What is Nanoplasty treatment : Features of the procedure

New hair care deals are regularly offered on the market. It can be difficult to find the name and effectiveness of a single procedure, as other more recent developments appear. Keratized, bixplastic, or nanoplasty is sometimes difficult to understand. But having understood “what” and for “what”, it will be possible to choose the necessary procedures to improve the condition of the hair . The service most demanded today in salons is nanoplasty.

What is nanoplasty?

It is an innovative hair service, making the keratin restoration of the curl structure a very effective straightening method that provides a healthy appearance. The curly strands, after this exposure, will be straight, elastic, and will enchant its owner with its brilliance.

It is carried out in a special composition, in which there is no formaldehyde with chemical fragrances. When this type of smoothing is done there are no strong odors, burning, discomfort. The basic composition of the product is amino acids, hydrolyzed keratin, collagen, also wheat proteins, silk, oils or other useful additives. Such care is safe, it can be used for children of any age, during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

Technological features

Preparations for nanoplasties are saturated to the maximum with useful substances, supplemented with safe chemical elements. That help penetrate the inside of the hair, working at the cellular level. Therefore, its structure becomes strong, nutrients are integrated, healthy from the inside. This approach is not easy to mask hair blemishes, but creates a very visually pretty effect, heals them directly.

Nanoplasty is recommended to be carried out in the salon with a professional, who was taught to perform this service, is familiar with all the nuances on your hair. A professional will be able to evaluate the condition of your hair to choose the most desired composition, time and mode of exposure.

It is important to know that during the procedure, the hair color may lighten, so it is better to postpone the application of the dye for the following week.

Preparations for this procedure are rich in amino acids, under the influence of temperature they penetrate the layer of the cortex of the hair. The acid begins to affect the pigment of the dye, pulling it out. Therefore, the primary color is lightened by 1-3 shades.

Difference between straightening and keratin.

The difference is only in the absence of formaldehyde with its derivatives. Which makes nanoplasty a safer and non-allergenic service . In the countries of the European Union, formaldehyde is prohibited, and in the United States, hairdressers are obliged to warn customers about its presence in the product to be used. Therefore, when performing hair keratin straightening, several safe use measures must be strictly followed.

Nanoplasty is a healing procedure with the effect of straightening curls from 80 to 100%, while keratin hair straightening is a special procedure to straighten them.

Different methods out there.

We present the 5 most used methods today for straightening.

Method 1: Chemical / Relaxing

What is it 

The chemical straightening , also known as relaxing. It is a smoothing cream which at the end of the process, the smooth structure is fixed with special active ingredients.


The way of working it is carried out in three steps . First, the straightening cream is mixed with the so-called activator and added directly to dry hair. Everything has to act for about 20 minutes before it can be rinsed off with a special shampoo and then fixed with a conditioner. It takes about ten minutes. Thereafter, the hair can be rinsed and dried.
By the way, the straightener is available in different strength levels for different hair types. If it is chosen too strong, the hair can be damaged. If it is too weak, the hair is slightly curly.

Completion time

In general, you can count on a hairdressing visit of up to two hours. Those who choose the home straightening pack will probably need a little less time.

Treatment duration

About three or four months , depending on the growth of each person’s hair, the faster it grows, the sooner you will have to repeat the procedure to get it perfect again.

You should keep this in mind: before the treatment, the hair should not have been washed for a few days . The sebum in the base protects the scalp against straightening.

Method 2: The Chi Transformation System

What is it

It is a highly advanced American technology. This method is a combination of negatively charged particles, silk molecules , special moisturizers, and an iron with ceramic plates.


First, wash yourself with a special shampoo. This is followed by a nourishing treatment that will give you towel-dried hair and you will have to work for about five minutes. Subsequently, the porous areas are treated with the silk preparation. This is followed by a spray that contains keratin . Now it is dried and the hair is divided into several parts, the first phase is applied and rinsed after 20 minutes. And again follow a careful treatment. After drying again with the dryer, the silk preparation is treated a second time. Now comes the use of the iron. Then follow phase two. This product corrects straightening. Then you have to rinse again and continue with the care product, rinse and dry. And ready!!

Completion time

With this method, you can take a day off to spend at the hairdresser. Because the longer and more hair you have, the longer the procedure will be. Minimum six hours, maximum about eight hours.

Duration of  treatment

Hair remains soft for up to a year. But as it grows it becomes curly, for which it is recommended to go for a subsequent treatment every four or six months.

You should keep this in mind: if you want to soften its share has grown hair, be sure not to treat and softened areas. Otherwise they could break.


The price starts at about € 250 for about a half hair and depending on the length of the hair, the density, the salon and the duration, the prices can vary a lot . So better inform yourself and ask in advance.

Method 3: Taninoplasty

What is it

Tannin is a natural vegetable tanning agent that uses heat to soften the hair structure. But purely natural, without chemicals or damage to the hair.


First, the hair is washed with a special deep cleansing shampoo. Only then can the tannin settle later in the hair fiber. Now it is applied with a brush strand by strand. It has to work in about 30 minutes . Then everything is washed well and the hair is dried with a hair dryer. In order to seal the product even deeper into the hair fiber and activate it , the hair must finally be combed with an iron.

Completion time

The complete treatment in the salon takes approximately one and a half to three hours, depending on the length of your hair.

Treatment duration

The effect should last up to three months .


The treatment is exclusive to the hairdresser and costs around € 150.

Method 4: Brazilian hair straightening / keratin straightening

What is it 

The Brazilian method is a keratin-based treatment  Keratin contains a substance called carbocysteine , which, with the help of heat (irons), redirects the sulfur bridges of the hair fiber and reconnects them.


The hair is washed with a spice shampoo l . It ensures that the cuticle layer is completely removed and the hair is “open”. The keratin is then applied with a brush and it should take some time to fill in damaged hair. Then it is washed, and dried with a hairdryer and brush. And on combed hair, apply a sealing conditioner, and after 10 minutes it is rinsed and we dry the hair completely again to finally pass the iron through very fine strands. The heat seals the keratin layer around the hair.

Completion time

The duration of the treatment depends on the length of the hair. In general, you should wait around 1.5 to 3 hours.

Treatment duration

Keratin treatments can last between three and six months, depending on the structure of the hair.

You should keep this in mind:  if you want to dye your hair, you should wait about a week after the treatment. It is generally recommended to dye the hair before treatment. This makes the color brighter and without keratin loss.


Depending on the length of the hair, the duration of the salon and the treatment, the price can vary between € 100 – 150 (short / medium hair) and € 300 – 350 (long hair).

Method 5: Heat Treatment / Japanese Hair Straightening / Yuko Method / Rebonification

What is it

Heat treatment is a process that breaks the ties of the hair . It was created in the 90s in Japan. It was invented by Yuko Yamashita , a Japanese stylist.


The hair is initially washed with a keratin shampoo. This is followed by a hair cream, which makes it flexible and separates the sulfur compounds at the root of the hair. It has to work for at least 30 to 45 minutes. Then it is washed and mechanically with a special ion straightening iron, the hair is straightened from the roots to the tips. This is followed by a neutralizing cream that works for a few minutes. It absorbs oxygen and stabilizes the sulfur compounds in the hair root again . This is followed again by the keratin shampoo and hair cream. After that, the hair is dried again with the ionic hair dryer and a brush.

Time  duration

The time in a hairdressing salon could be an average of two hours or two and a half hours, depending on the type and amount of hair we have.

Treatment duration

They should be kept trouble-free for a year. Only the root is wavy or curled and has to be re-straightened every six months .

Please  note: after treatment, hair should not be washed for three days or used with hair ties, tweezers or clips.  That could lead to wrinkles. However, this method is not suitable for strained, broken or very fragile African hair.

Price in the hairdressing salon.

The average cost varies from € 75 to € 300. It is affected by: long and thick hair, the price of the product used by the professional plus their work.

What are the effects of nanoplasty on our hair.

The effects that this treatment leaves us are:

  • Smooth fur.
  • Rebuilt.
  • Restructured.
  • Stronger.
  • Silky.
  • Repaired.
  • No frizz.
  • Younger.
  • Sparkly.

How long its effect lasts.

This treatment lasts at least 4 months. Beyond this time we will continue, noticing its effects but in a regressive way, since the hair tends to return to its natural state.

Step by step instructions

  1. Shampooing is usually done with deep cleansing shampoo .
  2. Application of the drug for nanoplasty. The exposure time of the composition, approximately 1 hour.
  3. Straightened ironing. It takes about 1.5 hours . Under the influence of temperature, the elements of the drug penetrate deeper into the hair, enveloping it.
  4. Rinse the residues, mask and dry.

It is advisable not to wash your head on the day. The sulfur-free shampoo will help preserve the beneficial trace elements with which the hair was nourished. Rinse well near the roots, it is better not to rub the curls, but to rinse gently. Use a balm or mask after hair wash.

Features of the application at home.

It is possible to carry out this procedure at home, but it is better to trust a professional . There will be unpleasant consequences if you leave the composition in too long, or if you choose the wrong exposure temperature.

If you have experience , the desire to save money and golden hands. You will need:

  • brush to apply the composition,
  • hair comb;
  • iron with adjustable temperature;
  • Hair dryer with hot / cold air functions.

Stages of the procedure at home:

  1. Wash your hair or wet it well.
  2. Spread them on the strands, apply the preparation for nanoplasty with a brush. It is not necessary to apply close to the roots, it is better to leave a distance of at least 2 cm. Distribute it evenly using a comb with frequent teeth. Something similar to the painting process.
  3. Leave the composition according to the instructions of the medicine, usually 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  4. Wash off with lukewarm water. Lightly pat dry with a towel.
  5. Hair dryer drying. Alternate cold air with heat.
  6. Using the iron, gently straighten the curls, strand by strand. This step must be done carefully. It is important to affect all hair. Depending on the thickness of the hair, select the temperature: 220 degrees is recommended for thick hair and 170 to 190 for fine hair. If the ends after this stage seem dry to you, you can put a little argan oil and, once again, iron.
  7. Wash your head with shampoo and conditioner, and pat dry.

Tip! Hair after nanoplasty should be laid with a hair dryer and a round comb (brushing), so that they do not curl at the tips.

What products to buy

You should buy professional products specifically designed for the nanoplasty procedure. It is not worth saving, it is better to take a good more expensive product from well-known companies (One Touch, Brazilian oils, Black Diamond Botox, Cocochoco Pure, etc.) to get a quality result.

The product must be certified. A good option would be to buy it in the salon, where you can accurately consult professionals about its use or in a specialized store.

How to prolong the nanoplasty treatment

Choose a suitable shampoo

Above all, opt for a product that does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). This is essential to maintain the effectiveness of your straightening! Even if the sulfate is used in foam products, it removes the natural keratin of the hair, as well as that provided by the Brazilian straightening. Furthermore, a product with a neutral pH is always preferred .

Go for keratin enriched treatments !

This is the best way to prolong the effects of your straightening. The products in the Keratin Therapy range are made for you. By adopting them in your hair routine, you will keep your hair strong, soft and healthy. In addition to your shampoo, do not hesitate to apply, once a week, a mask for an intense moment of nutrition.

Protect your hair from aggression.

First, check your shampoos . The limestone present in the water is one of the sworn enemies of your Brazilian smoothing. In fact, it dries your hair and makes it rough and dull. On the other hand, always wait a week later to put on a color. Finally, during your summer holidays, rinse your hair with fresh water after every bath (sea, pool). You will get rid of chlorine or salt that alter the vitality of your hair.

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