Lemon Essential Oil: Contraindications, Properties And Benefits

Essential oils are extracts that come from different plant components; In ancient times, they were called ” the soul of plants ” because, due to its content, depending on the plant from which it is obtained, it is used for both physical and emotional therapeutic purposes, as well as for daily use at home or in the cosmetology area.

The essential oil includes the benefits according to the plant or fruit from which it is extracted, varying its purpose; For example, if it is rosemary, it is used to stimulate the nervous system, mint for analgesic purposes, among others.

In relation to fruits, some have components that can favor the proper functioning of health, in this case it refers to lemon, from which lemon essential oil is extracted, which will be detailed later.

What is lemon essential oil?

The essential oil of lemon comes from the shell of the lemon, that is, the shell of the shell is processed, through a cold pressure process, which produces an oil which is left to rest for a certain time, and then purified distill it in order to obtain it pure, and use its great benefits for the human body.

Origin of lemon essential oil

The lemon is considered one of the best known fruits in the world, it is said that it comes from southeast Asia (India), 2nd century BC; It was used by the Indians, Romans and Egyptians, allowing the introduction into the markets by Europeans, motivating their knowledge and trade over the centuries.

According to history, it is established that alchemists began to use this fruit as a medicinal ingredient for certain ailments and conditions that they presented; an archaic process of extraction of its natural oil, through manual force, allowed the use of lemon essential oil to be constant, due to the healing benefits it provided to the body, such as antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, healing, purifying, among others.

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What are other names for lemon essential oil?

Due to the multiple benefits for the human body, lemon essential oil is also known as “ citric oil”, its citrus aroma comes from a chemical compound called limonene, which is nothing more than the natural substance that the fruit produces, and which accounts for most of where lemon essential oil comes from.

Benefits and properties of lemon essential oil

Due to the exceptional content of nutrients that lemon has, the following benefits can be obtained through lemon essential oil:

Counteract respiratory infections such as bronchi, cough, sore throat; great contribution to the immune system, since it facilitates the production of white blood cells in the blood; level the stomach pH helping to calm acidity; detoxify the body of toxins that inhibit acne formation and control hair oiliness.

As for the different properties that lemon essential oil possesses, the most relevant are mentioned: antiseptic, astringent, healing, purifying, bactericidal; giving a better response capacity of the organism, before any infection or ailment of the human body.

What are the benefits for skin and stretch marks?

The essential oil of lemon, thanks to its antioxidant properties, helps to lighten the skin by eliminating spots present due to excessive exposure to the sun; Likewise, it helps in the process of exfoliating the skin, eliminating dead skin and allowing the appearance of new, healthier skin; and in turn reduce the appearance of acne.

As for its use against stretch marks, they occur because the blood vessels break due to how stretched the skin is, either due to pregnancy or due to radical and excessive weight gain, the oil can be used Lemon essentials along with propolis (prepared by bees directly from tree sap) these ingredients are brought together and massaged into the affected skin, helping to improve the appearance and eliminate the elasticity present.

It is important to take into account that the direct and pure application of this essential oil to the skin can cause adverse processes, and it should not be exposed to the sun while using this oil; so they must be well documented for use.

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Lemon essential oil is good for weight loss

Among the properties of lemon essential oil is that of being a powerful diuretic and purifying, detoxifying, since it helps to eliminate fat residues through the urine, naturally accelerating the diuretic process in women; As well as when used externally, with massages on the abdomen, it facilitates intestinal functioning and increases metabolism for the elimination of toxins present in the human body such as fat cells.

The use of this essential oil of lemon to accelerate the natural process to lose weight, it can be topical, internal or ingested, or through aromatherapy, it will help to obtain the desired results.

Properties of lemon essential oil for hair

Thanks to its citric or acid content, lemon essential oil for hair helps eliminate excess oil present on the scalp, as well as prevents hair loss by stimulating its growth, as well as controlling the appearance of dandruff.

If the hair color is light, it helps to give it more shine and keep its color firm, giving it a healthier appearance.

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How is it used for scars?

Scars are unpleasant marks left on the skin as a result of a wound, surgery, burn or acne cut; Although it is true that there is no effective cure that will make them disappear completely, they can be visibly attenuated thanks to natural recipes, such as lemon essential oil, due to its high content of vitamin “c” it helps in the production of collagen in the skin, keeping the skin smooth and firm, at the same time helps to eliminate impurities and allow the formation of new skin cells.

The way to use it is very simple, mix the essential oil of lemon with coconut, olive or almond oil, apply with the help of a toothpick or swab in the affected area, daily for 30 minutes, rinse with cold water, you will obtain the desired results.

To reduce wrinkles

This essential oil of lemon helps reduce wrinkles, because due to its exfoliating properties, it helps to remove dead skin and, in turn, opens the pores so that the skin is better oxygenated and stimulates the collagen production process, providing better elasticity and appearance of the skin.

Why is lemon essential oil good for eyelashes?

The eyelashes are a natural defense mechanism that the eyes have, since through it, external particles from the environment are prevented from entering. They must be healthy, and a natural way to keep them that way is by using lemon essential oil that strengthens growth thanks to the contribution of vitamins “c” and “e” and antioxidants that help their well-being.

Pregnancy and lemon essential oil

According to documented research, there are certain essential oils that are not allowed to be used during the first 3 months of pregnancy, because according to their composition they can affect the process of formation of the fetus.

But in the case of lemon essential oil, it is allowed throughout pregnancy, due to its great beneficial contribution, due to its vitamin C content, regenerative, healing, purifying and stimulating properties of the circulatory system, which due to the prohibition of certain medicines during pregnancy, it is a natural ally that helps in certain episodes of acidity, stress, flu, as well as stimulating the immune system.

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Can it be used while breastfeeding? Why?

Lemon essential oil has different properties that provide benefits to the health of the human body; The breastfeeding process is the most important stage in the development of the baby, and according to research, there is nothing concrete about the use of lemon essential oil during breastfeeding.

But according to the components and properties, this oil does not generate any type of adverse reaction when used during the lactation stage, this because it would help to generate a feeling of tranquility, improving the immune system against certain conditions that the breast may present. infant at the moment.

Documenting above all the benefits that the use of lemon essential oil provides, in each stage of the human body, will facilitate its greater use.

How does lemon essential oil help children?

Among many benefits that lemon essential oil provides, it is recommended for children because if it is to be used as a flavoring agent, it creates an environment of purity and toning, since it eliminates toxic agents in the environment that surrounds the child, for its bactericidal properties.

In case of using it by topical application, as it is natural, it helps to strengthen defenses and antibodies; additionally, it helps to avoid stomach problems that cause vomiting, as well as symptoms of coughs, allergies, sore throats and conditions in the respiratory areas.

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Lemon essential oil cosmetic properties

Lemon essential oil is considered one of the essential oils with a high content of vitamin C, B (essential for healthy skin, hair and nails) and A (carotene-antioxidants).

Therefore, it has the main cosmetic properties: aromatize products for personal use such as soap, colognes, perfumes; because its pleasant and fresh aroma stimulates the good spirit.

Due to its antioxidant properties, it is the best helper in the care and preservation of the skin and hair. In addition to preventing the reproduction of fat cells in the hair, preventing the formation of dandruff.

Lemon essential oil, among other cosmetic properties that it possesses, are those that, being astringent, help to eliminate acne or to disappear the spots that appear on the body.

It must be taken into account that it has such a strong effect that, when used, it should not be exposed to the sun because it will cause an irreversible side effect.

Therapeutic properties of lemon essential oil

It can be said that lemon essential oil is a natural product of very diverse use, since, both due to its pleasant aroma and its wide composition, it relieves pain in tired legs, through massages; as well as improves circulation in the body by its collaboration in the production of white blood cells; reduces the tension present in a certain environment or through which the person is going and eliminates fatigue.

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, it reduces the discomfort caused by arthritis and varicose veins. A great contribution it gives is to improve mood, helping mental concentration, preventing episodes of anxiety and violence.

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For burns, how does it help?

Burns are very strong wounds and in certain cases, deep that must be treated with great care and immediate medical attention; Although it is true, lemon essential oil has bactericidal, antiseptic, healing properties, it can help clean and disinfect said wound, and prevent it from becoming complicated.

Against skin blemishes

As a powerful skin whitening agent, lemon essential oil should be used with great care to treat skin blemishes; Since it cannot be used directly because it would cause the stain to increase, it has to be used in conjunction with a carrier oil (coconut, olive or jojoba) that will help remove stains from the skin.

One of the properties of lemon essential oil is that it is photosensitizing, so when used, exposure to the sun should be avoided at all times, so it is recommended to use it at night and use a sunscreen to guarantee the effect. rinsing of stains.

Where to buy lemon essential oil

Here are two very good options:

  • Naissance Limón BIO – 100% Pure Essential Oil – Certified Organic – 50ml
  • Cold Pressed Lemon Essential Oil – 10ml – 100% Pure

Lemon essential oil contraindications

Among the contraindications that lemon essential oil presents, the following can be mentioned:

  • Photosensitivity, that is, overexposure to the sun, would cause spots on the skin.
  • In case of suffering from gastritis, irritable bowel, it should not be ingested, as it would cause discomfort and pain.
  • Contact with the eyes should be avoided, as it would cause irritation and fatigue in the ocular mucosa.
  • Allergies, redness on the skin when applied as a tonic, since in certain people it will produce an adverse reaction.

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How to make homemade lemon essential oil?

A very simple way to make homemade essential oil is the following:

A lemon is peeled and only the yellow part of the rind is used, it is placed in hot water for approximately one minute, to eliminate the bitterness.

In a container with a lid, place a little olive oil and add the lemon rind, after the bitterness has been eliminated; the lid is placed and it is put in a bain marie for 3 hours, in order to infuse it. At the end of 3 hours, it is left to rest until the next day; After 4 hours it is poured into an easy-to-use container with a lid, and you can start using the homemade lemon essential oil.

Nutritional value of lemon essential oil

Lemon essential oil has a high content of vitamin A (carotene antioxidants), B (essential for healthy skin, hair and nails), C (good functioning of the immune system) and E (antioxidants); It has the lowest caloric content, which is why it is used in weight loss treatments; it predominates in the formation of collagen, becoming important as an antioxidant and anticancer.

Helps keep skin, hair and nails in good condition, as well as an excellent anti-wrinkle; thanks to its compounds based on iron, potassium, manganese, copper and phosphorus.

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Culinary uses of lemon essential oil

Using lemon essential oil in the kitchen can be very punctual, since because it has a pleasant and yet penetrating aroma, it will make a good combination with food; like, for example, a few drops to dress a salad; As a dessert in yogurt, with a small amount it will give that pleasant touch to the palate; in tea, the perfect combination for a moment of relaxation and why not in making a cake, it will make that flavor stand out among those who are going to enjoy it.

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