3-In-1 Men’s Cream Fragrance Free By Lubriderm, Analysis & Alternative

Lubriderm has created a product for the laziest and most careless men, a 3-in-1 cream that acts as a facial, body and aftershave moisturizer. So you only have to buy one cream and you can use it for almost everything.

The formula is enriched with aloe vera and hydrates, improves and soothes the most exposed skin, such as after shaving. It is unscented, but in the Lubriderm range there is exactly the same product, which has a slight fragrance.

I like this of being able to choose with or without fragrance, to be happy with those who care about the smell of their cream, and those who do not want to be exposed to the components of the perfume.

But I will be cautious and wait to analyze the INCI of the cream to assess it with knowledge. Analysis like the ones you have in the Article with the Best Face Creams for Men , so you can choose the one that best suits you.

Lubriderm Fragrance Free 3-in-1 Cream for Men Review

Summary review of Lubriderm fragrance-free 3-in-1 Cream for Men

Although it is fragrance-free, it does have other ingredients that are potentially irritating to the skin, and some in quite a high proportion, so it would not be a cream that I would recommend or use for after shaving.

It is a very simple formula, with just a couple of assets, which are relegated to the last positions of the list. The proportions are ridiculous, especially the aloe vera, which could have been on the high side.

Then there is the pro vitamin B5, which can provide different properties, although also too low; like zinc and copper gluconate, two ingredients that are good for oily skin, but are merely anecdotal.

I also don’t like a couple of toxic ingredients that I have found, as well as a sensitizer, and an ingredient that can cause an allergic reaction.

It outweighs the cons than the pros in this formula, so it wouldn’t be an option for me.


I prefer to continue using the creams that I currently use, with a minimal risk of exposure to these harmful ingredients, much more active, and much more effective.

They are the Aloe Vera Nezeni Cosmetics cream, which will serve as a moisturizer and soothing, and the Collagen cream that nourishes and fills in wrinkles. They are also suitable for all skin types

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