Microdermabrasion: Causes, Side Effects, Results And Benefits

It is no secret to anyone that women do everything to stay beautiful, radiant and young, however; your skin is exposed daily to environmental factors, especially the sun and heat that produces wrinkles, mistreats the skin, especially the face, and it is also exposed to the natural and accelerated aging process.

The stress, the sun, the wind, the years; they are only a small portion of what contributes to aging; since those “crow’s feet” come out sooner than you expected. Also your face could be affected by acne, or minor scars; in addition to those lines of expression that appear without being invited.

With microdermabrasion your skin will regain elasticity and firmness, it will also renew your dead cells, to give way to new cells that will make your face look youthful and healthy, it will attack unwanted pigmentation and blemishes on your face; it will restore smoothness to your skin and more; With this aesthetic treatment, which is done by professionals or you can also do it yourself.

All this can be fought thanks to this non-invasive method that does not cause you pain; and allows you to return to your routine in a few hours; a technique that if you still do not know, you have to keep reading so that you know its benefits, its advantages and disadvantages, and also so that you learn how to perform it from home comfortably.

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What is microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is an aesthetic treatment ; a technique that is used to exfoliate your skin, using a comfortable instrument, through which macroparticles go through that remove dead cells with gentle abrasion . It’s like ” sweeping and polishing ‘the skin; so that the growth of new cells is stimulated in order to rejuvenate and eliminate imperfections.

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Causes and effects of microdermabrasion

The reasons why women use this technique are various, and among them are:

  • If you have superficial wrinkles , that is, they are just appearing
  • If you have several shades on your skin, or what is the same; pigmented spots .
  • If you have stretch marks and minor scars ; since microdermabrasion reaches the superficial layer of the skin.
  • If you have moderate acne, blackheads , pimples and scars from them.
  • If due to the sun, the wind and other environmental factors you have rough and dry skin.

The effects of a microdermabrasion are as follows:

  • Has a stimulating effect on the superficial layers of your skin
  • Increases microcirculation in capillaries, improving the flow of oxygen and nutrients
  • It renews cells to give rise to new, active cells.
  • Exfoliate the layers of your skin to remove dead cells.
  • Smoothes and eliminates wrinkles
  • Balance your skin tone
  • Eliminate acne scars and other minor scars
  • Reduces stretch marks and cellulite .

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Results of performing a microdermabrasion

The results are immediate , however everything will depend on the type of problems that you are going to treat, since if it is only a microdermabrasion for acne or for blemishes on your skin; You will see the results almost instantly , although it will still require several sessions to cleanse your skin completely.

But on the other hand, if you have scars, dark spots, or wrinkles, you will have to go through several microdermabrasion sessions before you can appreciate the results , it will also depend on your skin type.

Either way, the results of a microdermabrasion are satisfactory and pleasant, a smooth skin, without wrinkles or scars and without acne ; without any pain and the best thing is that you will return to your daily routine in a few hours. Looking and feeling good is the true result.

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Contraindications and side effects

This technique does not have major side effects , much less run the risk of infection, if applied correctly . The benefits you get are much more than the adverse effects, of these effects I will mention some:

  • You may have irritation, discomfort, and redness in the area where the microdermabrasion will be applied.
  • Possible infection if you exceed time and misapply microdermabrasion.
  • Appearance of edema and darkening of the skin if the treatment is applied incorrectly.
  • Increase in pigmentation of the treated area if you wear the sun and do not take care of yourself according to the recommendations of the experts.

It is contraindicated in people with unhealed burns, acne rosacea and dermatosis in the active phase ; also in people with skin hypersensitivity; and people with highly contagious infections and people with herpes.

Microdermabrasion cannot be applied to people who have open wounds, or inflammation, and if you have diabetes, you also have to be careful.

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What device is used in microdermabrasion?

The device used is a high-power device , designed to expel microcrystals of aluminum dioxide, or with diamond tips, it has three intensity levels , from 50 microns, 75 and 100. As for the diamond tips device it has an estimated duration of ten years of operation, the tips must be sterilized.

Some microdermabrasion appliances are made from German surgical steel , and the equipment is generally lightweight with a machine that evens out pressure and intensity. Salt crystals, sodium bicarbonate, aluminum dioxide, crystals of organic origin and diamond-tipped mouthpieces can be used in microdermabrasion.

Home microdermabrasion products contain creams with small abrasive particles , such as granulated pumice.

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How is microdermabrasion applied?

The application with a professional is careful and safe ; The first thing it will do is thoroughly clean your skin, and then it will apply moisturizing cream or oils, to facilitate the movement of the device, it can be done on the body or on the face, by sweeping, in a zigzag on the surface layer of the epidermis , with diamond points or aluminum crystals.

The session lasts between thirty and forty minutes; in order to exfoliate the skin and that there is a cell renewal, and during this procedure the upper layer of the epithelium is removed and with them the dead cells , abrasively or at a soft level and with diamonds or crystals of different thicknesses for delicate skin or for not so delicate scars.

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How often can microdermabrasion be done?

Depending on the problem to be treated, the number of sessions you should have will vary; for example: if you go for a microdermabrasion for facial rejuvenation, or acne removal, you will require five sessions , but to eliminate scars and hyperpigmentation it will take ten to twelve sessions, performed weekly.

After each session, soothing creams or masks will be applied that accelerate the process of the skin to regenerate, once the complete treatment of five or twelve weeks is finished, you should go every two or three months to repeat the microdermabrasion and thus keep you beautiful and rejuvenated.

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Diamond-tipped microdermabrasion, what is it?

It is a state-of-the-art exfoliation method where equipment with diamond tips is used. The exfoliation is faster and deeper but less aggressive; removes impurities and dead cells.

With diamond-tip microdermabrasion, the treatment is non-invasive and will not make you feel any pain, so you do not need anesthesia and your recovery is fast

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Best diamond-tipped microdermabrasion machines for home

  • PMD Personal Microderm microdermabrasion device
  • NEWDERMO Microdermabrasion Machine Diamond Tips V Line System Remove Freckles Scars Acne Marks
  • Beurer FC-100 – Professional microdermabrasion facial scrub, 5 intensity levels
  • Denshine Mini Diamond Aesthetic Equipment for Microdermabrasion and Peeling Dermabrasion Skin Care Spa Home Beauty Rejuvenating Home Facial Treatment
  • Remington MD3000 Microdermabrasion, Professional Quality Diamond Tips, Cordless

What is microdermabrasion with aluminum crystals?

Microdermabrasion with aluminum crystals, expels these aluminum oxide crystals and at the same moment aspirates them together with dead cells, which are detached with the zigzag movements that are made on the skin. This device has three sapphire heads and they are exchanged between various levels, exfoliates the skin and inhales, activating circulation and stimulating cell renewal.

The difference between this with aluminum crystals; And with a diamond tip, is that the latter operates directly on the skin and sucks the cells that have been flaked, while the aluminum crystal removes the layer of dead cells with the suction of the expelled crystals and runs a minimum risk of remaining crystal residues whereas with the one of the diamond point such risk does not exist.

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Benefits of doing a microdermabrasion

With microdermabrasion many benefits are obtained according to the problem you want to attack, you will obtain an insurmountable improvement, without surgeries or pain. Among those benefits are:

  • Reduces blemishes on the face
  • Eliminate stretch marks
  • Reduces the aged appearance in various parts of the body (such as face, hand and décolleté)
  • Gives skin softness and radiance
  • Improves the circulation of blood capillaries
  • Combat dryness and bad appearance caused by sun exposure.
  • Eliminate acne
  • Does not cause pain
  • You recover very quickly from the procedure

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Helps reduce stretch marks

When your collagen and also elastin , which are present in the dermis, break or find it difficult to return to their normal state ; this will leave a mark on you due to stretching; or also a long and fragmented scar that is deep and sunken in the skin; but in the not so deep the scar will be noticeable, which is generally transparent .

With microdermabrasion, dead cells will be removed; And although it does not treat stretch marks directly, it has a great impact on them, they will not disappear completely but they will fade and become practically invisible .

The strength of microdermabrasion, suction and crystals can be adjusted according to the severity of stretch marks ; for best results. So, if your problem is stretch marks, this is the best alternative you can take; If they are just appearing then don’t wait any longer and get this treatment done; so they go away before they get worse.

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Thins skin, helps to clear acne

This method is widely used for its effectiveness in eliminating acne, whether with diamond or crystal tips; blackheads and whiteheads are smoothed to make their extraction easier , and then you should continue applying the microdermabrasion subsequent sessions to give the scars a uniform appearance that have caused acne .

There are many factors that influence acne treatment; from the severity of it, your skin type; even the care you give to your face after microdermabrasion. To achieve an expected result you must take care of yourself after the procedure and you could also use acne creams and moisturizers.

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Beneficial for burns?

Microdermabrasion is ideal for treating burns that are the result of extreme sun exposure; or from chemicals, including burns from intense heat and electricity; It is worth mentioning that these must already be healthy by the time of treatment; in other words, your healing process must be complete.

The treatment removes residual tissues in the scar, it does not require anesthesia because it will not cause pain. Of all the similar treatments, microdermabrasion is the most delicate, the least aggressive; it will remove the layer of dead cells and with this will lead to cell renewal; which will immediately give your burn scar the best look.

At the end of the procedure you can use rosehip oil or snail slime; to achieve better results; You will also have to attend several sessions; once a week; because a single session will not be enough for this type of problem.

It can be done on armpits, abdomen and scalp

The striking thing about this technique is that it is not only facial, although it is the most common; It can also benefit your armpits, abdomen, and scalp. I explain its benefits for these three areas in particular, below:

Over time the underarm area can darken for many reasons, perhaps due to the use of antiperspirants, razors and even tight clothing; This problem can be fought with microdermabrasion that will exfoliate your skin in the armpits; to remove the top layer and reveal lighter shades that are underneath that dark layer.

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As for the abdomen, it tends to increase in size and reduce over time constantly, this generates tissue ruptures that in turn give rise to stretch marks that begin to be reddish but you do not notice it unless you are pending, then they clear up and go acquiring a whitish color that at this point are difficult to remove.

This is why the use of microdermabrasion is common in the abdomen, and gives better results when the treatment is applied in reddish stretch marks that indicates that there is still vascularization and the outer layers of cells can be eliminated to increase the production of collagen and thus avoid tissue breakage ; increasing the elasticity of the affected abdominal area.

Finally, microdermabrasion for the scalp is used especially by people with hair loss, because the procedure restores and increases cell renewal, removes waste and releases the obstruction of the follicles, thus solving the problem and also gives it life and strengthen your hair.

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Can it be applied on scars?

This non-invasive method is very delicate, that is, its abrasion is relatively soft compared to other similar techniques; This is why microdermabrasion is effective in cases of minor scars , it manages to disappear scar marks, product of operations and minor injuries.

With microdermabrasion, old cells will be eradicated, it will return to the original skin color and texture, thus reducing the pronunciation of scars, reducing their visibility , more effectively if they are not dark, if they are small and shallow. In this case, you must attend multiple sessions for about a year to completely remove the scar.

You can use regenerating creams to accelerate the result.

Does it reduce blemishes?

The spots can appear with age, during pregnancy, and also due to acne scars, melasmas and discolorations. Microdermabrasion with its three levels, superficial, medium and deep can exfoliate the skin from its superficial layer improving discoloration and blemishes, together with bleaches such as hydroquinone for better results it can even lighten freckles.

What is laser microdermabrasion?

This is another aesthetic method that offers you the same benefits as microdermabrasion but by heating the skin with fractional energy emitted by a laser , inducing and reorganizing the collagen and elastin fibers. Because the laser penetrates the skin and reaches columns at the dermis level, the micro heat treatment zone produces significant changes and satisfactory results.

To perform the laser microdermabrasion you must have a medical evaluation; to determine if you need to use topical products; intended for laser treatment. Like a common microdermabrasion, this lasts from thirty to forty minutes , but at the end of the session you will feel red and tight skin as if you were near something hot emanating steam.

Recovery is slower , much slower and varies from two to seven days, it all depends on the intensity used in the procedure; you will need to wear sunscreen and moisturizers while you recover.

You may have redness and inflammation for the first few days, a tanned appearance to your skin, and peeling micro-scabs . Everything returns to normal after a few days.

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Microdermabrasion during pregnancy?

This procedure is safe for pregnant women , if you are lucky, and you want to prepare yourself for the changes that hormones will cause in you, in terms of your skin tone, and the growth of your belly can cause stretch marks ; With this treatment you will not have side effects, and you will be able to prevent the appearance of the pregnancy mask, stretch marks, cellulite and even excess weight; since microdermabrasion can be performed from your face, your abdomen to your buttocks and legs .

During pregnancy it is possible that pimples appear, and with the technique exposed here you can also prevent or eliminate this problem so that you do not stop looking and feeling good in this special stage for you , you can deal with vomiting, but with spots in your face and stretch marks no, that doesn’t have to happen.

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After delivery, is it recommended?

Once the pregnancy stage is over, you have to live the best moments with your baby, but the delivery will leave you sagging, stretch marks, extra kilos , which you can combat with microdermabrasion, because although the first thing that matters is your baby, the second is your self-esteem; so that you feel happy and can make those around you happy; In this postpartum stage that only you know what it is like to pamper yourself.

A microdermabrasion specialist will help you return your body to its original state , the one it had before being in a state. Shape your figure, eliminate stretch marks, renew yourself completely, yes, at least you must wait twenty days after your doctor has discharged you; if you were a normal delivery, but if you were a cesarean then you should wait a little more than the month.

Are there risks during breastfeeding?

There is no risk if you are breastfeeding, since microdermabrasion does not use any chemicals; You can confidently perform this cosmetic procedure anywhere your body needs to renew and rejuvenate your skin.

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Recovery time after microdermabrasion

After a microdermabrasion as has been said, your recovery time is almost immediate, you should avoid sun exposure and the use of makeup at least that first day of application, but you can use moisturizers and sunscreen.

Just as you will appreciate the results from the first session, you will be able to rejoin your routine in a few hours; It varies according to the intensity of the treatment but it could be said that after two hours you will feel fine and if you are not wearing the sun you can even return to your work without problems.

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Microdermabrasion as depigmenting

To help lighten the skin, eliminate the pigmentation caused by the summer sun, or by some medication and also age; the ideal is microdermabrasion; you will not feel pain, you will get instant results; Your skin will clear up when the treatment removes the layer of dark skin, giving way to the deeper layer that has its original color , and with renewed cells to give it luminosity.

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How does microdermabrasion work on the buttocks?

As we know the buttocks tend to be affected by cellulite, microdermabrasion aspires and sucks the buttocks to stimulate blood circulation and also lymphatic circulation; with gentle, zigzag and circular movements to reduce fluid retention, the fibrosis responsible for orange peel skin and the irrigation of cellulite tissue , eliminate dead cells and return elasticity and firmness to your buttocks, in addition to a smooth skin free of cellulite and orange peel.

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Dental microdermabrasion

This technique does not have the prefix ¨dermo¨ in its name, so its name is microabrasion , and consists of superficially removing the layers of stained or pigmented enamel and acts by removing the white part of the teeth by means of air pressure so that they are rebuild to improve the dental aesthetics of your smile.

Few sessions are needed depending on the problem, and your smile will be perfect when you have a micro-abrasion that will polish your teeth and remove the enamel layers with dark tones, phosphoric acid and an abrasive paste are applied to remove by means of pressurized air, or with a rubber tip instrument for best results.

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Wet and dry microdermabrasion

Dry microdermabrasion is the one you have known so far; whereas wet microdermabrasion arises after it; it is soft and bauxite crystals are used but with a controlled pressure jet, these crystals are inert and insoluble and are in a gel; which is applied on the skin that are stimulated with the wet microdermabrasion instrument, it is possible to eliminate dead cells from the superficial layer and does not irritate your skin.

Microdermabrasion or dermabrasion

The names are only differentiated by the word “micro”, they sound very similar; but really the procedure is very different. Dermabrasion is performed by a plastic surgeon and anesthesia is applied, this treatment is much deeper than microdermabrasion, although the results are more noticeable, the process and recovery are more extensive.

Both are cosmetic procedures, which improve the epidermis. Microdermabrasion arises thanks to dermabrasion; but as an alternative method, more delicate and faster in recovery without side effects , without reaching as many layers as dermabrasion does.

Radiofrequency or microdermabrasion which is better?

Do you need to know which of the methods is better between a radiofrequency and a microdermabrasion ?; you could have tried one and got the expected results but would like to try another method; Whichever method you started here you will be the one to determine which is better.

On the one hand, radiofrequency is about applying high frequency electromagnetic waves in the affected area, these waves cause heating of the different layers of the dermis and this heat generates the formation of collagen, drains lymph and favors blood circulation. The more frequently you use the more layers you can achieve.

This procedure does not cause pain, only a slight discomfort to the sensation of heat, its effect is quick and requires, like microdermabrasion, several sessions for optimal results.

On the other hand, while, with radiofrequency, intradermal heat regenerates collagen and restores elasticity to the skin; Microdermabrasion without discomfort or pain stimulates cell regeneration, sucks out dead cells and renews your skin, giving you rejuvenating benefits.

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Is microdermabrasion better for stretch marks or laser?

Although microdermabrasion treats stretch marks, it is effective only if they are recent, because if they are already white you will need several sessions to be able to disappear and get rid of those annoying stretch marks.

Laser treatment is most effective for stretch marks , and also for large and deep scars, this procedure removes stretch marks using a beam of light that removes the thin layers that surround the stretch marks. There are lasers that burn the affected area, others cut them and there are others of ultraviolet light that break molecular bonds of the skin tissue.

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With microdermabrasion you have a quick recovery but when you remove stretch marks with laser you may have some side effects such as blisters, but you will heal after a few days.

Microdermabrasion or photorejuvenation

Photorejuvenation is applied using pulsed light , this is a high intensity light source that through a narrow range of colors produces a rejuvenating effect on the skin; as the light acts like a smart scalpel and removes all unwanted structures, or lesions, wrinkles and blemishes on the skin.

With this technique, the pore size and the depth of wrinkles are reduced by synthesizing a new collagen; with a duration of thirty minutes per session ; You will require anesthesia, and they will put a mask on you so that the light does not bother your eyes.

The results are noticeable after the peeling process, which takes the longest, from a week to three, and some of the treated areas may be darker than others, but after a while it will all have been worth it.

Microdermabrasion can be present if you want it so that you recover soon from the pulsed light treatment, but if you prefer to avoid all that strenuous process then get the same benefits simply with the microdermabrasion.

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Which is better microdermabrasion or hydrodermabrasion?

As for hydrodermabrasion, this consists of the application of a saline solution at high pressure to reduce irregularities such as spots on the skin and expression lines. It exfoliates the face, moisturizes it and leaves it shiny and homogeneous, it is non-invasive and especially treats acne.

A pressure machine with air and saline solution applies at high speed through a tube; first doing a facial drainage, then the skin is exfoliated and finally hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid and vitamins are incorporated to hydrate and provide a better appearance.

The duration of the session is forty minutes the first, and the following may be shorter. It is recommended to use sunscreen but, like microdermabrasion, it is a painless and effective procedure; determining which one is best will be up to you.

Microdermabrasion vs peeling

Peeling is a slightly rougher exfoliation technique since it uses chemical substances to achieve skin renewal; These generally are: salicylic resorcin glycolic, trichloroacetic, mandelic, phenol ; each is used according to the desired result and factors such as age, skin type, skin condition, and medical history.

The procedure first performs a degreasing and deep cleaning of the skin, they proceed to apply the acid that is needed and leave it to act for the time that its action requires; then it is neutralized and a moisturizing mask is applied.

When it comes to choosing an effective exfoliation method, remember that peeling uses chemical substances that are therefore artificially made, while microdermabrasion uses diamond tips and aluminum crystals, natural elements; also the peeling is more aggressive for the skin; so recovery will be slower than a week or so while microdermabrasion only takes an hour to recover.

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Care and hygiene after microdermabrasion

The care you should have after a microdermabrasion performed by professionals or at home are the following:

  • You should avoid touching the treated area; only do it if it really is necessary and with clean hands.
  • Avoid direct contact with the sun, if possible stay locked in your room, although your recovery is fast it is best to avoid the sun’s rays .
  • In case of exposing yourself to the sun because you have no other option then use sunscreen .
  • If the specialist who applied the treatment does not recommend it, then do not use cosmetic products because your skin will be very sensitive.
  • Only use creams that your beautician recommends, generally they are moisturizing creams , the natural ones are better.
  • You can wash your face with cold water.
  • During the two hours after the treatment try to sleep, relax as much as you can.

Advantages and disadvantages of microdermabrasion

The advantages of microdermabrasion are many and you have already known them throughout the article, however here I leave you a list in case you overlooked any benefit.

  • Microdermabrasion is the best exfoliating treatment.
  • It is a fast and efficient procedure .
  • The depth of abrasion and extent are controlled.
  • It is used on the face and other parts of the body.
  • It can be applied if you have sensitive skin.
  • It does not use any chemicals.
  • No anesthesia is needed because the procedure is painless.

The disadvantages are not so important, however some could be mentioned:

  • Sensitive areas (around the lips, eyes, and nose) may be red for only a few hours.
  • It could cause an allergy to the crystals used, but you can avoid this by asking for a forearm test before the procedure.
  • If you go to a specialized center where they do not do the necessary hygiene to the equipment and maintenance, you can have skin infections.
  • If the microdermabrasion treatment is applied incorrectly, you can present irritation and damaged skin.

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How to perform a home microdermabrasion?

To perform this procedure at home you must purchase a microdermabrasion equipment specially designed for you, of course if you are over twenty years old ; which is when cell death increases and you could present premature aging due to multiple factors that were already mentioned above.

This kit should have an aluminum exfoliating cream and moisturizers , some include equipment that sucks or massages your skin.

Once you have this; then start with washing your face and then applying the exfoliating cream with circular movements ; massage the affected area for two minutes and move to another until you cover your entire face for twenty minutes. If you have the complete equipment, you can use it to obtain results similar to those that a professional does.

If you do not have the complete equipment, only the exfoliating cream is enough and you can perform the microdermabrasion with your fingers , and after the session that you will perform in front of a mirror you proceed to wash your face to eliminate impurities; apply the moisturizer.

This home microdermabrasion treatment will benefit you greatly, especially in mild acne problems , but if you have scars and other more severe problems; It is better that you leave it in the hands of an expert so that you see better results in terms of this type of problem.

Before and after a microdermabrasion

Before a microdermabrasion, your skin is dull, lifeless, with acne or spots on the face, or in the case of the abdomen and buttocks, the presence of stretch marks and cellulite.

After microdermabrasion the improvement is noticeable quickly , your face glows, the surface is smoothed and spots are removed, you get a natural glow, your skin becomes elastic and wrinkles will no longer be noticeable as well as scars.

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Recommendations for microdermabrasion

  • I recommend that you wash your face before undergoing the treatment . The beautician will do it anyway, but if he doesn’t, do it yourself. It is important that you completely remove makeup residue and dirt.
  • It is recommended that you request an allergy test , it will be done on your forearm.
  • After applying the treatment you can use a cold melon , coconut or almond mask .
  • It is also recommended to use hypoallergenic moisturizers .
  • Wearing makeup on the day of your microdermabrasion is not recommended.
  • I recommend that you use sunscreen for at least a week after treatment.
  • Avoid environmental factors such as sun and wind and sea or pool water , that is, do not go to the beach or swimming pools that week.
  • If it is unavoidable then cover the treated area as much as you can , if it was your face use hats and glasses in addition to the protector. Do not bathe if you still have somewhat irritated areas; You could worsen irritation and create unwanted spots or pigmentation.
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