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For those who, like us, who are fans of naturalistic health , who know that there are two most used essential oils, the first is lavender essential oil, and the second is tea tree oil , I present now.

Melaleuca, also known as tea tree, actually offers one of the most versatile and well-known essential oils. The substance has numerous benefits and is used by the cosmetic industry in creams, acne treatment products, shampoos to prevent dandruff and seborrhea, and deodorants, as it has a strong and refreshing scent .

Properties of Tea Tree essential oil

The properties are many: antibiotic, antiviral, balsamic, bactericidal, healing, refreshing, expectorant, fungicide, insecticide, stimulant and sudoriferous. And the smell is delicious!

Due to these immune-supporting properties , melaleuca is known to help treat respiratory problems, including a sore throat, cough, asthma, and bronchitis, among others. It also helps fight various types of viruses such as chicken pox, flu, measles, herpes, and warts. Tea tree oil is often combined with lavender, providing a strong antibacterial action.

In what situations can Melaleuca essential oil be used?

In Respiratory Problems

In colds, flu, throat infections , bronchi, sinusitis, otitis, asthma, bronchitis, colds, cough and tuberculosis.

For Intimate Hygiene

For example in with candidiasis, herpes (labial, genital and herpes zoster), vaginal infections, urinary tract, leucorrhea. Due to its fungicidal properties, it helps to treat vaginal inflammations caused by fungi , as well as being useful in the treatment of genital infections in general. It is also a urinary tract antiseptic that relieves problems such as cystitis.

In Oral Treatments

In inflamed gums, mouth ulcers , mouth ulcers and toothache.

Skin Treatments

In the dermis it has a large number of applications: psoriasis, abscesses, acne , inflamed skin, rashes, athlete’s foot , blisters, burns, skinned, chilblains, corns, oily skin, spots, warts, infected wounds, rashes, cuts and wounds .

Relieves anal and genital itching and can be used to combat general itching , chickenpox and rashes caused by insect bites.

Hair Treatments

Unique solution for seborrhea and dandruff, as well as improving the shine to dry and damaged hair .

In Strengthening the Immune System in General

A tea tree oil massage before surgery will help strengthen the body. The plant is also effective in reducing post-operative shock.

Its excellent antiviral and germicidal properties are useful in treating recurrent infections and weaknesses caused by viruses. It also acts as an invigorator in periods of convalescence.

Inflammations and infections

Helps relieve otitis, an infection in the middle ear generally associated with tonsil problems. It can also reduce inflammation in the intestines, such as enteritis, and help expel intestinal parasites.

In addition, they are believed to provide protection against the effect of X-ray therapy in the treatment of breast cancer. Reduce scar marks if applied before treatment, because its protective film forms a barrier to the deep penetration of these rays .

On Emotional Factors

Relieves obsessive states, depression, fear, anxiety , excessive worry, feeling of emptiness, tiredness and chronic fatigue, relieves shocks, indecision, apathy, shyness and sadness.

Use and Precautions

Essential oils are very versatile, and melaleuca is no different. To learn how to use essential oils in general, take a look at the article on aromatherapy .

In the case of tea tree oil, one can use the pure oil for the skin, but it should be noted that it can cause irritation in some sensitive areas.

Recipes where to use Tea Tree Essential Oil

For acne

With a cotton pad soaked in Melaleuca, rub the cotton directly over the pimples . It can also be used mixed with another vegetable oil ( 16 Vegetable Oils for the beauty of hair and skin ) : every 3 drops of vegetable oil put a drop of essential tea tree oil. You can also use a few drops of neutral gel foundation.

Mouth or throat problems

If we have a toothache or want to take care of our throat we can choose to gargle. But we have to be very careful not to ingest the liquid. Preparing it is very easy, to make 500 ml, we take a container and add half a liter of “pure” water (if possible mineral) and put a tablespoon of honey and one or at most two drops of melaleuca essential oil . We can also use tea or eucalyptus: both are immunostimulating and bactericidal. It will relieve and help your treatment.

Masks to control fat

The essential oil grease masks are made from clays (white or green). To include tea tree oil in the mask, we must include 3 to 5 drops of melaleuca essential oil in the recipe.

Against dandruff

If we have dandruff problems, we mix a drop of melaleuca in the shampoo that we usually use in each shower. If we want to have it mixed in the bottle beforehand, the proportion is 4-5 drops every 200 ml of shampoo , if it is a neutral or sulfate-free instead of perfumed, much better.

In Immunodeficient Systems

We can use a drop of tea tree oil twice a day in the cologne that we use daily.

Mycosis (Ringworm)

To combat this disease we must dilute 5 drops of melaleuca in 5 ml of copaiba vegetable oil and apply as a supplement to our treatment for ringworm fungi.

Prevent acne

We must add the essential oil in your facial cleanser / toner or moisturizer . A few drops of melaleuca oil can be added to daily moisturizer and cleanser to help fight the toughest pimples . Apply 2-6 drops, depending on how strong we want it. It is very important to be careful not to get any of the product on our eyes.

Against oily skin

We use a tablespoon of honey from the bees and 4 drops of the essential oil. Mix everything and apply a thin layer on the skin (avoiding the eye area). We perform a light circular massage, leave it on the skin for a few minutes and then wash with plenty of water.

It is an excellent cleansing lotion for oily or acne skin . If you have skin problems, we recommend that you take a look at some natural acne treatments that we have in this article.

Arthritis Pain

To help reduce the pain associated with arthritis inflammation, we add 20 drops of organic tea tree essential oil mixed with 60 ml of grape seed or other oil.

With this obtained substance we massage the affected area 2-3 times a day. It helps to reduce pain in cases that are not very advanced, if you have more advanced problems better go to the rheumatologist, check in this article the possible solutions that exist with Hyaluronic Acid for joint pain.


We must use it as other medications are used in bronchial infections, for this we must get a nebulizer or, failing that, a spray bottle that we will add 10 drops of oil and inhale for 5-10 minutes.

Remove Fungi on Nails or Feet

If we have a problem of nail or foot fungus, the solution is very simple, we must add 1-2 drops of oil directly on the nail and the surrounding infected tissue.

It is important that we let it dry completely before putting on any shoes or touching anything. We must repeat the process for a week with two daily applications, one in the morning and one at night.

Where to buy Tea Tree Oil

You can find Melaleuca Oil in herbalists, if you do not always have the option of buying it online to avoid having to visit several herbalists that do not have the product and wasting our most valuable asset, time.

There are several brands, the one that has given us the best results is Naissance , although we leave you some more for you to try.

  • Tea tree, 100% pure essential oil melaleuca alternifolia, 30ml, pharmaceutical grade.
  • Tea Tree – 100% Pure Essential Oil – 10ml

Caution: Essential Oils are not drugs or medical treatments that should be used alone. Essential oils should not be ingested.

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