Taste And Discover Why Mercadona Kefir Is Really Delicious

If you are a person who likes to eat healthy foods and that do your body a lot of good, you will have already considered including kefir in your diet. You probably already know all the benefits of this product on your body, and you already included it in your shopping list.

In order to enjoy all the benefits of kefir, you should choose a product that is of good quality and that is also very delicious so that you enjoy it, this is especially true if you have never tried kefir since it has a different flavor for you.

You have probably already heard about Mercadona kefir , since recently it has become a food that is a trend, mainly in people who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle but do not want to complicate with strenuous preparations.

Since Mercadona’s kefir hit the shelves, it has been one of the favorites of many people. Would you like to know what makes it so special? They are its properties and the incredible benefits that it brings to our body for a very accessible price and for the ease of purchase.

Mercadona kefir meets all those characteristics that you are looking for , since in addition to being a product that is available very close to you in any Mercadona you go to, it is a food that you will love for its exquisite taste.

What is Mercadona kefir?

Mercadona kefir is a probiotic food that provides our body with a wide variety of nutrients and vitamins that it needs to function properly. It has a consistency very similar to yogurt but surpasses it in benefits.

The fact that it is a probiotic means that it contains microorganisms that in adequate amounts help us to regulate certain functions of our body , especially to maintain a healthy digestive system and working properly.

It is prepared based on milk and kefir granules that make the milk undergo a fermentation process for a short time, which gives it its properties and microorganisms that help keep intestinal bacteria in balance and cooperating with each other.

One of the best qualities of this product is that since it is commercial we can think that it is not nutritious, but it is not, since Mercadona’s kefir has excellent nutritional properties that make it a good option for those people who are concerned about maintaining a good health.

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Being a dairy product you can find it refrigerated along with other yogurts and milk , but among all of them it represents the best option because it provides you with many more probiotics than yogurt in order to maintain good intestinal health.

Nutritional properties of Mercadona Kefir

Mercadona kefir is a dairy product that has a very mild flavor and represents a good, very healthy option to keep our body well nourished thanks to its nutritional value.

By consuming 100 grams of Mercadona kefir, you will be providing your body with all these nutrients:

  • 74 Kcal
  • 5.1 g of carbohydrates
  • 2.3 g of sugar
  • 4.2 g of fat (2.9 g of saturated fat)
  • 3.9 g of protein
  • 0.8 g of salt
  • Vitamins and amino acids

Benefits of Mercadona Kefir for your health

The main benefit of consuming Mercadona kefir for our health is that it helps us improve intestinal transit due to the amount and variety of probiotics it contains. However, it also has other benefits on our body.

  • Because it is very rich in calories and protein, it is a very effective source of energy that we can eat for breakfast in order to better cope with day-to-day activities.
  • As Mercadona kefir has more probiotics than conventional yogurt, it helps us maintain a balanced intestinal flora, necessary for proper digestion. In addition, this helps to alleviate the symptoms of certain conditions such as irritable bowel, stomach infections and diarrhea.
  • Being a product made from milk, it has a high calcium content , which helps us maintain good bone health in general and prevent certain bone diseases such as osteoporosis.
  • The content of amino acids and vitamins in Mercadona kefir promotes good blood circulation in our body, which leads to a circulatory system working properly.
  • By including Mercadona kefir in our daily diet we can improve our brain health due to the nutrients that this food contains that help neuronal connections to be made properly. This benefits our brain in the cognitive part and in memory.
  • The antioxidants contained in Mercadona kefir will help you have a strengthened immune system and therefore fight all the toxic elements that may be in your body. Its vitamins and amino acids stimulate to strengthen your defenses so you will have a feeling of well-being in general.
  • If you consume Mercadona kefir frequently, you will notice that your skin will look much better, as it is very good at fighting skin infections such as acne.
  • Mercadona kefir will help you fight bacterial infections not only throughout the body but also those that are risky for the intestine, such as Salmonella.
  • If you are a lactose intolerant person, you can consume Mercadona kefir, which although it is prepared with cow’s milk, in the fermentation process the lactose is converted into lactic acid so your digestive system will tolerate this food well.

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In order to enjoy all these incredible benefits, you need to include kefir in your daily diet and consume it for a period of time to give it the opportunity to act on your body.

It is a product that brings many benefits to our body, for a very accessible price for anyone, so it is always worth buying this food to accompany our meals or to keep it as a healthy snack for those times when we feel attacked. because of anxiety and we want to eat something delicious.

How to take Mercadona Kefir correctly?

Now that you know all the benefits that Mercadona kefir can do for your body, you may be wondering what is the correct way to include it in your diet.

You can have a glass to accompany your breakfast or afternoon snack if you want a simple preparation that does not take long, but the applications of this food in the kitchen are many.

If you are going to prepare a salad you can add a little kefir to have a complete meal , or you can also use it to prepare a delicious fruit smoothie and even include it in the recipe to prepare a delicious cake.

Are you one of the people who loves chocolate ? Well then you will love the combination of that exquisite sweet with a little kefir. Remember that if you want to maintain your weight it is better that you choose dark chocolate that is between 70% and 85%, also that at these concentration levels it is very tasty.

Mercadona kefir is also an excellent substitute for whey, so you can use it in many recipes, such as in the preparation of waffles to give them a little more protein.

If you like vegetable cream, you can add any cooked vegetable in 200 ml of kefir and 50 grams of cheese, and add a little salt and oil to taste to enjoy a nutritious meal that will provide you with many vitamins.

A simple preparation is kefir ice cream, since if you put it in the freezer for long enough you will achieve the consistency of a creamy and light ice cream .

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If you are one of the people who enjoys a good cereal for breakfast, you can also add a little kefir to it to have a very nutritious meal . It is very good to accompany fruits as well and thus enjoy a delicious snack.

Fruit smoothies are an excellent option to include kefir in your diet , and since they are easy to prepare, you can enjoy a delicious meal in a short time. You only need to add the chopped fruit to the blender with the necessary amount of kefir and that’s it!

Varieties of Mercadona kefir

If you really enjoy consuming healthy foods in different presentations then you should try the different varieties of Mercadona kefir that are available, in order to have more options when preparing a meal with this product.

It is a very good product for you, and it also has an economical price . Depending on the type of variety of kefir you buy at Mercadona, the price may vary.

If you are a person who wants to start consuming healthy food but you do not have time to prepare homemade kefir, then Mercadona kefir becomes an excellent option since it will provide you with all the nutrients of a healthy food but with the ease of acquiring it when go out to do the market.

In addition, with all the varieties of this product that exist, if you are a person who has never consumed kefir , you can start trying the different flavors in which it is distributed before you try the natural flavor so that your palate begins to get used to it. to the taste of this dairy food.

You can buy the varieties that exist so that you can begin to try each one and thus choose your favorite, since that will depend on each person. Some people may prefer the natural flavor while others do not tolerate it and opt for varieties with added flavors.

Regardless of the variety, Mercadona kefir has the same properties , the only thing that differentiates them is the added flavors, but don’t worry, because they are totally natural.

Kefir Mercadona mild flavor

The kefir Mercadona mild flavor is one of the varieties in which you can buy this delicious product, and is actually the most common. This variety does not include added sugar so it is very healthy and it is what you can use as a base ingredient to prepare recipes with kefir.

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Among the properties of this mild-flavored kefir are that it has a creamier texture and consistency than yogurt, so it is very delicious if you decide to eat it alone, and it represents a healthy snack that will help you avoid eating junk food .

It is the best option when it comes to accompanying a salad , soup or cereal because it will allow you to enjoy its creamy texture without affecting the flavor of the food to which you are adding it.

Consume this product as if it were a yogurt, that is, you can take it in a glass or accompany it with fruits or any other snack that you like. It is good that you accompany it with some other food so that you can take advantage of its digestive benefits.

With this variety you can prepare a delicious fruit smoothie , and it tastes much better with berries. Simply add the frozen fruits to the blender with a little mild flavored kefir for a cold, creamy smoothie that is ideal for those hot summer months.

You can complement that smoothie with a green touch , that is, with a green leafy vegetable such as spinach or kale, so that you enhance its nutritional properties and obtain a totally healthy drink. It will not be necessary to add sugar, although if you want it to be a little sweeter you can just add a dash of honey.

Mercadona kefir vanilla flavor

Mercadona kefir with vanilla flavor is one of the novelties in which this product has been marketed , aimed mainly at those people who do not like the taste of natural kefir.

If you are one of the people who enjoys kefir but think it should taste better then vanilla may be a better option for you , since it is aimed at the public in order to achieve greater acceptance.

The preparation of Mercadona kefir with vanilla flavor is the same as for natural kefir, the difference is that vanilla flavors and aromas are added so that it has a better taste on the palate, but you can still obtain all the benefits of kefir with this variety.

As this variety has a slightly sweeter taste than natural-flavored kefir , it may be a better option to accompany fruits that have a sour touch, such as strawberries, so that you have a delicious contrast and so you can enjoy a snack delicious.

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Kefir Mercadona mango flavor

One of the most recent varieties of Mercadona kefir is the one with mango flavor, which is aimed at those people who did not really enjoy the taste of natural kefir , which is the first product of this style.

If you are one of the people who wants to try a different and delicious variety of Mercadona kefir, you can choose this one that has a mango flavor, so that you will get all the benefits that this measure provides but with a much more pleasant taste for you.

The ingredients of this variety are similar to that of natural kefir mild flavor , the difference is that it has added mango flavors and aromas. Its appearance is liquid as if it were a shake, so you must shake before drinking it.

This variety makes it ideal to take alone, as a drink that can accompany your breakfast or dinner , so that you can prepare something light and with the mango flavor Mercadona kefir as a side it will make you feel satiated.

You can also buy a Mercadona mango flavor kefir and refrigerate it and then serve it in a glass with some ice cubes and thus enjoy a refreshing drink at any time. If you add it to the blender along with the cubes, you can enjoy a “frappe” drink without making much effort.

Pasteurized kefir Mercadona

As with the homemade preparations of this product, Mercadona’s kefir is made by adding kefir granules to pasteurized cow’s milk so that it ferments and the probiotic product that is marketed is obtained.

It is important that you know that the kefir is not pasteurized, what is pasteurized is the milk before being subjected to the fermentation process with the kefir. This results in a drink with a texture very similar to that of yogurt but with amore liquid consistency and better properties for the body.

The fermentation process is what gives pasteurized Mercadona kefir its probiotic properties that are so good for good intestinal health .

It is possible that you may be confused and think that Mercadona’s kefir is a pasteurized product , but it is not, remember that the milk with which it is prepared is already pasteurized, but the final product is totally natural and is very similar to what you can prepare at home if you buy the kefir granules and add it to the milk.

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Contraindications of Mercadona Kefir

Despite all the benefits and excellent properties of Mercadona kefir, it is important that you know that it is not recommended for everyone , because in some organisms it can cause adverse effects.

If you are a person who has a sensitive stomach, it is likely that after eating kefir you will not feel very well, since in some cases it can cause bloating, diarrhea or discomfort in the abdominal area.

People who have presented infectious pictures due to the action of yeasts or fungi , such as candidiasis, it is preferable that they refrain from consuming kefir because it can cause them to relapse in this condition.

If you are taking immunosuppressive drugs or drugs that decrease the action of the immune system, you need to be very careful with the consumption of kefir because of its yeast and fungal content.

Additionally, those who take anticoagulant medications should consume kefir in moderation because its abuse is harmful to them due to its vitamin K content . It is also contraindicated for people who have an allergic reaction or who have eliminated casein from their diet.

Nutritional value of Mercadona kefir

Consuming Mercadona kefir will provide your body with a variety of nutrients that it needs to meet its daily requirement so that all the systems that comprise it can work properly.

Among the ingredients that Mercadona’s kefir contains are milk, cream and powdered milk, all of which are pasteurized and come from the cow. Additionally, it contains kefir lactic ferments that give it its probiotic capacity , among which are lactobacilli and lactococcus.

It is a product that does not contain added sugars or additional additives , only the main components that are milk and ferment. This means that it is a very healthy product for our body.

So the sugar and fat values ​​in Mercadona kefir are very low, something that is very important to maintain good health.

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In general, Mercadona kefir is a very healthy food , which does not harm the body because it is prepared with natural ingredients that have not been processed nor have chemicals been added to enhance its flavor.

It is difficult to find healthy options available in the market , but Mercadona’s kefir becomes a good option when it comes to looking for a food that can complement our meals, that has an affordable price and that also provides us with a series of benefits to our Body.

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