Daurico Body Oil From Natura Siberica, Analysis And Alternative

More than an oil, it is a super thick body butter that nourishes the skin wonderfully.

It is ideal for dry and sensitive skin as well, as it is enriched with several very nourishing and skin-friendly oils.

Contains Siberian Ginseng , which is rich in minerals that help revitalize the skin. It also has rosehip oil that increases the immunity of the epidermis.

It smells very good thanks to the dauric oils and the lemon and rosemary oils , with aromatherapeutic and anti-inflammatory effects.

This unctuous body butter is perfect to use after a night shower or bath, and especially after the spa and sauna, as the hot and humid air opens and cleanses the pores, which helps the active components to penetrate more deeply, saturate the skin with nutrients and leave it really soft.

Its texture is quite thick (almost like real butter), but when you heat it with your hands and massage it on the skin, it melts like an oil.

It feels great on the skin and is long-lasting hydration.

The good thing about this butter is that at least 95% of its ingredients are of vegetable origin, and it is free of petrochemicals, silicones, parabens and artificial dyes .

But before making a personal assessment, we are going to analyze all its ingredients to see what we find.

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Daurico Body Oil Analysis of Natura Siberica

Daurico Body Oil Analysis Summary of Natura Siberica

The dauric oil from Natura Siberica has a good amount of fatty acids that are very emollient and restorative, although it is regrettable that one of them can be irritating.

The glycerine , which is another great emollient and conditioning, also is present, to the like vitamin E , a good antioxidant.

One of the main assets is the Siberian ginseng extract , which is an interesting ingredient for its lightening, repairing properties and to promote the formation of collagen.

Another of the extracts that it includes is that of Siberian pine needles , which is good for restoring damaged skin, and preventing the loss of moisture in the skin. This is perfect for any skin type.

The first oil that we find is that of rose hip , which will come in handy to regenerate, nourish and as an antioxidant protector against free radicals.

They have also added extracts from other Siberian plants that help repair the skin barrier, reduce water loss, and moisturize the epidermis.

One of the dauric oils that it includes is sea ​​buckthorn , a good moisturizer, protector, antioxidant, and skin softener; although the best thing is that it had been found in a higher concentration.

The same goes for flax seed oil , which acts as a conditioner, soothing, and anti-inflammatory, which comes in handy for sensitive skin and tired legs.

And it is combined with oils like lemon peel , which works well as an astringent and antibacterial, although it can cause a reaction when exposed to the sun (so be very careful about applying it without sunscreen).

Finally, we find rosemary oil , which is another great antioxidant. After an emollient and several fragrances, the INCI of the product is finished.

Generally speaking, this dauric oil offers great hydration, has quite good ingredients, and fulfills its function with outstanding.

However, I would recommend it more for really dry skin, since its texture in butter instead of oil is more cumbersome, since it must be worked on before and during its application so that it really penetrates the deepest layers.

Those who do not have dry skin may find it a bit excessive, and even oily, although it is not a product that provides fat at all.

What the brand mentions that it is free of petrochemicals, silicones, parabens and artificial dyes is true, and it also works with many ingredients of plant and organic origin, something that is always appreciated.

I am a little concerned about the fatty acid that is included at the beginning and that it can be neurotoxic and irritating, especially since this product is for daily use, which can accelerate the combined effect of cosmetics.

And because you have to be careful with the sun, as it includes lemon peel oil and can cause a reaction.

It is true that it is in a low concentration, but the risk is there.

In the end, there are many options for body oils, and many of them are better than the one proposed by the Natura Siberica brand.


Out of the entire selection of body oils we’ve tried, we stick with Nuxe and his Huile Prodigieuse.

I like its formula better, because its active ingredients are more concentrated, and it avoids any agent that can irritate or damage the skin, both in the short and long term.

Its oil texture makes the application much faster, and it dries instantly, leaving the skin very soft and pleasantly scented.

Since I have used it, my skin is much more nourished and velvety. And it can also be applied to the face and hair to reap its full benefits from head to toe.

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