Makeup Primers: Contraindications, Benefits, Types And Advantages

Makeup primers are innovative products that are available to all women thanks to the large factories and commercial emporiums in the area of ​​cosmetic science, the primers are also called prime, they are products that are used before makeup to smooth and preparing the skin , makes the makeup stand out even more, that the face looks better after makeup, it also allows it to be more durable.

Characteristics of makeup primers

Any makeup primer is mainly characterized by allowing the skin to prepare for subsequent makeup, they make the face look hydrated, fresh and young, which is why they have become the perfect ally for all those women who care about always looking good. well. They are generally products aimed at improving facial features and thanks to this make women feel beautiful not only on special occasions but every day.

Function of makeup primers

The makeup primers that are in the current commercial market, have as main function to illuminate and stabilize the tone of the facial skin, which will make the makeup look more natural and highlight the beauty of the woman, there are also primers that are aimed at blurring marks or scars that some women may have on their face.

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How are makeup primers used?

Cosmetology specialists recommend that you first hydrate your face with any moisturizing cream , since the primers contain silicones that work better if mixed with moisturizers, then with the help of a makeup sponge they will spread the primer starting in the areas where It is necessary to correct the tone or hide marks or scars, then proceed to apply the rest of the makeup products that are usually used.

Benefits of makeup primers

It is important to note that makeup primers provide us with a large number of benefits such as:

Helps reduce acne

They are very effective in hiding pores and blurring the lesions caused by acne, but in order to use a makeup primer on a face with acne, it is necessary to wash and clean the area with antibacterial lotions so as not to worsen the subsequent appearance of the face.

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Good for skin blemishes

They allow to hide the spots on the skin of the face since they help to combat the excess of pigmentation in the skin, these spots can be caused by hormonal changes, pregnancy or injuries, the makeup primers are oriented to level the tone or color of the skin, therefore they hide any inconsistencies in terms of texture and color.

Types of makeup primers

With silicone and without silicone

Silicone primers are made water-based, they have a longer durability than non-silicone primers or primers, they are widely recommended for those who suffer from acne, or have very obvious spots on the face, the important thing is that you should learn the proper techniques for your application and thus achieve the best results.

Of oats

It is a relatively new composition, mixing cosmetic products with oatmeal in this case, makeup primers, there are reports that allow the face to be protected from possible injuries that can be caused by external agents such as the sun’s rays, as well as an exfoliating action and absorb the residues that accumulate in the pores of the skin.


These primers are the perfect ally for those women who have greasy and shiny skin , they allow the skin to appear fully hydrated and prevent perspiration from occurring, allowing makeup to remain intact for longer, to achieve the best results. It is necessary that products that are dermatologically certified are used.


Eliminate or hide expression lines that appear in the center of the forehead, on the sides of the eyes and around the lips, the smoothing primers are indicated for people who present these imperfections on the face, they are very effective for women from 40 years of age.

With glycerin

Makeup primers made from glycerin are those that hydrate and cleanse the face, currently there are a large number of homemade recipes to make a primer from glycerin and the best from the comfort of home.


They are made with a large number of formulas that are aimed at hydrating the skin of our face, they are generally used in women who do not have a correct makeup routine and who sometimes have neglected skin or also for those who do not know makeup techniques that generate better results.


They are used to highlight any part of the face, for example in the contours and cheeks, that is, they are used to highlight the best angle we have on our face, then these effects are complemented with the application of a makeup according to the moment or the situation in which the person develops.


They are those that do not greatly alter the natural harmony of the face, they are used in those women who have facial skin in optimal condition and who do not need the application of large layers of primer or makeup bases.


They are those that are made from organic products, free of parabens and rich in the benefits provided by cereals such as oats , hazelnuts , walnuts , olive oil and any other ingredient of natural origin, they are generally found in the wide markets that they promote the non-use of chemical products.

For oily skin

They are those that are used to seal the pores present in the skin of the face that allow sweating and that greasy and neglected appearance that is noticeable in some people, the primer allows all the skin to look a uniform, smooth tone and without traces of oil or moisture allowing the makeup applied by the woman to last longer.

For sensitive skin

There are many skin conditions, generally the skin that covers our face is very sensitive, it reacts immediately when, for example, we rub with a cloth, we notice that it becomes red, primers for sensitive skin allow that treated area not to be irritated by makeup applied later or because a sensation of itchiness or irritation develops, they generally contain alcohol and antiseptics.

For dry skin

They are used in women who do not apply the correct treatments that hydrate the skin, which allows the face to appear dull, with signs of dryness, the primers for dry skin are made with vitamins of group E and B , in addition to This requires makeup products that are also suitable for dry skin.

sin parabens

At present there is the possibility of acquiring any makeup or personal care product that is free of parabens, since this allows the formation of free radicals that affect the layers of the skin, they are also related to the appearance of skin cancer.

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Although many brands seem wonderful, not all are good for any type of skin, in addition, the marketing they carry out with Hollywood stars distorts reality a lot and they “fool us” with this type of hook.

Contraindications of makeup primers

Makeup primers should not be used on areas of the face that have open lesions or that ooze liquids, those women who suffer from chronic acne should consult with a specialist in dermatology or cosmetic medicine before using any primer, as it would not be beneficial for the skin, existing pathologies can be worsened.

Do makeup primers cause allergies? Why?

They can cause some types of allergies, the skin can react if any of the components of the primer is rejected by our body, in the same way, those women who suffer from severe allergic rhinitis should take preventive measures before applying the primer. since makeup products almost always have characteristic odors that can promote sneezing and tearing making it very difficult for makeup to finish applying.

How do you prepare homemade makeup primers?

Homemade makeup primer preparations arise from the need that some women have to obtain a product that in the large commercial market sometimes has very high costs, the most common homemade recipe is made with 2 tablespoons of rose water, 1 tablespoon of glycerin and half a tablespoon of alum, all the ingredients should be mixed well and kept in a sealed container for a month, after this time it can be used as a very effective primer.

Advantages and disadvantages of makeup primers

As for the advantages, it can be mentioned that they help the skin of the face and neck to appear with a more harmonious appearance , it evens out skin tones, blurs wrinkles and expression lines, the primers are the perfect complement to all current makeup and modern, but as long as it is applied correctly, since otherwise the face may not look pleasant , that is, they are products that must be used in a balanced way.

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