Myrrh: Contraindications, Properties And Uses

Myrrh is a word originating from the Latin myrrha and also from the Arabic “murr ” which symbolizes bitterness. In this sense, myrrh is known as a seed that grows from the Commiphora myrrha tree , which is native to northeast Africa.

It is characterized by having a somewhat bitter taste , it is characterized by being a substance of plant origin with a rich perfume and creditor of great and wonderful medicinal properties, it is well known since ancient times , in special places such as Asia, the Middle East and the Mediterranean used mainly in the use of traditional medicines experienced since that time.

Myrrh has anti-hemorrhagic effects , it was discovered in the first instance by the Arabs and later by those civilizations of the Mediterranean, however in subsequent times it was very useful to disinfect and to contain the bleeding of the wounds of the soldiers during the war.

As studies have shown that early writings on medicine , making references to myrrh and have an antiquity of 1500 years BC, and was carried by the Egyptian Ebers Papyrus , it is considered to be one of the oldest writings that exist in the world.

For the Egyptians the use of myrrh was useful, detailing its qualities and positive effects to cure hay fever and diseases such as herpes . In the same way, it is considered to be preservative and waxy, which was used to embalm the corpses. While in places such as sanctuaries, it was customary to burn this substance of myrrh that acted as a natural perfume for the place and that in turn was important in the performance of ceremonies for the worship of the Sun.

Other particular uses of myrrh, are attributed in oral dental sanitation to reduce inflammation of the throat, gums, lung infections, clear up hoarseness, throat clearing. All this was described in the old textbook called “De Materia Medica”, written by the Greek Dioscorides.

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Myrrh is a substance with high properties used for the production of aromatics, in addition to this they also bind with other aromatic elements, but myrrh is so strong that it easily dissipates other substances when exposed to the environment again.

What is myrrh?

Myrrh is nothing more than a substance similar to sap , its origin is due to the planting of a tree called Commiphora myrrha, which has been known since that millennial time in places like the Middle East and also in Africa. In this sense we can mention that both myrrh and frankincense have a close relationship at the botanical level , in this way both essential oils are the most commercialized and used around the world.

It is typical that the myrrh tree is very characteristic and it is not usual like others, this type of tree has white flowers, in addition to a linked trunk . In general, this type of tree has almost no leaves , this is due to an adaptation of the dry desert soil to which it belongs. And its twisted or linked shape is adapted by bad weather conditions and in turn by the wind.

You wonder how you get the resin or myrrh, this procedure is carried out by cutting the trunk which begins to flow the resin that runs along it, and taking a clear shape of a tear. This resin accumulates , therefore the essential oil is made on the basis of the sap and through steam distillation.

Myrrh oil is very peculiar since it has a sweet, smoky, or bitter smell. As we have previously described, the word myrrh derives from the Arabic word “murr” which means bitter. On the other hand, this oil can turn colors such as orange or yellowish with a viscous texture. One of the most common uses of myrrh is for the production of scented fragrances, the main base is myrrh, although it has other substances attached to them.

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Among its main active components are sesquiterpenes and terpenoids, which are known to be antioxidants and anti-inflammatory. Sesquiterpenes are specifically present in areas of the brain such as the hypothalamus that generate responses to emotions, thus stimulating the preservation of balance, calm and sanity. It is very relevant to explain that these two compounds are the subject of scientific studies to determine their effectiveness in relation to future or possible therapeutic contributions, they could also be determined as advantageous against diseases such as cancer and other antibacterials.

Myrrh characteristics

There are many recognized characteristics of myrrh since it is mainly associated as an aromatic substance , with high levels of wound healing, blood retention, it is anti-inflammatory, regenerates skin tissues, and antiseptics, due to this it is used together to creams that are usually used as skin regenerating creams, anti-inflammatory antibacterial ointments, anti-aging, as well as in tonics, in balms for cracked feet and hands.

It can often be sold commercially in grain, depending on the size of the particle, and the quantity . It is also usually obtained in coarse powder or also in medium pieces. In short, what varies is the presentation without altering its properties and uses, that is, it preserves its quality .

Main components

This crude has rubber, resins, as well as around 8% in essential oil which is a primary component of pinene , cuminaldehyde, eugenol, heerabolene , dipentene , limonene, cuminaldehyde and cadinene.

Esoteric properties of myrrh

Myrrh has long been known to have been reasoned as a great natural fortune contained within the Asian continent. In relation to this it has always been present since the first writings of sacred books regarding medicine, as well as it is recognized mainly for having been one of the primary gifts or offerings among the other two to bestow upon the savior of men at the time. From the birth this was what the determined 3 mystical kings or the Three Wise Men did , who attended to honor the child by bringing tributes to Bethlehem guided by the lights of the great star of the East.

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It is considered that the tincture from myrrh is proven to cure various infections, in the same way it serves to lower fever , while revitalizing the respiratory system. On the other hand, myrrh is used for mouthwashes that in turn relieve sores on the gums, inflammations and throat conditions.

For its part, the essential oil of myrrh is indicated in order to heal wounds , eliminate spots and permanently eliminate annoying hemorrhoids. Of course, a tea also appears as a benefit capable of preventing lung diseases and also ideal to decongest the respiratory tract, other of its healing benefits lie in strengthening the immune system, it is an excellent natural expectorant, it is antiseptic, very anti-inflammatory , it is astringent. , and also healing.

Cosmetic properties of myrrh

Uses of myrrh in facial cosmetics

There are multiple uses and variants of myrrh , as regards the health of the face we have that the use of the resin or tincture of myrrh preferably in powder have a great effect to prevent premature aging , naturally, in the same way, it heals the face, effectively fighting acne, due to its healing and bactericidal properties.

Uses of myrrh in body cosmetics

As far as body cosmetics are concerned, the use of myrrh is an incredible restorer of battered skin , which has suffered wounds, or cracks due to dryness, because among its properties is to regenerate the skin tissues , which is a great ally to reconstitute it favorably.

Therefore, with this subject, myrrh is also ideal to improve irritation , generated after shaving or waxing, helping to contain the blood very well , as they did hundreds of years ago in the war to stop and disinfect blood hemorrhages in wounds during the war.

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In this vein, myrrh is ideal since it provides softness, moisture for the skin, in addition to these in an incredible natural analgesic very suitable for muscle-type pain or it is the product of a contusion on the head.

Medicinal properties of myrrh

Myrrh as an anti-inflammatory

There are two of the most important active compounds in myrrh such as terpenoids and sesquiterpenes that stand out for being able to respond positively with the immune system to fight viruses and bacteria , which is why it is ideal for creating antibodies in defense of the body.

These two active compounds are widely known since they are also present in plants and in food. According to studies they determine that sesquiterpenes and terpenoids promote relief in various parts of the body that are under an inflammatory process, also preventing the possibilities of having some type of chronic disease, protects the skin in combat with cell damage. On the other hand, among its broad properties is the imminent protection against ailments or disorders of the intestinal tract .

However, gastrointestinal circumstances can be serious, such as ulcerative colitis , which has been healed, proven through studies and also verified in the scientific literature, that myrrh is very curative and kind , you should only consume in good conditions quantities. There are also scientific studies that base and prove that myrrh has safeguarded the body against colitis, especially against acetic acid-induced ulcerative colitis .

Today many toothbrushing creams contain myrrh, as do mouthwashes to provide relief and healing from inflamed gums or gingivitis, mouth ulcers, throat ailments or others.

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In countries like Germany, myrrh powder is considered very important and the government authorizes it to be used in the treatment of mouths and the diseases that derive there and that we have mentioned above.

The Dental Research Center of the University of Tennessee School of Dentistry has carried out an exploration where it was possible to determine that myrrh oil is cytotoxic since it works against gingival fibroblasts and epithelial cells.

In this regard, we continue to highlight other benefits of myrrh when used on inflamed skin, this generates a great fast and lasting relief to calm and relieve swelling and also causes elasticity , as well as healthy and calm aging.

For the regeneration of tissues and healing of skin wounds , myrrh is applied externally, that is to say topically, in the affected part you will notice the rapid process of healing and de-inflammation of the affected area, for which it is highly recommended .

Myrrh as an antioxidant

Myrrh is considered a decisive treatment in case of diabetes since it helps to prevent it significantly, it also influences the reduction of oxidative stress, that is, it prevents diseases and inflammations derived from it, thanks to its antioxidant properties.

According to an investigation carried out and later published in the journal Food and Chemistry Toxicology, I determine the high content of antioxidants present in myrrh, which is very positive for treating issues at the liver level.

Myrrh allows the increase in oxygen radical absorption (ORAC) of 379,800 μTE / 100g respectively, while myrrh maintains the potential to help in many other areas.

The observations made in the studies applied to diabetic rats, it was possible to determine that the Mukul myrrh extract, from India, generated an excellent benefit towards the enzymes more prone to oxidative stress and in the same way on the liver marker enzymes . In summary, the researchers finalized the following quote, “our data show the preventive role of C. mukul towards diabetic oxidative stress caused by STZ; however, it is specified that this plant could be used as adjuvant therapy for the prevention and / or treatment of diabetes and the aggravated antioxidant status “respectively.

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Myrrh against bacteria, parasites, viruses and fungi

Myrrh is antiparasitic, internal or external to our body or on the skin, infection-promoting pathogens are another target for myrrh.

Studies showed that the immune-motivating potential corresponding to myrrh could be very effective in helping the body to fight against circumstances such as acne, sore throats, and colds, this is undoubtedly common to more serious health situations that have like pneumonia and even Candida albicans.

In short, we have that myrrh protects against putrefaction , toxicity, responsible like others for infections. That is why it was used to preserve corpses in Egyptian times, as determined throughout history, for this reason it is also attributed to the healthy compensation of cell tissue in all the skin mainly.

On the other hand, schistosomiasis is determined as a very recurrent parasitic infection in Africa, Asia and tropical America. For this, a type of treatment is used to treat schistosomiasis by fighting it with chemotherapy with the remedy praziquantel.

However, resistance to the remedies used was observed, therefore, the scientists proceeded to experiment with myrrh in 204 patients who presented schistosomiasis to be able to verify or rule out the incidence of myrrh for the elimination of parasites from the body, specifically S. haematobium and S. mansoni , respectively.

The scientists in charge of the research process revealed the following in the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene: “We took as a point of use the drug called myrrh, distributed in doses of 10 mg / kg of body weight, for a period of 3 days , which was favorable, represented in 91.7% of cured cases.

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In patients who did not show improvement and another dose of 10 mg / kg of body weight was applied per day for a period of 6 six days, which resulted in a 76.5% healing, which means that the number of healed patients increased. considerably for a total of 98.09%

It is worth mentioning that this medicine, myrrh, was assimilated very well in patients for which no adverse effect was generated , only some very minimal symptoms that were temporary. Therefore, 20 cases were registered in which biopsy samples were taken after 6 months of the procedure described above, which in no case showed live eggs ”. Myrrh contributes to healthy and happy hormones

This amazing natural substance like myrrh helps in healthy and correct hormonal development . In the same way, it is a member of the terpenoids present in myrrh, therefore, sesquiterpenes perform correctly to contribute to the balance of the endocrine system, this is also referred to the hypothalamus, which acts as the primary axis of the emotional states of Our organism.

In relation to this, it is indicated that it is there where the endocrine system is linked together with the nervous system, in this way the process of release is normalized in the same way that of abstention in terms of the increase of hormones within our body. . In support of what was referred to by Robert M. Sargis, MD , the most primordial objective of the hypothalamus is focused, which is characterized by protecting homeostasis, generating balance within the human organism.

From this perspective, the most important functions in which the regulation of almost all these systems that make up the body is immersed are determined, and even the frequency of the heart rhythm, the hydroelectrolyte balance, such as blood pressure, the glandular mucus present in the stomach. and the intestines, physical temperature , appetite and body weight, and finally the production of substances necessary and important for the pituitary gland that allows the expulsion of hormones, which influence sleep cycles .

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Myrrh has anticancer properties

Myrrh is very favorable for the body because its main function is to considerably reduce the level of oxidative stress along with inflammation, thus there are also multiple studies that have been publicly reported, continuing to explore the use of myrrh against cancer .

These investigations showed that angiogenesis is disabled , it is characterized by being part of the transition mechanism they go through for the production and subsequent development of new blood vessels that provide food for cancer tumors.

To experiment, some studies were carried out in rats and published in the journal Chemico-Biological Interactions in 2017, in which it was revealed that myrrh extract favorably optimized the marker enzymes corresponding to the liver function of the body. in the same way to prevent the spread of these cancer cells.

The scientific doctors confirmed the following: “the conclusions of the studies carried out clearly facilitate the presence that the resin or myrrh , generates a powerful activity for the chemo in a preventive way, this would be through the positive regulation of the Nrf2 / HO signaling. -1 along with the attenuation of the inflammation present, angiogenesis and finally oxidative stress ”.

According to other research contributed in 2011 , and which was publicly known in the Journal of Medicinal Plants Research, where Chinese scientists proceeded to examine the effect of myrrh with respect to gynecological cancer cells in humans. At the end, they assumed that ” the natural extracts and compounds of myrrh would be very objective to prevent early gynecological cancer disease in humans.”

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For the aforementioned, it is of great consideration to clarify that the use of myrrh does not cure diseases such as cancer or prevent it respectively. On the other hand, a healthy habit is suggested, constantly getting enough sleep , eating correctly without fat or excess sugar or flour, exercises to reduce stress levels , they are a great help in the prevention of any disease and therefore the preservation of good health. health, increasing the immune system of our body.

Helps treat hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is a disease that can be treated with the use of myrrh, this disease is also known as underactive thyroid. Therefore, it works in the reduction of stress levels , otherwise it influences the stress that is generated in the exhausted thyroid . Its use is daily with the application of 2 or 3 drops in the thyroid area in order to reduce symptoms.

What properties does it provide in aromatherapy?

With regard to aromatherapy, it is considered beneficial to inhale the perfume of the essential oil of myrrh which is being absorbed by the largest organ such as the skin, in this way the messages are transferred to the limbic system, which is an area located in our brain that contributes to all emotional processes that in turn are related to the nervous system.

Those who apply aromatherapy frequently propose that the use of essential oils is likely to originate a succession of biological factors , related to stress levels, respiration, heart rate , blood pressure, and ultimately immune functions.

The use of myrrh, under the practices of aromatherapy, can generate relief from health conditions such as:

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  • Throat Ailments
  • the Colds
  • the Insomnia
  • the Cough

From this perspective, it is also considered that myrrh essential oil acts in the wound healing process, in reducing inflammation , relieving almost all types of pain, in addition to stimulating the immune system.

Myrrh has properties that are related to the skin preventing wrinkles sign of aging, for which they add myrrh in moisturizers . Myrrh can also be mixed with an oil that can be avocado, jojoba, or sweet almond, together with creams or simply directly on the skin.

It is widely known that the essential oil of myrrh when inhaled, by means of its use in a cloth or cloth or tissue impregnated with a few drops or it is also usually used by means of an aromatherapy diffuser or vaporizer.

Another mode of use focuses on burning the myrrh resin in a closed space such as a room, with the main objective of cleaning the pathogens present in the environment. Which in turn generate great relief for the respiratory tract such as the most common ones such as asthma, throat inflammation, cough, aphonia, among others, creating a concentration effect, very relaxing, and favors meditation.

In general, myrrh is directly related to the affairs of the deceased, this is because myrrh is burned at the time of funeral ceremonies , and that is why its aroma represents pain in the face of these physical losses of loved ones. However, it has also been combined with some citrus oils that help to reinforce this smell . Therefore, it is considered that the substances there mixtures are used in order to obtain illumination and base emotional knowledge.

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If there is a negative or low emotional state in a person, the smell of myrrh is recommended through an essential oil distiller, which will help spread it throughout the environment where it is, while improving the emotional condition as well as the health states if is the case of a patient within the family group, especially if it is due to cough, asthma or bronchitis, myrrh is very beneficial in that sense.

Changing this issue a bit, there is the union of this rich essential oil of myrrh with other essential oils such as grapefruit , bergamot or lemon that are citrus, this will mostly serve to start a new and pleasant fragrance.

In making perfumes

Myrrh is one of the fundamental bases for perfumes since centuries past it is used to fix other aromas corresponding to the aromatic properties present in other essential oils, making them dissipate easily when in contact with the outside and leave a pleasant unique smell on the skin, for much longer.

Uses of myrrh

Good for the face

Myrrh provides a healthy protection for the skin of the face, leaving it softer and more youthful, that is why myrrh is used as an essential oil that will help you perceive all its benefits, which in turn has great antifungal and antibacterial functions in the same way It contains powerful antiseptic properties that regenerate skin tissues, repairing damage to it, especially around the eyes, which are generated by the effect of free radicals.

In relation to free radicals, they are highly responsible for dissipating collagen , along with other proteins of great importance for the freshness and youth of the skin. It is highly recommended to apply a gentle massage lightly with the essential oil of myrrh for this affected area in the eyes , notoriously avoiding the appearance of wrinkles.

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It is important to know that the use of myrrh tincture , and powdered myrrh resin, are very effective in preventing premature aging, because it is also a natural antioxidant as well as being an astringent and contains high levels of tannins and mucilages. Reasons why it is included in creams to treat conditions such as acne , because it is also healing and fights bacteria.

According to this, you can see in the ingredients of some creams the incorporation of myrrh thanks to its anti-hemorrhagic properties , ideal to be applied with moisturizing creams and balms after shaving, to contain some type of bleeding no matter how small it may seem .

How is it used to clear acne?

Similar effects arise between hair and skin, therefore, the same treatments can be applied for skin and scalp conditions . And for the skin of the face, its protection and healing against acne or common sores and scars is incredible, thanks to the antiseptic and antimicrobial components in myrrh, special to eradicate inflammation and infections throughout the skin without problems . It is also important to note that the essential oil of myrrh enhances the production of sebum in the skin naturally.

It is estimated that the essential oil of myrrh clogs the pores in a low proportion, while helping it to increase naturally fat, so it is recommended to use the essential oil of myrrh together with the essential oil of thyme, orange or mint, through the use a little, this will act as a cleanser of impurities, removing the remains of dead skin . And in turn reduces the natural oily effect of your skin.

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Because of its healing effect, it helps to seal the pores and extend the skin with the use of myrrh essential oil, which is very beneficial to prevent future pore obstructions , once applied you can remove it with warm water and then gently dry with a towel.

It is good for nails. How do you use it?

Myrrh is usually a natural conditioner for your nails, fighting weakness , dryness and subsequent breakage, while strengthening the cuticle , stimulating its natural growth, and strengthening the nail as such, for this you only need to add 2 to 3 drops weekly It also strengthens them, you will feel the hardness of your nails in an instant.

In this sense, the essential oil of myrrh can generate a yellow tone on the nails , the solution is to immerse them in jojoba oil only half and add only 2 drops of lemon oil.

What uses is it for the skin?

For skin, the essential oil of myrrh works by regenerating the tissues of the same, while the improvement is noticeably observed in the face of the damage that it has had before using myrrh together with moisturizers , it is able to improve the driest or cracked skin , both hands and feet, in the same way heals any wounds that may exist, healing them properly. With their amazing anti-septic, healing and anti-inflammatory properties , they provide a benefit in terms of tissue repair, and conditionally disinfects them, as well as improves skin irritation after a razor waxing process.

Uses of myrrh for hair

Without a doubt, to maintain healthy and beautiful hair, the essential oil of Myrrh is used together with the essential oil of almond, or any orange will give you a little of its goodness, especially in cases of dryness or scalp irritations, because cause the sebaceous glands to occur under the skin, creating a natural oil for the hair, minimizing the chances of dandruff.

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From this perspective, it is determined that it strengthens the pores of the scalp, providing more strength to the hair, in addition to providing vitamins and nutrients from root to tip, generating more shine, volume, and maximum hydration. If you want to prevent hair loss, it is recommended to use this rich warm oil for the best benefits.

In this case, you proceed to heat 4 to 5 drops of myrrh essential oil, together with 2 drops of peppermint essential oil, plus a carrier oil that could be canola, olive, or coconut which you want, you must join them very well . Once hot and integrated, they are all allowed to cool, or until it is warm, which is when it is going to be used, to know what the correct temperature is you must withstand it to the touch, keep in mind that it should not be applied hot, it would cause serious damage that you want to have.

To use it, perform gentle massages with the tips of your fingers on the scalp, and so on until you reach the tips. Then wrap your hair with a plastic cap or a cloth so that it acts for about 30 minutes or 1 hour if you prefer.

Later you should only wash your hair as you always do with plenty of water and shampoo, apply your conditioner, almost immediately you will notice the difference. You can repeat the process three times a week or two depending on your preference.

Used to remove wrinkles

Myrrh essential oil is widely known to be a natural antioxidant that provides many wonderful benefits for the skin. Effectively fighting inflammations, cell damage that mostly affects skins that are very sensitive.

The antibacterial properties present in myrrh essential oil are excellent for eliminating pimples on the skin or acne, especially in the menopause stage, and it can be used with the use of serums, or moisturizing creams around the skin .

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Pregnant women and myrrh, how do they use it?

Myrrh oil is contraindicated for pregnant women and lactating mothers, because it contributes to a low menstruation period so it cannot be used , it could affect premature birth, its use should also be prevented in children of 6 years or younger.

Contraindications and risks of myrrh

Among the effects of myrrh oil during pregnancy is the premature contraction of the uterus within the womb. For this reason it should not be used either internally or externally so as not to cause a spontaneous abortion , or during lactation periods.

According to the above, it is worth mentioning that the amounts to be consumed must be respected because excess myrrh is the origin of negative consequences for the heart , this was determined by a study published by the journal Phytotherapy Research3.

Among the unwanted effects are the following:

  • Incites uterine bleeding
  • Increased body fever can be serious.
  • Lowers blood pressure which is not advantageous
  • It causes difficulties of the heart

When using essential oils, no sudden movements should be done gently , and only in small quantities. For reasons such as those described it is necessary that you consult your doctor before applying to people or children.

Is Myrrh Toxic?

The essential oil of Myrrh should be avoided orally , unless it has not been supervised by a specialist in the subject, health is very important so we must take care of it, also that myrrh would be toxic so avoid its use, in the same way goes the Suggestion and recommendation for pregnant women, they should not ingest it or apply it externally, it can be toxic and also intervene in their gestation process, preventing it from reaching a successful term.

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Can it cause allergies?

The components of this essential oil of myrrh can be allergic in some cases, as well as causing skin irritations, so it is better to try just a couple of drops on the skin to know its effect as a test of the product . This is undoubtedly recommended for those who have high skin sensitivity.

In this way you avoid getting dermatitis due to allergy to its components, this information was provided and published in Contact dermatitis, based on research and scientific studies.

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