The Most Famous Children’s Stories in Literature

Nowadays, children’s stories are a true joy and we can enjoy different types of super varied books : laminated, ideal for bathing, since they can be wet without breaking; in 3 dimensions, very creative and elaborate; or electronic, enriched with music and sounds.

But for the most traditional dads we cannot forget the most mythical fairy tales and children’s stories that come from far away. True gems of English literature such as Alice in Wonderland , the famous Italian play Pinocchio , or The Little Mermaid , a true Danish classic, are little treasures in the form of stories. These are just some of the books that cannot be missed in a children’s bookstore , so we leave you with a list of the most interesting that surely all parents know.


We start the list with a classic from children’s stories that has also entered everyday culture. Who has not ever told their little one not to tell lies because if not, his nose will grow like Pinocchio? This nice wooden puppet will become a real flesh child, but learning to go to school and not to tell lies to their parents: only in this way will children learn the meaning of values.

little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood is the protagonist of this magnificent fairy tale . The story has its roots neither more nor less than in the European oral tradition. Subsequently, this story has been written in various versions; the most famous is that of Charles Perrault, the first to write it, as well as the Brothers Grimm, who in 1812 gave him universal fame.

Snow White

Another classic that is known worldwide and that the Grimm brothers have helped to make famous together with Walt Disney who, with his film version, contributed a lot, especially in terms of the iconography of the characters. Who doesn’t imagine Snow White in her blue and yellow dress and snow-colored skin?

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

This tale, written by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson under his pen name Lewis Carroll, is a true gem of English literature. Thanks to its satirical allusions, political themes and stories based on logic games, it has achieved fame, not only among children, but also among mathematicians and adults.

The cat with boots

Cunning, talking and with many surprising abilities: Puss in Boots belongs to a folk tale that was first transcribed in 1500 by Giovanni Francesco Straparola. Its educational value is doubtful, as this cat achieves its purposes with deception and lies, but apparently we have become so used to its antics that it has become a cult of characters in children’s stories.

These are just some of the fairy tales that we advise you not to forget as a gift for your children … Can you think of any more? What are your favorites?

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