, objects that have been acquired while sightseeing. , etc.

This gives the child the opportunity to consolidate the knowledge acquired , answering questions and using new vocabulary that has been learned.

What other learning opportunities or activities can you think of for trips with the little ones? Share your ideas!

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