Roll-On Hydra Energetic Eyes By L’oréal Men Expert: Analysis And Alternative

Eye contours with a roll-on or metallic ball applicator are becoming more and more popular, to apply the product cold and thus reduce bags or dark circles. L’Oreal, of course, also has his.

But more than the application, the ingredients of the formula matter. That is why we are going to analyze them one by one, and we will see if it convinces.

After this article, I recommend this other one so you can learn about the Best Eye Contours for Men , where there are many more analyzes and it is explained if there is any difference with the contours for women.

Roll-on Hydra Energetic Eyes Analysis by L’Oréal Men Expert

Summary and analysis Roll-on Hydra Energetic Eyes by L’Oréal Men Expert

Although it seems to be off to a good start, with emollient, anti-inflammatory and hyaluronic acid ingredients at the top of the list, just keep reading to find what we don’t want.

I have found ingredients that are sensitizing, irritating, and two toxic. It is important that we discard this outline due to the problem of the combined effect of these toxins, and the repercussion it can have on our long-term health.

I am going to break a spear in its favor mentioning that it does not have silicones, parabens, or alcohols; as well as including various peptides (great anti-aging ingredients), amino acids, and vitamin C.

This is fine, just like the roll-on applicator, but it is not enough. It does not convince me.


A much better contour is the Nezeni Cosmetics option. In fact, it is the one that I am using right now, and I never tire of recommending it for its good ingredients and its effectiveness.

In the article on the Best Eye Contours for Men I explain more about him.

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