L’oreal Triple Active Multi-Protective Day Moisturizing Cream, Analysis And Alternative

L’Oréal moisturizing cream provides 3 benefits that hydrate, protect and illuminate. Hydrates with ceramides, protects with UV filter and illuminates with vitamin E.

It mentions that it hydrates and maintains hydration for up to 24 hours, something that we will know right away by analyzing its ingredients.

As I see that you like to take care of your skin and keep it hydrated, I recommend this article with an analysis of the Best Moisturizing Creams on the market, for all skin types and needs.

But do not stay alone in the analysis, below there is very interesting information about moisturizers, including the differences between some textures and others.

L’Oreal Triple Active Multi-Protective Day Moisturizing Cream

Summary analysis of L’Oreal Triple Active Multi-Protective Day Moisturizing Cream

L’Oréal cream leaves much to be desired, it is nothing new. In its first 6 ingredients it includes a silicone, an alcohol and an irritant, a sign that the rest of the formula does not bode well.

I have only found a couple of active ingredients, panthenol which is an emollient and moisturizer, and a BHA (beta hydroxy acid), similar to AHAs. There is an occasional emollient, and sunscreen, although it is not really mentioned how much SPF it has.

A PEG, a toxic preservative and a couple of irritating fragrances complete the formula, which is very poor in everything, especially in ingredients that hydrate, much less that can continue to hydrate 24 hours.


A better option is Nezeni Cosmetics Collagen cream, I have analyzed its INCI (you can see it by clicking on the link above) and give it ten laps. You can tell that he uses quality ingredients, and that he cares that they appear in a high concentration.

It is a cheaper cream, but this shows in the ingredients it uses. It is better not to add anything to it than to apply this formula to your skin.

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