Facial Lymphatic Drainage: Contraindications, Risks, Benefits And How To Do It

It is very likely that at this moment you feel tired, or that something is causing you stress; that interferes with your sleep ; and not being able to sleep your appearance looks terrible ; you don’t know whether to go to the beach to relax and leave everything behind; waiting for everything to be solved by itself; because you really feel old because your expression lines are becoming more and more noticeable not to mention dark circles and even acne that causes stress .

The perfect solution for you is a spa day, or a day for yourself where you can perform a facial lymphatic drainage so that you rejuvenate and feel relaxed ; able to face everything and with a resplendent smile because after this facial lymphatic drainage you will be like new and of course you will be happy; a happy person is a healthy person without fatigue or stress.

You can do a facial lymphatic drainage massage yourself if you take a course to know the key points that I will talk about later. However, it is good that you leave it in the hands of a professional; as a bad movement would cause the toxins to be diverted and the nodes to become clogged.

For this massage you should have a harmonious environment, you can combine it with candles, essences, and relaxing music so that you achieve the desired results; and remember that this procedure may make you want to urinate at the end of the session; you will find out more before reason.

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What is facial lymphatic drainage?

To know what facial lymphatic drainage is about, it is good to first know two important definitions: Lymphatic system and Lymph.

The lymphatic system is part of the circulatory system, made up of a network of vessels similar to blood veins that carry a fluid known as lymph.

The lymph is made up of white blood cells, also fats, proteins and remains of bacteria and cells, it comes from the blood but its appearance is colorless because it is mostly made up of water; that circulates through the lymphatic system that by means of instinctive muscular contractions eliminates toxins and other residues.

Then the facial lymphatic drainage is carried out in the face and neck area through massages in specific lymph nodes to activate the lymphatic system so that it eliminates toxins and improves blood circulation; avoiding fluid retention and improving other conditions such as eye bags, inflammations among others.

Among the reasons why this process of the lymphatic system is slowed down by accumulating fluids in the face are: obesity, kidney problems, abuse of salt, alcohol and surgeries.

How is facial lymphatic drainage performed?

It is done through light massages, pressing each part of the face with circular movements in the direction of the lymph nodes to push the liquid towards them. It begins with the neck, then goes to the ears, nose and forehead and very slowly ends by massaging the scalp.

Keep in mind some massage tips such as: pressure, fixed circular movements, rhythm, rotary turns, and pumping.

  • The pressure: the pressure for facial lymphatic drainage plays a fundamental role, and it must be very soft that you cannot feel it, it should not cause pain but on the contrary, relief; the pressure is so gentle that it should not even leave the area reddened because it is more of a pushing motion that will move the lymph in the right direction.
  • Fixed circular movements: They are carried out by leaving the fingers passive and executing the circles with the movement of the wrists; being fixed you will not make any displacement; You should apply them to the neck and rise to the face just in the areas with lymph nodes.
  • The rhythm: This is very important because the natural rhythm of the lymphatic vessels must be respected, that is, each movement must take five seconds, pausing for two seconds and so on. You could help yourself with a smooth and slow instrumental musical rhythm.
  • Rotating Twists: it is performed leaving the thumbs up and using the rest of the fingers exerting push and moving them towards the ganglion area.
  • The pumping: use your hands to caress the face, and then push yourself gradually, you could make a forward turn and a backward turn but always seeking to guide the lymph towards the lymphatic system.

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Is lymphatic drainage in the neck done on the facial?

Facial lymphatic drainage begins from the neck, because the submaxillary and internal jugular chain nodes are located there. Also in the neck are the jugular veins that receive the lymph so that it is drained through the deep cervical lymph nodes ; in conjunction with the submental lymph nodes, anterior cervical lymph nodes and superficial cervical lymph nodes.

Anatomy of a facial lymphatic drainage

The lymph-draining nodal territories of the face are located at several specific points, the channels of which are linked together throughout the body and create a true lymphatic network.

The lymphatic system is made up of capillaries, vessels, and nodes. The first, which are the lymphatic capillaries, are the ones that drain the lymphatic vessels and these in turn drain the lymph nodes that have a subcapsular sinus within which the lymphatic fluid drains.

The head and neck have thirty percent of all these lymph nodes, and they are known as cervical nodes; They are divided into six groups and drain the head, neck, and also drain the mucosa of the upper aerodigestive tract, and the thyroid without excluding the larynx. These nodes are: pericervical lymph node circle, anterior and external jugular chain, deep lateral group of the neck and juxtavisceral cervical.

  • The pericervical ganglionic circle: it comprises the junction of the head with the neck as a collar, and contains five ganglion groups : occipitals that drain towards the ganglia of the spinal chain; the mastoids that drain into the parotid ganglia; the parotids drain to the submaxillary, cervical and transverse ganglia; the submaxillary and facial , drain into the internal jugular chain and finally the submental or submental drain into the submaxillary ganglia and internal jugular chain.
  • Anterior and external jugular chain: they are located in the anterior pretracheal lamina and drain to the ganglia of the internal jugular cell; while the external one is formed by small ganglia covering from top to bottom from the inferior parotid ganglia to the middle
  • Deep lateral neck groups: the internal jugular, the spinal nerve and the transverse cervical nerve are arranged in three chains and form the Rouviere triangle and constitute the most important primary receptor of lymph from the other territories.
  • The deep juxtavisceral cervical group: There are two groups: the retropharyngeal and pretracheal groups, which are located in the prevertebral muscles, are placed on the posterior face of the pharynx and the pretracheal ones terminate the lymphatics of the trachea and the thyroid gland.

Function of facial lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage fulfills the function of reducing inflammation, relieving pain and stimulating circulation in addition to relaxing you de-stress.

This drainage mimics the circulation of the lymphatic vessels that open to allow the flow of bad fluids, fat residues and are eliminated through sweat and urine . On the right side of the face the lymphatic circulation goes to the right and on the left side of the face the lymphatic circulation goes to the left.

The lymph nodes and lymph nodes are stimulated so that the fluid is drained by them through massage.

Facial lymphatic drainage technique

The facial lymphatic drainage technique consists of gently massaging specific points where the inflammation is located and directing it towards the lymph nodes to activate the lymphatic system, keeping it stimulated so that you do not retain any fluid or inflammation in that area.

This technique eliminates excess fluids and toxins, slims the face and rejuvenates, favors the circulatory system and muscles. Although it is easy, you do not always have the absolute knowledge of where to direct the massage movements; since you could block these nodes and worsen your condition.

What equipment is used for facial and neck lymphatic drainage?

Generally, facial lymphatic drainage is done manually, accompanied by oils or creams based on collagen and elastin to avoid mistreating the skin .

However, there is a technique that is used with equipment known as pressotherapy . It is a way of performing lymphatic drainage in an assisted way but with a machine that simulates manual massage, the suit presses the areas, by means of controlled air compression.

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Benefits of facial and neck lymphatic drainage

This facial lymphatic drainage massage provides many benefits, it is an effective therapy against stress, dark circles and bags under the eyes, edema on the face due to fatigue and improves postoperative facial reactions, it also improves acne and rejuvenates your face.

It is also detoxifying, reduces inflammation, improves blood circulation, repairs cells, improves edema and scars and is a good relaxant .

Helps reduce and eliminate acne

Helps reduce and eliminate acne because it activates blood circulation and decreases the activity of the sebaceous glands, draining oil or sebum, and cleansing the skin.

However, acne is an infection that must be taken care of at the time of facial lymphatic drainage to avoid the spread of pimples instead of eliminating them.

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Does it help to eliminate bags under the eyes? How?

When you have an inflammation in the lower eyelid, you notice a bag that is generally an accumulation of fluids caused by the inability of the kidney to drain that excess, perhaps caused by fatigue, alcohol and / or lack of sleep.

Facial lymphatic drainage treats this area and manages to improve and eliminate that fluid retained in the lower eyelids, therefore, the edema will be significantly reduced.

Does the double chin improve?

Just as facial lymphatic drainage treats the eye area, it also treats the neck area, because when the double chin begins to show it indicates that you are gaining a lot of weight and a massage of this type could eliminate the fat double chin non-invasive .

The facial lymphatic drainage massage reduces fat, sends it to the bloodstream where it is metabolized and converted into urine or sweat, and counteracts the flaccidity caused by the loss of that fat.

This reduction is due to the fact that the massage releases the fatty acids and toxins that accumulate in the double chin, activates blood circulation, generates heat to the connective tissue and reduces inflammation.

It gives better results if you use a reducing and firming facial cream and you avoid eating a lot of carbohydrates because every time you eliminate fat through massage you can regain it through your diet; so try to eat well so that the drainage is long-lasting and the double chin does not return.

In this section it is always better to use a firming cream that contains hyaluronic acid, I usually always use Nezeni Cosmétics , which is also anti-wrinkle and its second ingredient after water is hyaluronic acid, which indicates a high proportion of it in the formulation .

Indications for facial lymphatic drainage

It is indicated for those people who have suffered trauma and as a consequence have edema ; also for people who have lymphedema , it occurs when the edema is not treated correctly and creates a painful inflammation; also for people with postoperative edema.

Also for people who have keloids, scars and burns, bedsores or acne; wrinkles and cellulite , stress, insomnia.

Or simply for those people who cannot sleep due to stress and dark circles are increasingly noticeable, a facial lymphatic drainage massage will favor both stress and dark circles.

Physiotherapy of facial lymphatic drainage

This technique is used by professional physiotherapists who have studied each of the lymph nodes and lymph nodes of the face and the body in general; which leads him to a therapy that takes place in a spa or a suitable place, with an environment conducive to people who come to undergo physiotherapy, generally postoperative.

The procedure is manual and provides the benefits of any physiotherapy where scientifically proven techniques are used so as not to harm the patient if facial lymphatic drainage is performed poorly.

Before and after facial lymphatic drainage

Before the drainage massage you will probably be tense , with stress and with the condition that led you to perform the facial lymphatic drainage, perhaps the double chin or the bags on the lower eyelids.

After performing the facial lymphatic drainage massage you will be relaxed , with any state of anxiety reduced to nothing and without stress; with the condition treated with a notable improvement in the first session and in the following sessions, the disease that afflicts will have disappeared.

What happens when you have a rhinoplasty?

After 24 hours of a rhinoplasty your face will be inflamed, you will feel a headache and nasal obstruction, you should keep your head elevated for at least the first day; They will prescribe pain relievers and decongestants and maintain rest.

Hematomas will surely appear in the areas of the eyes and bags on the lower eyelids. In the following days you may have nosebleeds while the tissues heal, after fifteen days the dressing, plaster or stitches will be removed,

Postoperative Effects in Facial Lymphatic Drainage Rhinoplasty

The postoperative effects of manual lymphatic drainage are very beneficial to the patient, for example, who undergoes a rhinoplasty will have the following benefits:

  • The facial lymphatic drainage remove the remains of anesthesia and medication that were used in surgery.
  • It will prevent encystment of the scar and the redness that could cause a retraction of the skin.
  • It will accelerate the reabsorption of ecchymoses and edema.
  • It will provide well-being and relaxation.
  • It will promote the regeneration of lymphatic vessels and lymphatic capillaries.
  • It will decrease the duration of the postoperative period
  • It will speed up the recovery of tissues.

It is very convenient to perform a facial lymphatic drainage after the operation so that you recover faster and with your body free of stress you will feel relaxed and you will not feel so much pain or discomfort.

What if it is done after a pregnancy?

Doctors advise pregnant women to wait eight weeks after delivery for facial lymphatic drainage ; however physiotherapists prefer to do it as soon as possible to eliminate stress and fluids that accumulate especially in the eye area.

It is known that pregnancy produces hormonal , emotional and physical changes , but after delivery the priority is the baby; and women are neglected in this postpartum process so many tend to fall into depression.

Facial lymphatic drainage is of great help because it reduces the discomfort of this stage and relaxes you, increases your self-esteem and by draining toxins from your face you will look and feel better.

How is a homemade facial lymphatic self-drainage performed?

The first thing to explain that self drainage and home drainage are the same.

First of all you should know that you need prior preparation with a professional because any bad movement in the massages could worsen your situation, as already mentioned above.

To perform a facial lymphatic drainage self massage, you must first wash your hands and face ; have a facial cream so that you do not hurt yourself or generate stretch marks when you massage the affected area.

Begin by massaging the forehead, which generally accumulates oiliness from the scalp, with gentle movements and pressing and bringing them to the temples . It begins then with the ears, behind the lobes so that the lymphatic system is activated. And then go under the eyes , right on the lower eyelids, caress that area and press lightly moving towards the temples. Go to the nose and mouth by pressing gently and sliding towards the chin that you will then take to the earlobes. And finally from the chin, to the earlobes, it passes towards the neck , the clavicle and there you will deposit thefluid that will be eliminated by the lymph nodes. Repeat three times and rinse your face with warm water.

You can set the place where you are going to perform facial lymphatic drainage, stand in front of a mirror, put on soft music, if you wish, use aromatherapy and candles.

What is Vodder Facial Lymphatic Drainage?

This is a facial lymphatic drainage that bears the name of Emil Vodder, who laid the foundations of this technique in the years 1932 to 1936 , based on rhythmic, smooth and circular movements that could activate the lymphatic circulatory system and thus improve different pathologies and reabsorb edema.

This Vodder method is based on a series of manual movements that will move the stagnant lymph in the lymphatic areas to drain the toxins . It is a non-invasive and effective method to safely remove waste from the body and help make skin look better.

The vodder technique first begins with the neck and jaw , focusing on the parotid nodule, then continues to the face, sending the lymph to the lower jaw and then focusing on the neck.

Contraindications and Risks of facial lymphatic drainage

Facial lymphatic drainage is contraindicated for people with severe acne because it will spread the infection. It is also contraindicated for people with high blood pressure, bronchial asthma and thyroid problems.

It has almost no risks because it is a non-invasive treatment, however, it is contraindicated if you have fever or an acute infection, thrombosis or heart problems; tumors and internal or external bleeding.

Advantages of facial and neck lymphatic drainage

  • It is a non-invasive treatment.
  • It is effective and does not cause pain or discomfort.
  • It gives you a good look, leaving behind your tired face.
  • It drains you of the toxins that cause you so much discomfort.
  • Notably improves edema, migraines, stress, scars and acne.
  • It also treats burns, cellulite, inflammation and dark circles.

Disadvantages of facial and neck lymphatic drainage

  • You must do a course of lymph nodes, capillaries and lymph nodes; In other words, you should go to a specialist to teach you the anatomy of facial lymphatic drainage.
  • You cannot do a lymphatic drainage self massage because it would clog the nodes and make your condition worse.
  • Be careful with infections, they could spread throughout the lymphatic system.

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