Natural Deodorants: Side Effects, Benefits, Recipes And Contraindications

The issue of body odor is synonymous with the concern of many people who produce a lot of sweat , and are in search of some natural homemade ingredient that helps them keep these odors at bay, as well as reduce excessive sweating, without the use of cosmetic products that are made up of chemicals and are widely found on the commercial market.

This work is not difficult, you just have to be patient, because you have to gather the corresponding ingredients, to start with the elaboration, its process takes a reasonable time, however it will give you an excellent result and abundant content that will last for a long period. In relation to this issue, the ingredients to be used can be located without problems in pharmacies and health product stores.

The good health of the body is based on the personal care and hygiene that we all must carry out, if what affects you considerably is the characteristic body odor of your feet and your armpits , there are natural options for this, however it is very important That you know that this is due to the regular process that the body undergoes to expel toxins , which it does not need, this organic process must be carried out through urine, or sweat respectively, in this article we will guide you regarding the use of techniques and natural ingredients suitable for this condition.

Continuing with the aforementioned issues, it is important to note that there are cases of people who, even applying natural methods and techniques, have not yet been able to solve the problem, and this is because it is something more than normal for their body is its nature. It occurs in any person, only some with a higher incidence than others, on the other hand, it is suggested to practice a series of habits corresponding to cleaning and care, as well as the use of deodorants or creams that contribute to its control and counteract this unpleasant situation .

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What are natural deodorants?

It is a cosmetic product made with chemical or natural components distributed in commercial stores, so that people can have an ally and deal with strong odors of the body which can be a bit uncomfortable , in addition to this, a set of hygiene habits to keep the body clean free of impurities , through the use of soap and water.

Deodorants of ecological origin turn out to be much more efficient and super economical, coupled with this with the possibility that you prepare it in the comfort of your home, the most beneficial thing about this procedure is that it is very healthy , without toxic or harmful components yourself you can control what it will have, equally you will get a abundant product that will be of benefit to you for a long time.

This results in a great benefit to control bad odors, but it is also more efficient, economical and healthy unlike cosmetic deodorants made by large cosmetic industries and that are distributed in stores that are made with chemical products that generate disadvantages. such as irritation or redness of the skin, spots , dependence, as well as aggravating the problem of bad smell, many negative effects that you will not want to have .

What is the origin of natural deodorants?

The use of products to combat strong body odors dates from the time of Egyptian civilizations , who used the union of citrus concentrates with cinnamon and thus avoid the stale odors of their body, other fragrances that were to their liking for this condition were the carob, lavender and incense , that happened in ancient times.

Some time later during the Middle Ages , only the rich could smell better than the other settlers, since they had the possibility of acquiring fragrances made into perfumes, as well as constantly cleaning themselves because they used to have barrels full of hot water and in this way they got rid from the bad smell, however this was not for everyone, the poorest only bathed with super cold waters to be able to stay clean.

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During the time of 1888, the first antiperspirant product was released, which was made with zinc chloride, and was called Mum , this product was like a paste-like wax that was smeared on the armpits. Later in 1890 , many products similar to the first antiperspirants based on an aluminum chloride compound emerged , giving way to the manufacture of multiple derivatives that were marketed with great success as pads, talcs, creams, roll-ons , with a common purpose to deal with the bad smell.

Aerosol-type products were released in 1950, some time later, a number of aerosol or spray deodorants as it is also known were marketed, basically made with chlorofluorocarbon, and aluminum zirconium , this was a great success. type of products that impacted people, that purchases became very frequent generating an estimated 70% increase in the production and sale of said deodorants.

According to studies they determined in 1977, that it is harmful to health, which is why the use of the aluminum zirconium compound was prevented, because it would give rise to health conditions, through inhalation or application , it was not only with respect to This component was also emphasized on chlorofluorocarbon or CFC, for generating considerable alterations and damage to the ozone layer. .

In relation to this , the bar and roll-on presentations were formulated to use these chemical components and therefore as a replacement for sprays , and provide another option for solving the problem.

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Currently it is very common that we find different promotions related to deodorants and antiperspirants , all according to your need and the taste of each one, as well as there are roll-ons, there are also bars with various fragrances and determined for each type of skin , normal, sensitive on the market are highly commercialized.

There are some active ingredients that are currently used for the manufacture of antiperspirants and deodorants with components of aluminum sulfate, aluminum chlorohydrate, modified aluminum zirconium, aluminum chloride, in a small proportion so as not to cause greater health problems. when inhaled. There are some people who have incredible genetics and do not require frequent use of deodorants since they do not generate strong or continuous body odors.

The presentation in creams, bars or in roll-on are the most used by people with multiple fragrances, brands present in the commercial market.

Recipes to prepare natural deodorants

Make a solid deodorant

To make a solid deodorant you must have on hand the easy-to-find ingredients, usually they will also leave a consistency of the bar similar to that of the shops, with the difference that it is totally natural, these are:

  • The essential oil that you like the most, only 1 or 2 drops are enough
  • The coconut oil must be virgin and that this wet grind of this requires only 3 tablespoons
  • The cornstarch or turmeric that is powder only enough with 2 tablespoons
  • The sodium bicarbonate is very important occupies only 3 tablespoons
  • 2 tablespoons is enough shea butter

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Preparation mode

  • The first thing to do is have a container for a water bath where you will place the shea butter and also the coconut oil , bring to the fire through the water bath and proceed to melt both products, another way to do it is to deposit these ingredients in a glass container with its lid to immerse it in hot water and thus the so-called bain-marie is made.
  • For this it is very important that the heat is low or slow , stirring frequently to help incorporate them as it should be.
  • Once the ingredients are melted, it is quickly removed from the heat.
  • In addition, you must add the baking soda and the turmeric powder . To be added little by little in the previous preparation, stirring vigorously to avoid lumps or get hard .
  • Once this is done, you can add the essential oil of your choice to incorporate a touch of fragrance, only use what is recommended so that the smell is not too concentrated.

It is very important to note that not all oils are good for the skin, some can be irritating in cases of sensitive skin. That is why it is recommended that before using any oil you use a drop in the armpit area to test the good or negative reaction on your skin.

Among the most used essential oils are the following:

  • The cinnamon
  • The cedar wood
  • Lavender’s
  • The one with lemon balm
  • The one with patchouli
  • The One With The Tea Tree
  • The eucalyptus
  • The one with incense
  • The lemon
  • The sage
  • The one with orange
  • The bergamot

General recommendations

  1. Place the preparation in the container of your choice. It is important to know that it does not require special care to store it. However, it is also recommended to place the final preparation in a container so that it can cool down and take consistency , and once this is done, it will be suitable for use whenever you like.
  2. The options to solidify this mixture can be the emptying in molds in a circular shape, of pallets, once cold they can be taken to the refrigerator for a time of one hour in order to make it form consistency before being used, later you must protect it into pieces of parchment so that they do not stick together, if they are exposed to a lot of heat they can melt.
  3. Storage should be in a cool place . However, it is prudent to adapt a place away from the natural heat from the sun so as not to run the risk of it melting.

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Making a solid deodorant without baking soda

This type of deodorant is for those people who tend to have sensitive skin to ingredients such as sodium bicarbonate used under the arm, for this, have these ingredients on hand that we will mention below in support of a kitchen weight to adapt the quantities required:

  • It occupies only 10 grams of vegetable oil that you want, it can be palm, castor, avocado, almond, they adapt very well.
  • Coconut oil is required in just 30 grams.
  • Choose the essential oil you want and use only 10 drops
  • Turmeric preferably powder only 15 grams is enough
  • Weighing only 20 grams of shea butter will be more than enough
  • The beeswax is included only 10 grams.
  • It weighs 15 grams of diatomite with excellent nutritional properties.
  • Use 1 capsule of vitamin E is enough.

Preparation mode

In a saucepan, place the shea butter, together with the beeswax, with the coconut oil, the vegetable oil. All these ingredients are going to melt in a water bath, with low heat , you can also do it by depositing the ingredients in a glass jar with a good lid so that it does not throw away and place it in the hot water so it is cooked in a water bath. in a different way. Very important it takes a while so you must have a lot of patience.

When you see that they have already melted, turn off the heat and remove them from the stove. And if the melted beeswax complete with this preparation is ready, if by any chance it becomes very hot, let it rest or cool for five minutes only , to this you must add the vitamin E, the turmeric, the essential oil, stirring very well without waiting. nothing since it tends to take shape soon and the mixture becomes hard, incorporate them all very well so that you can concentrate throughout the preparation.

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It is essential to carry out a small test of the essential oil that you selected on the armpit region, a couple of minutes to check that it does not irritate your skin.

Once this procedure is done, you only have to place the prepared content in a container that is deep so that it cools down and takes adequate consistency, usually it is quickly changing to a solid and compact state, the new natural deodorant is ready, to be used whenever you want, it will be of great help and advantage for the skin of your armpits

Another way is to place it in individual containers, they will be well distributed, ideal to share with other people in your family, very important before using it is convenient to place them in the refrigerator or fry for an hour for best results. On the other hand, it is stored by using pieces of parchment paper , or butter, this is done so that they do not stick if it were to melt, so it is suggested to place them in a cool, dry and clean place . And save it to prevent them from sticking together in case they melt.

Make a spray deodorant

The ingredients to make yourself a deodorant spray of natural origin, which will not cause skin redness or irritation, are very few, they are easy to get and their preparation is simple, among these we have:

  • The essential oil that you like the most will only occupy between 10 or 14 drops
  • You need only 113 ml or 4 ounces of magnesium oil

These ingredients can be found in stores that sell natural products as well as in pharmacies, if it is to your liking to prepare the oils as well, do it, it is easy, we start by telling you that magnesium oil is made with only a handful or half a cup of magnesium chloride. along with half a cup of distilled water that is boiling in a saucepan ideal for heat , then let it rest and cool.

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Later you can incorporate the essential oil, with the fragrance that you like the most by adding 10 or 15 drops. Magnesium oil is placed in this preparation, it is very important to take into account using a small amount the size of a drop on the skin in order to observe its reaction to it, if the reaction is positive, that is, it does not itch, irritation then if you can use it for your deodorant .

This preparation is already suitable to be used so you must store it in a spray or atomizer container . The idea is a container that can easily spray the deodorant and not one that squirts it because it would waste a lot. The storage place is not a problem unlike other natural preparations, this can certainly be in your room, or in the bathroom if you wish.

You must replace the content once it is finished, another very important recommendation is to avoid using just after shaving because it causes irritation in the armpit, this happens when there is little substance left because it is there when the magnesium chloride is concentrated , that is why It is suggested that you do not wait to use until the last of the preparation.

Homemade deodorant with aloe vera

To do it you only need the following:


  • Aloe vera or aloe vera gel only in 2 tablespoons will be enough
  • Floral water or if you don’t have sage tea, just 1 tablespoon
  • The stone or granites of alum if you do not have, substitute 2 teaspoons of bicarbonate
  • Lemon juice takes a teaspoon if you do not have vinegar in equal quantity
  • Glycerin in 1 teaspoon
  • It only takes about 10 drops of essential oils of smell that you want

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  1. In a container you must the portion of the bicarbonate next to the portion of the lemon and join well, usually this fusion produces a little foam to which you should wait for it to fall and rest.
  2. To this preparation, add the floral water and the sage tea continue stirring until the foam is finished.
  3. Once ready add the aloe vera gel while beating to incorporate everything.
  4. Subsequently, add the glycerin to the mixture while continuing to move the preparation.
  5. Right after, add the 10 drops of essential oil and continue beating until all this is well incorporated.
  6. Finally you just have to store it in a container that you like and it is ready to use.

Homemade deodorant with lemon


  • Rosemary only 4 tablespoons
  • Witch hazel extract only in 10 drops
  • Water the amount of 100 ml
  • Just 5 drops of lemon essence are enough
  • Po last requires 3 tablespoons of baking soda


  1. It is placed in a saucepan over the fire to boil the water
  2. Once the boiling point starts, add the rosemary leaves
  3. Then the stove is turned off and removed from the stove, leaving it to rest for about 10 minutes
  4. To this preparation add the partner bicarbonate and stir well
  5. Then you can add the witch hazel extract and the lemon essence
  6. Continue stirring the mixture to fully integrate the ingredients, then reserve in a tightly covered container.

Homemade deodorant with coconut oil


  • You need the baking soda in 1/4 cup
  • Coconut oil in 1 cup serving
  • 3/4 cup serving of cornstarch
  • 1 tablespoon respectively of beeswax
  • The clay in just 2 tablespoons
  • Just 5 more than enough drops of citronella essential oil
  • Tea tree essential oil in 25 drops respectively

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  1. You should place the coconut oil and beeswax in a heat-resistant pot over medium heat to melt.
  2. Once melted, turn off the stove and remove it from there and add the clay, cornstarch and baking soda.
  3. Move a lot until the temperature is lowered and it is cooled down
  4. After doing this, carefully add the selected essential oils, continue stirring until it cools completely .
  5. In a natural way she takes shape and hardens a little

Benefits of using natural deodorants

The advantages and benefits towards health and skin with the use of homemade or natural deodorant are many and varied respectively, in the same way they are used to apply in any area of the body especially for the area of ​​the feet which also expel odors powerful.

The elaboration of a natural product like this guarantees an improvement in the economy such that, in general, a significant amount is produced for a good time, at the same time that it provides a delicate perfume to your liking , without forgetting that it is natural without any chemicals. , and you will be sure of not presenting spots or redness of the skin, in the following article we mention other important advantages such as:

Prevents clogging of armpit pores

Many of the cosmetic or antiperspirant deodorants that are bought regularly act by blocking the sweat particles so that they do not come out, that is, it is clogging the pores of the armpits which is not healthy, because the body has the need to remove all of it toxins that you do not need, in this way prevents impurities from coming out through the skin or sweat.

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Aluminum free

In general, the main component of antiperspirants is aluminum , as well as cosmetic deodorants, it is worth noting that this chemical component is very toxic , on the other hand, it is a difference that it has from homemade deodorants that lack aluminum, however it works by reducing excessive sweating of the skin where the product is applied. This is due to the stone alum beads that are able to do this for your body.

Suitable for sensitive skin

Sensitive skins are highly protected thanks to the natural essential oils that are incorporated in natural homemade deodorants, some oils are of plant origin as well as their natural fragrances . From the above we can conclude that the skin of the armpits is especially cared for free of redness and spots.

They keep the aroma

The mixture of various essential oils provides greater protection, control of sweating as well as bad odors, they are easily absorbed into the skin without any risk because it is totally a natural product.

Less stains on clothes

Another important benefit is that it does not leave residues on clothing or in the armpit as such, thanks to the fact that it does not contain any chemical compound, for example aluminum, which is a chemical that usually causes the elements described above when they are united with sweat. .


A practical way to make natural deodorant leans towards the economic factor that allows to obtain a natural product, which also results in a large quantity to be used in a long time, and you stop buying deodorants in stores that are increasingly damaging and their monetary value is larger.

It is more ecological

By making the spray deodorant at home, it generates favorable changes not only for you, but also for the planet since you will use the natural thing free of polluting chemical agents that seriously affect our planet.

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Contraindications and side effects of using natural deodorants

According to studies carried out, no incidence has been detected on the use of natural deodorants with respect to diseases such as breast cancer, which is why the National Cancer Institute does not have studies that support something negative.

However, it is very important to recognize that not all people tolerate natural products, some can trigger allergies to some of them, this is an acceptable statement that many should know before using natural deodorant for themselves.

People with sensitive skin type should be very cautious when buying a natural deodorant, so you should read what are the natural ingredients within its content and determine if you have presented any type of allergies to some of them. For example, there are some cases where people are highly sensitive to Aloe vera as it causes redness of the skin despite being a natural plant.

On the other hand, we have a compound called natural gas , which could turn out to be propylene glycol , which is a main cause of skin conditions , so it is suggested to detail the product labels well and recognize each compound ingredient.

In that sense, they are also that natural deodorant is made up of a set of essential oils, and could even contain alcohol in it, and they realize only when it is applied and you have received a cut with a blade especially after shaving because it burns when applied .

In summary, there are other cases of skin dryness when several capable of accumulating, generating burning or itching simultaneously, in addition to triggering certain allergies to fragrances , or ingredients that compose them respectively , however the use of natural deodorants is always recommended to avoid these annoyances.

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Normally when you start a natural product such as deodorants, you notice that you do not have the desired effect immediately, this because you must give your body time to assimilate it and adapt it regularly to generate its respective effectiveness, so do not despair .

All natural-type deodorants act not only to prevent unpleasant odors , they also do so to deal with the excessive production of sweat, harmful bacteria , facilitating the expulsion of toxins from the body, recognizing that the bacteria present there are the cause. of these ugly and unpleasant smells.

Natural deodorants, can they cause allergies? Why?

It is ideal that you use the correct amounts for the preparation of natural deodorants or another product because in excess it causes adverse reactions to those that we initially expect. There are cases in which they add more amount of sodium bicarbonate to which the body responds through a reaction in the skin giving way to become red or irritated .

The skin must be treated with special care, with moisturizing creams , if they can be natural and the incidence of the use of chemical products on it decreases, which they do is damage it, remember that it is the largest organ of the body and deserves special Attention, exfoliate from time to time, nourish it daily, do not poison it with cosmetics of chemical compounds that considerably alter it.

In cosmetic stores it is very common to notice that people who go to buy natural products such as creams or deodorants, inquire about how to make them at home following the formulas or homemade ingredients , this is carried out because there are many harmful effects on the skin generated by the use of products with chemical components respectively.

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Most of the most notorious adverse effects are characterized by alcohols , aluminum, parabens or others.

From this perspective, effects generally produced by coconut oil are noted, this effect is called staining, or a lot of alkalization due to the irresponsible increase in amounts of sodium bicarbonate , which in turn causes severe allergies, and alters the natural pH of the skin. leading to dryness, rashes, or other conditions.

The abrupt change from cosmetic deodorant made by industries and with chemical components to a natural deodorant that are made in-house with natural ingredients , can affect you and overflow a series of reactions that you obviously did not expect, for which it is not definitive, there is always a solution to These problems, such as redness, rash or dryness, here we will describe what to do.

For people who are just starting to use this type of natural deodorant they may feel pain, flaking, itching, redness, lumps, and it is normal while the body adapts, however if you come from using cosmetics with chemicals in a natural way It is normal due to a change to which the axillary area is not used.

Among the causes with the highest incidence that originate this type of eruption are:

  • If your skin type is extremely sensitive to sodium bicarbonate, it should be noted that not all people tolerate it, however sodium bicarbonate is considered a natural component that fights odor and as it turns out to be high-level alkaline It provides the alteration of the pH of the skin, in addition to causing this area to become red and irritated.
  • Once the incident factor in skin irritation is controlled , the amount to be used is lowered in this way the other components are incorporated that if tolerated by the skin with a touch of acid to achieve pH stability.
  • Ideally, your body detoxifies itself from all those chemical products to which they were subjected for a long time, and that little by little it passes into the sweat glands and blocks the follicles so that sweat and therefore toxins are not expelled.

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This change is favorable for people, facilitating the expulsion of harmful toxins that were trapped between the follicles and therefore generate these reactions, it is a natural defense mechanism of the skin that is releasing impurities, giving way to the exploration of a new product. healthy free of chemicals and giving total sanitation to your skin.

You should always be cautious and read the components that are integrated into the product you want to buy, if you read it after using it when you had an adverse reaction then go to the doctor for a better opinion and follow his recommendations.

Recommendations for the use of natural deodorants

Modifying the usual use of a product to start with another is not an easy task, because there are some deodorants that concentrate high levels of metals , as well as chemical substances in the follicles, contracting them and between layer and layer it noticeably affects the freshness of the skin. this coupled with the excess sweating that mixes with the aluminum.

There are many people who have started this process of change for which they must be patient, it is not easy to detoxify the area of ​​aluminum that was applied for a long time, and therefore to cope with the effects that are linked with sweat and dirt , and due process and that we have already mentioned.

The new stage with the natural deodorant requires about 15 days to adapt, so at the beginning it generates such unpleasant odors that you will feel regretful but calm is part of the process, it goes little by little to control it again, this time more natural and healthy . That is why we suggest you endure changes in the skin and even body odor due to the release of toxins, to make way for the improvement of this situation that can be controlled.

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The use of a natural deodorant makes the skin want to be free of the harmful substances to which it was subjected, therefore it expels bacteria that were contained there, more impure residues of sweat, grease, dirt, it is logical that when they decompose they smell very bad , but not everything is bad , the application of the new natural deodorant is also favorable because it makes a protective shield where bacteria and impurities have no place, in addition to contributing to the natural cleaning of the area, improving its softness, also balancing the pH in them, in short, returning their stability and total health that they almost cried out for.

 A habit of cleaning and daily hygiene is very useful to help in the matter, so it is good to use plenty of warm water combined with soap to leave them very clean, while doing a brief but significant exfoliation for about 30 minutes. If you have a sponge or element that serves to scrub and remove impurities, use it with complete confidence, after this you will feel freshness, softness and the area more revitalized than ever.

At the end of the main toilet, it is suggested to apply a moisturizer in the area , again keeping the pH in the armpits in control, as well as giving health to the capillary points there. Always observe your skin and analyze it so that you are not surprised by any future irritation through the use of natural deodorants.

Rule out any possibility of this, so it is better to place a small amount of essential oil on the skin, if it does not leave you redness, it implies that the person responsible for the irritations leans towards the sodium bicarbonate contained in the product.

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