Loreal Collagen +35 Active Anti-Aging Day Cream, Analysis And Alternative

As indicated in the name of the cream, it is specially formulated to treat the first wrinkles that appear after the age of 35, which is precisely when the collagen in the skin begins to decrease.

This leads to a loss of elasticity and smoothness, and that is when fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear.

Although none of the ingredients it includes are mentioned, they do claim that the results begin to be noticed after 2 weeks, the skin is regenerated and smoothed in most users.

To see how the cream works, I am going to analyze the INCI, which is the only thing that lies to us. This and other analyzes are explained in this article with the Best Collagen Creams , so you can make an informed choice.

LOreal Collagen +35 Active Anti-aging Day Cream Analysis

LOreal Collagen +35 Active Anti-Aging Day Cream analysis summary

In the LOreal formula we find one of lime and another of sand. It’s a pretty long list, and there’s a bit of everything, for better and for worse.

It starts with hydrating ingredients that soften the skin, such as silicones or petroleum jelly, which are responsible for achieving a more hydrated and smooth visual effect, although not long-lasting.

There are other moisturizing and soothing ingredients and some antioxidants, although to find collagen you have to go down to the bottom of the list.

Actually, there are two types of collagen, atelocollagen and soluble collagen, although as I said, the proportion of both is ridiculous.

The bad thing is that among all these ingredients, there is a good proportion of irritants, harmful agents, sensitizers, parabens, preservatives and allergenic fragrances.

All of this makes LOreal Collagen +35 cream one to avoid. Applying this cream regularly can be potentially dangerous, considering the combined effect these dangerous ingredients can have.


It is highly recommended to replace this LOreal cream with a better option, such as Collagen from Nezeni Cosmetics, with collagen in a higher proportion, and without the vast majority of these harmful ingredients.

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