Mercadona, Analysis And Alternative Hand Sanitizing Gel

Currently, Mercadona’s hand sanitizing gels are out of stock in almost all supermarkets in the country, and the few that are restocked fly off the shelves in a matter of seconds.

And it is not for less, because hydroalcoholic gel is one of the best options we have to disinfect our hands and get rid of most germs, bacteria and viruses, also Covid-19 .

And although there are hundreds of different disinfectant brands, Mercadona’s stand out for their effectiveness and good price.

As I was saying, every time I go to Mercadona I look to see if they have replaced, or are there any stock of their gels, but I always find the shelf empty .

It is not a product that I know of now, because I have always used this type of hydroalcoholic gels to sanitize my hands at work.

And that is why I have used the 3 different types of hand sanitizers that Mercadona has .

I have written down the INCI of each one and what I have done is analyze each ingredient one by one to see what I get my hands on, as I have had some irritation problem with any of them.

And if you are looking for this type of product, do not miss our article on the best hydroalcoholic gels on the market .

Now we go to the analysis!

Mercadona Hand Sanitizer Gel Analysis

Summary analysis of Mercadona hand sanitizer gel

The main ingredient is undoubtedly ethanol, a type of alcohol that has a 79.8% concentration .

It is a fairly high figure, as the World Health Organization recommends using a product that contains alcohol in a concentration greater than 60% to be really effective.

So when it comes to efficiency, there is nothing to blame him for. But the problem with this high concentration of alcohol is the drying and irritating effe

When reading the entire list, there is no doubt that it is a very poor formulation , since the rest of the ingredients are synthetic fragrances to camouflage its alcohol smell.

I see several problems. On the one hand, it does not have any emollient or moisturizing agent that can counteract the drying and irritating effects of alcohol, and on the other, by having so many synthetic fragrances, it can cause additional irritation to skins that are more sensitive or that are already damaged.

I bought it once without reading the ingredient list (mistake on my part), and what happened to me was just that, that I ended up with very dry hands and a great itch .

I needed several bottles of moisturizer to regain the skin barrier, so I didn’t use it again.

The best thing about Deliplus disinfectant gel is its price. The large 250 ml bottle is priced at 2.20 euros, and the small 75 ml bottle costs 1.4 euros.

This product also shows the AEMPS registration number, so it is correctly endorsed by the Ministry of Health .

It is quite liquid, since it practically only has alcohol, and it is absorbed quickly. But it has a pretty strong smell , not suitable for everyone.

And it must also be said that it is quite difficult to find it right now.

Let’s go with the analysis of the second product.

Mercadona hand sanitizing gel analysis

Summary analysis of Mercadona hand sanitizing gel

Like the previous product, the first and main ingredient in the formula is alcohol . I already tell you that it is not in the same concentration, as it has several other ingredients and has been diluted with water.

The brand says that its amount is 70% , so it is still effective in fighting a good part of bacteria, germs and viruses.

But we still have the side effect of irritation. This problem is aggravated by including the perfume also in a high concentration to alleviate the bad smell of alcohol.

A positive point is that they have added aloe vera juice to the formula, an ingredient that will help us hydrate and regenerate the dermis.

Luckily, it is not the only moisturizer that we are going to find, because I also see that they have added glycerin, isopropyl myristate (emollient and lubricant), lactose (moisturizer and softener) or cellulose (emollient).

This will make the texture more pleasant, and that our hands do not dry out with daily use.

They have also included some antioxidants like a retinol and vitamin E.

But I also see that there is an ingredient that adjusts pH levels that has been shown to cause mild skin irritation and sensitization . And it has some synthetic fragrances too, so very sensitive skin may have a problem with this formula.

And something important: people allergic to milk should avoid using this product .

Its texture is thicker, gel-like, and absorbs quickly without leaving a trace of fat. Its smell is milder than the previous one, although these types of products never have a pleasant smell (not if they are effective).

It is certainly a slightly better option than the previous one, but I am concerned about some ingredients that it includes, and I feel that it leaves my hands a little sticky when applying it.

The 100 ml bottle is priced at € 1.85 .

And now I’m going to analyze the last gel.

Mercadona Hand Cleansing Gel Analysis

Summary of Mercadona’s hand cleansing gel analysis

This cleansing gel comes in a small 50 ml pink bottle, and its packaging only says that it is a hand cleansing gel.

Nor do I see the concentration of alcohol it has , as in the previous products. Although looking at the composition I have realized that it is very similar to the previous one.

Alcohol is in the first position, although it is diluted due to the large presence of water it has. Therefore, I think it is the least effective of the 3.

They have also wanted to mask the smell with perfume and synthetic fragrances, and they have succeeded, as it has a quite pleasant fruity smell. Nothing to do with the previous ones.

This cleansing gel also includes aloe vera juice to hydrate and repair hands, as well as other moisturizing and emollient ingredients that we have already seen, such as glycerin, lactose, isopropyl myristate, and cellulose.

But something new that they have included has been a couple of fruit extracts , specifically lime and grape , which in addition to being rich in vitamin C and polyphenols (antioxidants), hydrate and repair the skin and offer protection against the environment and the contamination.

They also offer a stimulating and pleasant fragrance.

More antioxidants such as vitamin E or a retinoid can be appreciated.

But just like the gel above, it also has some skin irritants present , as well as preservatives and coloring, to give it that deep pink color.

Again, those allergic to milk should avoid its use .

This lighter version of hand sanitizer has a geloid texture that is not greasy, although after applying it I feel like my hands are a bit sticky .

Although after seeing its ingredients I confess that I would not buy it again, because it really does not know if it is effective against viruses.

It is much more expensive than the previous products, since the price of a 50 ml bottle is € 1.30 . And finding a unit in the supermarket is practically impossible.


As Mercadona’s options have run out of stock, I decided to buy one that did have stock, and although it was not easy, in the end I found the hydroalcoholic gel from Akento Cosmetics .

It also has a large amount of alcohol in its formula (exactly 69.18%), so it can be said that it is effective in eliminating bacteria, germs and also the coronavirus.

But they have added a good amount of glycerin and aloe vera juice to keep your hands hydrated and in good condition. And that shows when using it.

No irritation, spreads well, and doesn’t feel sticky . In addition, it is available in 250 ml and 50 ml formats, to be able to carry it comfortably in your bag or pocket anywhere.

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