Maca To Increase Your Fertility, Is It Real?

Maca is a famous herbaceous that has been cultivated for a long time in Peru, this plant is recognized worldwide due to the great diversity of properties it possesses. Among which we find increasing fertility.

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But not only this is the powerful property that said herbaceous has since it is also capable of increasing the libido of women and men and this is the reason why this plant is used to increase the possibility of pregnancy and offer different benefits to our health.

Is there a danger for your baby?

In theory, there shouldn’t be any kind of danger to the baby if it is taken under control and with a certain purpose. Since if we want to consume this herb to be able to get pregnant we must follow a series of steps so that it can function properly.

Clearly, although the consumption of this plant radically increases the chances of getting pregnant, it does not mean that you will get pregnant if you consume this plant. Since more than anything a technique is needed in terms of its consumption to achieve this objective.

Benefits of taking maca during pregnancy

The benefits that the consumption of this wonderful herbaceous brings us are many and I attach them here in a list:

  • It is responsible for increasing and regulating the activity of all the glands that produce hormones in our endocrine system “this is necessary if we want to increase the metabolic function of our fertile process.”
  • Not only can it increase the level of fertility in women, but it is also capable of increasing the sexual desire of both men and women.
  • Maca reduces stress, eliminates fatigue and thus reduces mental exhaustion. Which helps increase the performance of our body.
  • As if that weren’t enough, it also has analgesic properties that help us relieve pain. Especially for women, maca helps reduce pain during the premenstrual stage and menopause.
  • It helps to improve the health of our hair, thus allowing it to reach a much higher level of shine and strength.
  • Finally, it also helps us to achieve deeper dreams since with it we can relax more easily.

How to take maca correctly during pregnancy?

Regardless of which is our case, what we must do is consume this herb naturally and in powder. However, below we will give you some advice regarding its consumption (in general) and then some tips if you want a specific pregnancy:

  1. Its consumption should be in powder form (since in this way we can more precisely control how much maca we will be consuming).
  2. For best results we must be sure to acquire a herbaceous plant that is fresh and of good quality.
  3. In the case of women, it is recommended to consume red maca (since this is what allows to increase the level of fertility within the body). While in the case of men it is recommended to consume black maca (because this is what allows you to radically increase sexual desire with your partner).
  4. Large doses should not be consumed for greater results, its consumption must be progressively since we must accustom our body to the presence of these additional properties that we are inducing.
  5. Generally the smallest dose (starting dose) should be 3 grams which is equivalent to one tablespoon of coffee.
  6. If during a week of its consumption no effect has been perceived, we can increase the dose to double what was consumed, that is, 6 grams. All this will vary depending on the organism of both the man and the woman.

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  • Taking maca during a natural pregnancy

Since maca increases the level of fertility, consuming it for a week in the minimum dose should be enough to achieve a natural pregnancy. Once the objective is achieved, its consumption should be stopped to avoid effects on the baby.

  • Taking maca during a multiple pregnancy

In case a multiple pregnancy is desired, the most recommended is the second week of consumption, which should be 6 grams. In the same way, when pregnancy is reached, its consumption should be suspended to avoid side effects on the baby.

  • Taking maca during a pregnancy with twins

Although this is a very variable factor, having twins can be somewhat easier if the pregnancy takes place during the third week of consumption of said herb. When its consumption is 9 grams, on the other hand, once the pregnancy is reached, its consumption should be suspended.

Recommended dose of maca for pregnancy

The dose that is consumed to achieve pregnancy will increase with the passing of weeks, this is only done until pregnancy is reached (that is, if we consume it for a week and we do not see results, we increase the dose, if a second one passes and neither we see results we increase the dose again).

We will not increase without any control, the maximum dose is 4 weeks and this reaches 12 grams; In this order of ideas, during the first week 3 grams are consumed, during the second week 6 grams are consumed, during the third week 9 grams are consumed and in the last week we can consume 12 grams. In case of not seeing results in the fourth week, the most advisable thing is to suspend its consumption.

Contradictions of taking maca during pregnancy

Due to the great magnitude of the properties that this plant possesses, what is recommended is to consume it in the pre-pregnancy stage, that is, consuming it to get pregnant is not recommended during pregnancy since its properties, having so much influence, can influence in the growth and development of the baby.

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