Carnival: Step By Step Tutorial For A Perfect Costume Makeup

Yes, I know … after Christmas it’s time to start thinking about how to surprise everyone at carnival … and we love a party! And of course, we are excited to be perfect, ideal, surprising, unique.

Having trouble finding a great carnival makeup this year? Stop worrying, fear not, I am here to help you with a makeup tutorial that you are going to love!

The color of fun

Each year, the carnival gives it a much needed color and joy in our gray winter months. The Christmas parties, friends’ lunches, company dinners, family reunions, vacations, lights and illusion are over … and we get back into our routine … for a short time! Carnival arrives almost immediately, which represents a new dose of laughter, color, friends’ gatherings, joy … and other types of clothes and makeup that will make us shine again. Amid the colorful carnival settings and rich musical culture, we found the time to unleash our imagination and for self-expression. Carnival allows us to free ourselves from taboos,

Carnival makeup is one of our favorites because there are no rules. Women of all stripes get carried away and dare with bright, extraordinarily colorful makeup, defying rigid standards of beauty unapologetically.

It is the opportunity to use our face as a canvas and let the artist within us reign without reservation.

Carnival makeup should be two things: bold and shocking, the more over the top the better!

In this article we will analyze three types of makeup that, together with the carnival costumes that will accompany them, will allow us to achieve the look we want. To try to respond to each of you, we are going to propose three very different types of makeup, starting with a more traditional one and ending with a totally original one.

Animal Makeup

Animal costumes are the most traditional. Let’s opt for the characterization of the brown bear, an animal that can scare or pamper … What do you prefer? We leave the most personal details to your choice (you don’t want to see someone next to you wearing makeup like you, right?). On this occasion, we are not going to settle for a simple black mustache, no. Let’s go further. You dare? We started!

Materials and Preparation

Prepare your workspace and have all the materials you will need at hand. To transform into a bear, you will need the following:

  • Water-based makeup. I recommend you use, for the costume that I accompany you, the colors white, black, dark gray, pink, chocolate brown, ocher and beige.
  • makeup brushes
  • makeup sponges
  • modeling wax
  • fishing line for whiskers
  • pair of scissors
  • Contact lenses. Try to find a pair of contact lenses that closely resembles a bear’s eyes … caramel color, for example.
  • Brown bear costume.

It doesn’t hurt that you also have on hand:

  • face cream and hair spray (as needed)
  • wax knife or spatula for modeling
  • cotton buds or swabs to touch up

Tip: Moisten your face with a regular face cream to have a good base for water-based makeup.

Step by Step

  1. First, take the modeling wax. We will use it later together with the fishing line, and we will make the mustaches and eyebrows with them. The easiest way to get the wax out of its container is by using a wax knife. Spread the wax over your eyebrows and over your upper lip, spreading it outward and curving it at the corners of the lips so that we can later shape what the whiskers will be. The layer of wax does not have to be very thick, it is enough that it is thick enough to be able to hold the fishing line later.
  2. Now you can start applying makeup. Use the chocolate brown water-based makeup first. Distribute it, with the help of the makeup sponge, around the nose and mouth, forming what will be your “snout”, so to speak. Do not worry too much about shaping it, the muzzle, at this stage, should not be very specific … later you will go over it with a makeup brush and you will draw small and fine hairs on it.
  3. Now it’s the turn of the ocher water makeup. Using the same technique that you used to make up the “muzzle”, use the sponge and spread it around the eyes, forehead and chin quite generously without worrying about the shape.
  4. For the areas that you want to appear darker (around the eyes, for example) use a makeup brush with dark gray water-based makeup.
  5. Finally, finish by giving depth and drawing a few hairs with the black water-based makeup.
  6. Using a fine makeup brush, draw the contours of the nose and the bridge that joins the nose with the mouth and nostrils. You can choose to characterize your makeup, for example, turning into a grumpy bear and draw a frown, or, quite the opposite, mark a happy expression on the mouth. To do this, simply extend the lines of the mouth from the corners downwards (grumpy or sad bear) or upwards (happy bear). Depending on the expression lines you mark, you will achieve one effect or another on your bear’s face.
  7. Now you have to make up the nose. To do this, you should use a black color if you are looking for a realistic effect, pink, bougainvillea or raspberry if you want to go sweeter or bolder, or even passion red for a sexier look. It all depends on the effect you want to achieve or take advantage of colors that you have on hand.
  8. Apply the pink color (or the reddish hue that you have chosen in the previous step) also on the lips, highlighting them as much as possible if you want to be a sexy bear or achieving the effect of an underbite, reinforcing the anger if you have chosen for being an angry or sad little bear.
  9. Next, with the beige water-based makeup, add a warm touch to the entire face, especially the forehead. A sponge is ideal for applying makeup on large surfaces.
  10. We will make up the neck and chin in chocolate color.
  11. If you want to get a furry feel on your bear face, use a fine makeup brush and chocolate brown water makeup to draw small hairs all over the face, on the areas that you have used the ocher. If you want a less marked effect, mix ocher and a darker shade, chocolate brown, for example, so that the hair more closely resembles the base color of the face. Pay special attention to the pattern that hair growth should follow – ideally, you should draw the hairs starting in the center of the face, so that the hairline forms different concentric circles around your face.
  12. Repeat the previous process with the dark gray water-based makeup, to achieve greater realism.
  13. To make your nose look even hairier, use an extra fine makeup brush to add very fine, short hairs, slightly going into the surrounding brown. Add loose ocher and beige hairs, arranged all over the face for extra realism.
  14. Then mix black and white until they turn to light gray. Using a makeup brush, place small dots on the wax to create the stubble effect. Then you will insert the fishing line at those points.
  15. For a more detailed makeup, a thick honeycomb sponge with ocher water-based makeup can be used to add small dots on the cheeks, neck and forehead.
  16. To blur the black outline of the nose, go over the lines delicately with beige.
  17. Fishing line is great for mimicking the look of whiskers. Cut it into several pieces of varying length.
  18. Insert each piece in the previous gray points, in the areas where you had spread the modeling wax. Voila! You have realistic mustaches!
  19. Insert a few pieces of fishing line of varying length into the modeling wax that you had placed on your eyebrows, if you want to emphasize your grumpy or angry appearance.
  20. Style your hair however you like or simply tie it up in a bun.
  21. Lastly, put on your contact lenses and your bear costume, which will, of course, be the icing on the cake. To enjoy!

Other ideas

Changing the colors of the makeup to the water and the effects on our face, this type of makeup, as I said at the beginning, is great for other animal costumes: lioness, tigress, cat, bunny, leopard, Dalmatian, … what is the of yours? Are you inspired?

Fantasy Makeup

You will agree with me on the wonder of fantasy, fantasy or mythological characters, and rainbow magic. Carnival also brings together these qualities because, as we said at the beginning, carnival is magic and color, it is fantasy and fun.

We are going to explain step by step how to put on makeup to achieve a magical effect. You can use this type of makeup to dress up as a fairy, elf, pixie, nymph, mermaid … I have opted for the blue and lilac Winter Fairy costume.

Materials and Preparation

Prepare a workspace or dresser and have on hand all the materials you will need to transform into Fairy Winter. You will need the following:

  • Water-based makeup: white, black, purple, and turquoise blue.
  • Makeup fixer
  • Purple or lilac glitter eyeshadow
  • Turquoise blue glitter eyeshadow
  • Powders with a hint of blue glitter
  • Adhesive rhinestone stones
  • Contact lenses with mystical violet effect
  • White Kohl pencil
  • Silver lip gloss
  • Makeup brushes: one small flat, one bevelled, one fine for lining, and powder or blush brush.
  • Brushes and brushes for applying eyeshadow, large and small.
  • Eyeshadow: purple, white, midnight blue and cloud
  • Metallic toned false eyelashes

Step by Step

  1. With the Kohl eye pencil, draw two zigzags on your eyebrows, with as many ridges as you want and a couple of points under the lower eyelid, which fall on the cheek.
  2. With turquoise blue water makeup, color the upper eyelids with the help of a makeup brush.
  3. Color the area between the eyelids and the upper zigzag of your eye, with the water-based makeup in violet without reaching the zigzag that you have previously drawn with the white Kohl pencil.
  4. Next, apply the turquoise blue makeup under the white edges, blending it over the purple.
  5. It proceeds to blur the tones in their joints, so that no cuts are noticed in the color, although the turquoise, violet, turquoise areas are distinguished … until reaching the white zigzag.
  6. Generously go over the upper zigzag again with the white water-based makeup, blurring the turquoise as well. There should be a mixed effect, of blurred colors.
  7. Apply dark blue eyeshadow over the upper lids, spreading it over the side of the nose. To do this, it is best to use an eyeshadow brush.
  8. Using a layered makeup brush and dark blue eyeshadow, create shadows on one side of each of the top zigzag ridges. On each ridge, the shadow must be on the same side, always on the same side. So if the crest is like this symbol ^ (an inverted V), we will choose for example the right side and we will always cast a shadow on the right side of each ^.
  9. We will now turn to the eyelids and the lower ridges. Using the purple water-based makeup and the small flat makeup brush, color the sides of the ridges. On the inside, as if following the white pencil you were making another thicker purple line.
  10. Next, repeat the operation with the turquoise blue water-based makeup, again using the small, flat makeup brush.
  11. Spice up your forehead by applying various shades of eyeshadow with a wide eyeshadow brush. Use shades of purple, purple, purple, pink, and different shades of blue.
  12. To make your eyes look bigger, apply white makeup under them, accentuating the ends, both the tear and the end of the eye, where you should extend to the scalp.
  13. You can reinforce this effect by using dark blue eyeshadow where the water-based makeup ends and without touching the base of the lower eyelid, which will make the white used on the lower eyelid stand out even more.
  14. Applying a layer of white eyeshadow over the white areas will smooth them out.
  15. Next, go over the inner lash lines with the white Kohl pencil.
  16. Accentuate the lower ridges with light blue eyeshadow, leaving about half an inch between the white line and the light blue shadow.
  17. Apply white eyeshadow along the lower ridges, in the half centimeter that is between the light blue shadow and the white line of the ridges.
  18. Next, cover your cheeks with dark blue and purple eyeshadow. A powder or blush brush is best for this step.
  19. Make up your nose and the center of your forehead with light blue. A wide eyeshadow brush is best for this.
  20. Using a smaller eyeshadow brush, apply some sparkly blue glitter to the blue areas of her eyes. Do the same with purple glitter in the purple areas.
  21. Dab some makeup fixer on your upper lids and white areas to keep the glitter in place. Then apply again all over the blue glitter area.
  22. Glue the sticky rhinestones over the peaks of the ridges that make up the upper and lower zigzag.
  23. Next, color your lips with purple water-based makeup. An angled makeup or lip brush will make this easier for you.
  24. Put some turquoise water makeup in the center of the lips.
  25. Finish by applying silver lip gloss.
  26. For a full effect, you can use violet colored lenses.
  27. Last but not least, put on your false eyelashes and… Magic! You are ready!

Other ideas

This type of makeup is very versatile. We can use it for a multitude of “magical”, “marine” costumes … As we said at the beginning, it is ideal for fairies, nymphs, unicorns, mythological characters, goddesses … and when I think of magic and I go back to my childhood, they always come to my mind! unicorns! What if I dress up as a fairy riding a unicorn? If possible! What do you think of this costume? Novel, surprising and a sure hit. I will move back to my childhood, I will be magical for a few hours and I will captivate all the girls. I ask it!

Pop-Art Makeup

Pop art makeup is ideal for everyone, children, men and women and allows you to radically change any costume. From what I’m going to tell you now, I particularly like to use it in superhero costumes or comic characters, but it has multiple uses.

A bit of history to know what this Pop Art is …

In the 1950s, Pop Art established itself as an art movement in England and the United States, focusing on simple everyday objects and dime novel motifs. Along with Andy Warhol, one of the main figures of the genre was the painter Roy Lichtenstein. In his work he imitated the comic book style of drawing and combined it with the low resolution of industrial printing technology. This resulted in colorful and unmistakable comic book characters with dotted skin. Today we want to rescue his paintings to transform any costume into something absolutely original and, why not, recall our childhood with the characters that we propose and with the technique … or have you never made a drawing with the pointillism technique?

With this makeup, you will be able to be a live work of pop art. You will get everyone to turn their heads to appreciate and enjoy your professional makeup. If you are shy and prefer to go unnoticed, this makeup is not yours, but if you want to surprise and leave everyone speechless, take note. Let’s go there!

Materials and Preparation

As always, we are going to prepare our work space or dressing table and arrange all the materials that we are going to need to achieve this fantastic look. To become a living Pop Art, you will need the following:

  • 4 or 5 makeup brushes of different sizes (skunk makeup brush, small flat makeup brush, makeup brush, beveled makeup brush, shadow makeup brush).
  • several cotton buds
  • water-based makeup in black, white, red and indigo blue.
  • a makeup sponge
  • Contact lenses with which you get turquoise eyes.
  • false eyelashes
  • Blonde or yellow wig or yellow and black hairspray
  • Costume of super heroine or comic character. I have opted for the one I show you at the beginning, but this makeup will serve you perfectly for any super heroine or comic character costume.

Tip: Before you start, moisten your face with a regular face cream. This will create a good base for your water-based makeup and will prevent your skin from drying out.

Step by Step

  1. First, apply a makeup base on the face and neck, using the makeup sponge and using the white water-based makeup.
  2. Next, starting at the forehead, use a fine brush to draw a diagonal black line, running through the nose and down to the neck or décolleté. This line will be a point of orientation for the following steps, which will revolve around the shadow: drawing, filling and emphasizing the expression lines on the basis of makeup.
  3. Start with the shadow on the neck. The lines should be diagonal, forming a kind of triangle from the center of the neck (walnut area) to the jaw. Now color it with black water-based makeup with a wide brush.
  4. Draw with the fine brush impregnated in black water-based makeup, an isosceles triangle under each of your cheekbones, in order to highlight them. The foundation will start on the scalp and will be significantly shorter than the other two sides. The opposite vertex should end in the middle of the cheek. Now color them with black water-based makeup using the wide brush.
  5. Make black shadows under your nose too and fill in the nostrils. Now you can widen, widen or just carefully go over, if you want, the diagonal line that you first drew on your face.
  6. Using a lip makeup brush, paint your upper lip with black water-based makeup.
  7. To make your eyes look bigger, draw false eyebrows and highlight the crease of your eyelids. With a fine brush, draw the outline of an eyebrow, approximately one finger above your real eyebrow. Generously color the eyebrow drawn with water-based makeup black. Repeat this process on your other eyebrow. You can give them different shapes, one being more pointed than the other, for example.
  8. Next, draw false eyelid creases above or slightly below your actual brows. Your real eyebrows, if you don’t cover them with a false eyelid, should be well covered with the white water makeup. Go over them if necessary.
  9. Using a fine brush and the color black, outline the lower lids on your eyes, approximately one centimeter from your real eyelid. Make a thick stroke. You can finish the lines with upward movements to give them the effect of lashes.
  10. Now delineate the upper eyelids also with a thick line and above the real one. Finish the top stroke by lengthening it and curving it up.
  11. Now draw two very fine lines, one longer and one shorter, along the side of the nose, on the side where the initial diagonal line is not.
  12. Color your lower lip a bright red and add a small elongated spot of white to evoke the reflection of light.
  13. To further highlight your eyes, use a white water-based makeup and makeup brush to reinforce the areas between your real and fake lower lids that you created. This area will not be colored any more, it will be black and white.
  14. Do the same on both upper lids.
  15. And now, the moment you are waiting for has arrived: the points! It doesn’t matter which side of the face you start on, it doesn’t matter right or left, as long as you apply the dots in horizontal rows. It begins on one of the sides of the forehead (which is divided into two by the initial black line). I impregnated an indigo blue water makeup brush, carefully placing the dots in blue, one after the other. Use a cotton swab to touch up and perfect them. They are great for creating round, even spots, and they absorb a lot of water-based makeup. Make sure to use a new cotton swab every other dotted line, as the cotton begins to peel off the handle after a period of use.  Tip: To apply the dots you can also use the end of a pencil eraser.
  16. If you haven’t thought about wearing a wig, don’t forget to paint a few dots over the ear.
  17. Draw the dots up to the collarbone, or to where your costume stops showing your skin. The neckline, shoulders … if seen, they should be covered with stitches.
  18. Now you can start applying red dots to the other side of the face. Use cotton buds and make clean, horizontal rows.
  19. To increase the comic effect, wear false eyelashes, as exaggerated as you can find them.
  20. Put on a yellow wig or spray your hair with yellow hairspray. Then mark some wide wicks with black spray and style your hair to your liking … the ideal is a hairstyle from the 50s, hollowed out at the root with tips out, for example. In the hairstyle you also have to take into account the character that your costume represents.
  21. Finally, put on the contact lenses and your superhero costume that will undoubtedly complement your well-managed makeup perfectly. And fly!

Other ideas

You can also go superhero pop art (man). You will cause a sensation and it may be more difficult to recognize you and therefore, the more surprising your costume will be. In that case, wear a short black wig and decorate it with bright blue highlights.

As I said at the beginning, this type of makeup goes great with characters from stories or comics. I have a predilection for the Alice costume (yes, the one from Wonderland) with pop art makeup. Love it! Or the Cheshire Cat … Uh, great!

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Kathie Sand always saw the world of beauty as the terrain on which to build her professional career, a goal that was clear to her when she was only 15 years old. Her great concern to expand knowledge led her to settle in Paris where she studied hand in hand with the best beauty professionals and with the most advanced techniques for skin care.

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