Manual Lymphatic Drainage: Contraindications, Benefits In Cellulite And For Weight Loss, Can You Be Pregnant?

With the arrival of summer, the concern to maintain a beautiful body is greater. One of the treatments that help lose weight is lymphatic drainage, which is a massage technique used to drain and eliminate cellular debris, stimulates the lymphatic system to work at a faster rate, and removes excess fluid and toxins from the body. Body.

The lymphatic system is a complex network of vessels that move fluids through the body. These fluids are responsible for carrying toxins away from healthy cells and transporting them into cells that fight viruses and infections. Although the lymphatic system handles this fluid movement, it does not have its own pumping mechanism. Lymphatic drainage is a type of therapy used to help the system work more easily.

The main function of lymphatic drainage is to remove accumulated fluid between cells and metabolic waste.

This technique also stimulates tissue regeneration, improves the immune system , is relaxing and calming, fights cellulite and localized fat, and also improves the body’s anti-inflammatory action.

Lymphatic Drainage Benefits

  • Detoxifies the body
  • Eliminates accumulated fats in the body
  • Activates the immune system
  • Acts as a pain reliever
  • Relieves bruising and swelling after plastic surgery
  • Helps in the treatment of cellulite

Manual lymphatic drainage to eliminate cellulite

The lymphatic system has to function well and be healthy to minimize the appearance of cellulite.Lymph (fat present between cells that is similar in composition to plasma) is important to carry nutrients and eliminate excess fluids and proteins, preventing inflammation of the body.

The lymphatic system serves to drain toxins and wastes from metabolic processes and maintain moisture balance in cells. When there is poor circulation of lymph, cellulite occurs (which can also be caused by poor diet and lack of exercise).

By understanding the functioning of the lymphatic system we can better understand how cellulite appears. There are impurities under the skin and the lymph cannot clean them, these impurities mix with the fat and create small solid grooves under the skin: cellulite. Lymphatic drainage aids in their removal by releasing these blocked nodes.

Learn more about how to get rid of cellulite .

Lymphatic Drainage and Weight Loss

Lymphatic drainage is suitable for the elimination of accumulated fluids and toxins, which leads to the reduction of body measurements. However, fat removal itself does not occur , as the lymphatic system and kidneys do not have the ability to filter fat. When you hear that with lymphatic drainage you will eliminate fat through urine, remember that this information is unfounded .

To eliminate fat and lose weight, it is necessary to stimulate chemical reactions in our body to process glucose and meet caloric needs.

The most effective way to lose weight is by increasing muscle mass . This causes a change in fat mass and muscle mass. When the body has more muscle mass, it expends more calories, causing weight loss.

How is Manual Lymphatic Drainage done?

Manual lymphatic drainage (massage) consists of circular, gentle and precise movements on the path taken by the lymphatic vessels . In the mechanical version, some devices reproduce the pressure and decompression movement. In other versions, there are devices that apply electrical stimulation to specific points on the body.

When to have a Lymphatic Drainage

The drainage is indicated to combat and prevent cellulite and localized fat . Massage is also the main indication for swelling and post-surgical recovery, especially in the case of plastic surgery (liposuction, mammoplasty, abdominal and face surgery). In these cases, the drainage helps the body react by removing fluids that cause inflammation and speeding up recovery.

Massage is also indicated in cases of poor blood circulation, varicose veins, muscle tension, migraine , hypertension and even sinusitis . Moreover, as it stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, it is ideal for relaxing and keeping stress under control.

The method is contraindicated only for those suffering from kidney failure, stroke, hyperthyroidism, and tumors in the lymphatic system.

Contraindications of Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage is contraindicated for people with an infection since infectious cells can fall into the lymphatic system and spread more easily throughout the body.

The patients with vascular risk, such as cardiac insufficiency, thrombosis and uncontrolled hypertension should avoid treatment. Those who are using some specific remedies for chemotherapy treatment are also contraindicated because there is a possibility that tumor remnants of cancer cells are captured in the lymph nodes and metastasize to other organs of the body.

A prescription is not necessary for lymphatic drainage, but it is recommended that you consult with your dermatologist to determine the appropriate technique.

Number of Lymphatic Drainage Sessions

This is a treatment that must be done frequently to get results . You can even learn the movements and do it at home every day or if you prefer to see a professional one to three times a week.

Regular repetition is important because when you stop doing lymphatic drainage, fluid retention around problem areas returns. Within a week, you may feel bloated again, but this varies depending on the person’s weight, height, and adequate sodium and fiber intake.

Can I have lymphatic drainage while pregnant?

Not only can you, you must! Edema or fluid retention is a common problem in pregnancy, and drainage is perfect to reduce discomfort. You can also help prevent cellulite, stretch marks, and greatly decrease body swelling at the end of the day.

However, you can only do it with doctor’s approval! It is generally allowed after the third month of pregnancy and it should be a differentiated massage since it should not drain the abdominal region and the breasts and only with gentle sliding movements. Pregnant women should not put pressure on their stomach.

Lymphatic drainage machine

The lymphatic drainage machine is a device with which pressotherapy is performed, a type of lymphatic drainage that is performed with the assistance of a machine and provides an infinite number of health benefits.

In recent years, people who undergo lymphatic drainage opt for this modality in the same way, specialists highly recommend it. These devices can be used at home following the instructions for use or in a specialized center.

There are several modalities of lymphatic drainage with pressotherapy machines, here are some of the most recognized:

Multi Pressure Therapy

This is a complete kit that includes an apparatus, blankets for the feet, for the legs, for the arms and even blanket for the belly.

It has 3 different functions:

  • Lymphatic drainage: performs pressotherapy by means of pressurized air.
  • Passive gymnastics: through electro stimulation.
  • Thermotherapy: it is an infrared with a sauna effect.

U-VAC pressure therapy (dermosuction)

This device is the only one on the market that combines effectively and medically proven, showing results both in the medical and aesthetic fields, these are: dermosuction, ultrasonic therapy and chromotherapy, performed with a single head.

Tabletop pressotherapy device

This device includes electro stimulation and infrared options that allow to shape and tone the muscles, favoring weight loss, promoting detoxification and relaxation

Lymphatic drainage massage technique

To perform lymphatic drainage, various maneuvers are used, which we detail below:

Fixed circle maneuver

This maneuver is performed with the ball of the fingers making small circles in the same place, this movement serves to stimulate the ganglia, three series of five fixed circles are performed.

Continuous spiral circle maneuver

It is done mainly with the thumb, with the pads of these fingers, small and continuous spirals are made. This particular movement is used to work on ganglion chains, three to eight repetitions are performed.

Blotting paper maneuver

It is done by placing the hand little by little from the orbital area until reaching the thumb, then the hand is placed doing the movement that seems to be drying a surface with paper, performing this movement serves to move through flat areas such as the abdomen, the chest or back, among others.

Cat pass maneuver

It is performed first with one hand and later with the other, for this the ball of the index and middle fingers is used, proceeding gently through the drainage area.

Pumping maneuver

The hand is placed in the shape of a forceps and movements of a half circle are made, continuing to advance through the area to be drained.

Drag maneuver

This movement is extremely easy, it is carried out with the palm of the hand, the lymph is carried to the next ganglion.

Important note: you must perform each maneuver between three and eight times, not less than three and not more than eight. It is recommended not to mix more than three maneuvers in the same drainage area.

After each group of maneuvers, it is advisable to carry out three drags and stimulate the ganglia closest to the area where the drag is being carried out.

In the same way, you can alternate three drags and a stimulus or you can also do a stimulus after each drag, everything will depend on what you consider necessary for the patient.

Sequences to perform lymphatic drainage

To begin lymphatic drainage, you place the patient in the supine or supine position (i.e. face up) and finish with the patient in the prone or prone position (i.e. face down).

It is advisable to perform a complete lymphatic drainage, but it is up to personal consideration to be able to perform a segmented drainage.

To perform a full body drain, the sequence is as follows:

  • Perform the neck emptying
  • Perform the massage on the face
  • Perform head massage

Perform drainage in the upper extremities: arms -> forearms -> hands

  • Perform chest drainage – chest
  • Perform drainage in the abdomen
  • Perform back drainage
  • Perform the gluteal drainage

And finally perform the drainage in the lower extremities: thighs -> legs -> feet.

Lymphatic drainage for feet

If you have symptoms of pain or fatigue in your lower extremities, if you feel that your feet are swollen, that many times you cannot put on your shoes due to inflammation, it is necessary that you undergo lymphatic drainage treatment to solve what you bothersome on your feet.

Generally the discomfort in the feet is due to venous insufficiency, if it is a diagnosis made in time, you have a great chance of preventing varicose veins.

Lymphatic drainage for eyes / eye bags

If you feel more and more tired, you do not sleep the hours necessary to allow you adequate rest, if you generally do not have time to do a facial at home, the ideal is to perform a facial lymphatic drainage.

If you see bags under your eyes, no matter how much you rest and sleep the necessary time, you still have bags and puffy eyes, the ideal is to perform a facial lymphatic drainage with special emphasis on the eyes.

With the lymphatic drainage you will be able to notice that the look of fatigue that you had, the expression lines, the dark circles and the common marks of age or lack of attention to the eye area, begin to be minimized and you achieve an impeccable face.

From the first session, your skin will be fresher, younger, renewed, smoother and with a more uniform tone, denoting health and vitality. As an additional benefit, this lymphatic drainage treatment allows you to relax, it is an especially calming technique, it reduces stress and anxiety.

Lymphatic drainage for chest

Lymphatic drainage in the chest is a non-invasive technique that allows you to contribute positively to the health of your breasts.

When lymphatic drainage is applied to breast tissue, it helps ensure efficient movement of lymphatic fluids through the tissues, which represents greater comfort and health for your breasts.

In aspects related to breast care, lymphatic drainage helps remarkably to alleviate multiple conditions related to pregnancy, ranging from engorgement, uncomfortable sore nipples, alleviating blocked breast ducts, as well as contributing to healing of dermatitis, ulcerations, wounds, fissures and bruises.

Similarly, lymphatic drainage is capable of providing relief and breast care in pre-surgical and post-surgical processes, it can even be used for cosmetic and aesthetic purposes, such as in the case of suffering from mastoptosis, having scars or trauma to the chest .

It is curious that although breast tissue is endowed with a good supply of lymphatic vessels, it needs some sources of external compression to promote natural lymphatic drainage, which is why it is common for fluid to accumulate in the breast. Gentle lymphatic drainage in the chest offers the perfect solution to stop suffering from fluid stagnation and provides valuable breast care.

Lymphatic drainage for the ankle

Generally, ankle lymphatic drainage is used when the person has had an accident that has compromised the mobility of the ankle, such as suffering a sprain.

Generally, this treatment is applied to athletes who have suffered an ankle injury, people who have had ankle problems due to accidents or health conditions that compromise circulation in that area.

Lymphatic drainage for the ankle allows fluid retained by inflammation, sprains or tears to drain.

Lymphatic drainage for arms

Lymphatic drainage massages in the upper extremities are very effective in treating ailments in the arms, the accumulation of fluids that can cause the flaccidity of that particular area.

The areas that are treated in lymphatic drainage for the arm are: from the elbow to the outside of the arm, from the wrist to the elbow to the outside of the forearm and from the inside of the elbow to the inside of the forearm .

Arm lymphatic drainage is used to treat arm lymphedema, which is the accumulation of protein-rich fluid as a result of an overload of the lymphatic system in which the volume of lymph is greater than the drainage capacity of that part of the arm. body, resulting in an excessive accumulation of fluid, which must be drained.

Lymphatic Drainage Resources for the Reader

Best lymphatic drainage courses

There are many sites that offer courses to learn to do lymphatic drainage in Spain, however we bring you a series of recommendations on the best sites to learn to do lymphatic drainage:

Chirothema Manual Lymph Drainage Course

Quirotema is located in Barcelona and is a prestigious school where you will learn from the most committed professionals, all the necessary techniques for manual lymphatic drainage.

Classes are dictated by:

  • Prof. Claudio Llobet (Lymphotherapist)
  • Dr. Miguel Bretcha (Doctor)

Lymphatic drainage course for Professional Development

In this course you will learn precisely everything related to manual lymphatic drainage, becoming a professional.

In its fourteen locations, Fomento profesional offers courses on lymphatic drainage:

A Coruña, Alcalá de Henares, Alcorcón, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, L ‘Hospitalet De Llobregat, Madrid, Malaga, Palma de Mallorca, Sabadell, Toledo, Valencia, Vigo and Zaragoza.

Lymphatic drainage course of the School of Quiromasajes de Madrid

In Quiromasajes de Madrid you will learn in two courses Manual Lymphatic Drainage Course I and Manual Lymphatic Drainage Course II all about lymphatic drainage to be an expert in the field and offer your patients the best service.

For level I it is not necessary to have previous knowledge of lymphatic drainage and for level II you must have passed level I, by passing both levels you will be ready to join the job market.

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