Easy Natural And Simple Tips To Boost Hair Growth

Normally we are used to considering hair as one more accessory of our personal image, that is why we apply so much care to it to be able to keep it in good condition, soft, shiny and silky. Since these details are essential for the hair to look in the best way to be displayed.

In addition, healthy hair is also a reflection of a good state of health , since the vitamins and nutrients that we ingest through food contribute to keeping it in good condition, there is also the importance of keeping it in good condition. .

However, hair goes far beyond an aesthetic accessory , it actually does have a function and an importance for the human body. Hair is a continuation of the scalp, which is made up of a keratin fiber, and consists of a root and a shaft.

In this way, we can say that hair has two functions , which are:

  • Aesthetics: For thousands of years, hair has been a symbol of people’s personal image, so it has always been important and people have been concerned about its care.
  • Protective: Hair acts as a skin protector, in the case of hair it protects the scalp from changes in temperature.

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Because hair provides a protective function, it consists of certain properties , which are determined by the high level of keratin they contain and are the following:

  • Resistance: Hair has resistance due to the cells it contains, which are united with each other due to the action of a substance that works as if it were a kind of cement. For this reason, hair can resist high temperatures and changes in pH.
  • Elasticity: The elasticity of the hair is one of its most important properties that it contains, since this is why the hair can resist changes in volume and length.
  • Static: Hair has electrical properties, when it is rubbed or combed while dry it can produce static electricity.
  • Permeability: Which allows the hair to absorb liquids.

In this way, it is fully confirmed that hair is much more than a simple accessory , but it can also suffer from diseases that affect its appearance and shape, as well as growth and cause hair loss.

Therefore, it is very necessary to be aware of hair diseases, since in this way we can find a way to prevent them and thus prevent them from developing or worsening and becoming permanent.

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Signs and symptoms that your hair is not growing in a healthy way

When our hair does not grow in a healthy way, it can be noticed through various signs and symptoms, since it can be seen with the naked eye that hair health is being affected by a problem. These problems can be diseases such as:

Seborrheic dermatitis

This is one of the most common hair problems, which is characterized by causing inflammation, redness and scaling on the scalp due to the excessive secretion of sebaceous substances. This disease is produced by certain factors such as chemical, biological, physical agents and in certain cases it can also affect the emotional.

This disease can appear at any time in our lives, both in men and women , and its excessive production is called dandruff.

To do? Use a shampoo that contains salicylic acid or ketoconazole in 2% strength. Rub your hair in for five minutes before applying the rinse. Don’t expose your hair to low air conditioning or heating temperatures. Take care of your diet and comb your hair daily to improve blood circulation.

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Frontal alopecia

Frontal alopecia is a form of alopecia where the hairline suffers from a progressive recession, which in most cases is accompanied by the loss or reduction of eyebrow hair.

This problem can be remedied by hair transplants in the areas where the loss or decrease of the same occurred.

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It is when flaking occurs on the skin due to the excessive reproduction of skin cells. This disease is common at any age.

To remedy this problem we must apply a product that serves as a treatment to remove the scales, then we must wash the hair with a shampoo that contains tar and use a good conditioner. In addition, we must pay special attention to the health of our scalp to prevent inflammation, infections and excessive hair loss from occurring.

In hair health there are three details to take into account, all we have to do is take a hair from the top of our head, pluck it from the roots and take into account: the thickness, the color and the texture. In these three points we must evaluate the following details:

  • As for the thickness, you should take the hair and place the tip and the root together, if the thickness of the hair is thinner at the ends it is because the health of the hair is in degradation, therefore it will feel dry and with less volume. .
  • Regarding the color , if the tip of the hair is with a less vivid color than the root, this indicates that the hair has a low level of hydration. In this case, the hair will also present split ends and will be more susceptible to static electricity, thus losing manageability.
  • Regarding the texture, if a hair has less shine at the ends compared to the root and in addition to this it lacks softness, it means that the hair cuticle is in poor condition, hence the lack of shine. When a hair is healthy, its appearance and texture is the same at the root and at the tip.

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Tips to grow your hair healthy

When it comes to growing our hair in the healthiest way, we must take into account factors beyond beauty products , since the health of our hair does not depend only on the external factors that are applied to the hair, but also of a series of things that we do on a daily basis.

So, to promote healthy hair growth we have to:

Change your diet

Through food we can make our body absorb nutrients, vitamins and minerals, so it is very important that it is healthy and balanced, many factors depend on our diet and hair is one of them.

Our diet influences a lot when it comes to the appearance of the hair , so we must ensure that our diet is rich in nutrients and vitamins, so you should eat more fruits, lean meats, vegetables and fish.

Increases blood flow

If the blood flows adequately to the area of ​​our hair, it will proceed to grow more effectively, therefore we can apply a series of massages to our scalp, for ten minutes a day. We can do this while we wash our hair or simply while we watch television.

Increase your intake of vitamin B and E

These vitamins help hair growth and others to keep it healthy, therefore you should consume more fish, nuts, legumes, avocado, apples, bananas and vegetable oils.

Cut the ends of your hair every three months

This should not be done very often since what you want is for the hair to be long, so what we must do is apply this procedure only every three months to eliminate problems of split or dry ends and enhance their growth.

Follow these simple tips and in no time you will be able to enjoy problem-free , healthy, strong and long hair . It only depends on the care that you give to your hair to be able to obtain favorable results in a very short time.

Avoid water at very high temperatures

Do not wash your hair with very hot water, as it could cause damage to the scalp, always opt for warm water or implement warm. And when you go to rinse off the conditioner or before you get out of the shower, wash with a little cold water so that the hair follicles close.

Detangle your hair while you comb your hair

You must take into account that when detangling the hair you must do it from the roots to the ends, the brushes you use must be wide and large bristles. In this way you will improve and enhance blood flow in the head.

Treat your hair in the right way

You cannot want healthy hair if you do not treat it well, for this you should not tie it very tightly, do not use an iron or dryer on a very recurring basis and if you are going to do it try to apply a treatment that prevents severe damage to these devices Do not dye your hair with products that are very strong in chemical content.

There are many people who suffer and get frustrated because they do not get fast hair growth or because the hair simply does not grow after a certain length. Hair should normally grow approximately one and a half centimeters per month , this is the average, but sometimes there are cases that exceed or are below this average.

It is more common to see a person who is below average hair growth , than above it, which is why there are so many methods to promote hair growth more quickly.

In some cases, things like stress and our rhythm of life affect hair growth, therefore, if we suffer from this and want longer hair, we must opt ​​for an additional treatment that helps us stimulate our hair.

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Homemade recipes and Treatments for your hair to grow faster and healthier

Olive oil and rosemary

These ingredients enhance hair growth like no other ingredient does. What you should do is mix half a cup of olive oil with two tablespoons of rosemary, heat the mixture in the microwave for two minutes.

This should be left to rest for three days and then apply to your hair giving gentle massages, perform this procedure after shampooing but before conditioner a couple of times a week.

Green Tea

This tea contains many beneficial properties for our body and hair is not an aspect that escapes its power. For this reason you should drink green tea daily, you can ingest it as many times as you want and in this way you can make your hair look healthier and stronger.

Vegetable oils and nuts

Vegetable oils such as olive, corn and sunflower, avocado and nuts are rich in vitamins B and E, therefore their consumption will enhance the growth of strong and healthy hair.


The egg yolk has very good properties for hair health, therefore an egg yolk treatment is very beneficial for the hair to grow in a healthy way, what we must do is use three egg yolks to apply on the hair and leave Let them act for fifteen minutes and then wash your hair as you normally would.


It is an excellent product to make hair grow naturally, strong and healthy. So well, the best thing you can do is add a little of this fruit to your shampoo and wash your hair with it as you normally do.

Aloe vera and honey

Extract the gel from some aloe leaves and mix this with two tablespoons of honey. Use this mixture to apply to hair and let it sit for twenty minutes, then rinse normally.

Although it is a vegetable that has a very strong smell, it is a great help to make hair grow faster. To take advantage of this, chop a small onion and add it to your shampoo, let it sit for fifteen days and then start using this shampoo as you normally would.

Tomato, olive oil and aloe vera

What you should do is mix a tomato with a little olive oil and the crystals of an aloe leaf.

Olive oil and milk

This method, unlike the previous ones, must be ingested. Drink a glass of warm milk with a tablespoon of olive oil on an empty stomach and this will improve the quality of your hair.

Grape oil

Use this oil to massage your hair, let it act for a few minutes and then rinse your hair. This product is very beneficial to use as a complement to other treatments such as masks and rinses.


The banana contains vitamin E, therefore it nourishes the hair and improves its growth. Crush a banana and add a little honey, use this mixture to apply to the root of the hair and let it act for a few minutes and wash.

Follow these simple treatments and tips and you can get long , soft, shiny, silky and healthy hair . It is only a matter of following the steps and taking into account the details to the letter, in this way we can achieve the most favorable results in our hair.

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The hair has an estimated growth on a monthly basis , however, there are times that people want long hair, but it is below this average, so the work slows down or the hair may not even grow after a certain measure.

That is why there are many methods and tips to make hair grow faster , since with a little stimulation on the scalp it can be achieved that the hair increases its growth speed.

In this way, here we will tell you a series of treatments that you can follow to increase the growth of your hair:

Cut the ends

Although it may sound a bit counterintuitive, cutting the ends of your hair can help your hair grow out. When cutting it we must remove only a little of the tips, to remove the damaged parts. This process serves as compensation and will increase hair growth. We have to do this frequently, at least once a month.

Perform massages with essential oils

Scalp massages increase blood flow in this area, which directly benefits hair growth. In addition, if we use essential oils we can provide vitamins that also help the hair to be nourished and improve its quality and growth.

All you have to do is choose the oil of your choice, paying close attention to its composition, and apply it to your hair once or twice a week, massage with this oil and let it act for a few minutes and finally rinse your hair. This will also make your hair shine.

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Keep hydrated

Thanks to the intake of water we can keep our cells in perfect condition, so that the hair grows healthier and faster. Therefore, you should drink a lot of water daily.

Avoid using dryers and hair straighteners

These devices work with very high temperatures, which is why they significantly and obviously damage our hair. If you cannot avoid its use, at least avoid doing it very often and in any case apply a treatment that protects your hair from the thermal effects of these artifacts.

Eat more protein

Food is an important part for any aspect of our body and therefore also for the health of our hair. For this reason, a balanced diet and especially rich in protein can provide us with unmatched benefits in terms of hair health, try to follow a diet rich in protein, at least at breakfast, and you will begin to notice how your hair will look healthier , strong and its growth will not be delayed by any factor.

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Potato water

Potato water is rich in vitamin B, which has a considerable influence on hair growth, therefore applying the water to the scalp and massaging for a few minutes will provide us with good results in terms of hair health.

Birth control pills

Acquire any type of contraceptive pill, crush a few, at least ten of them, then proceed to dissolve them in a little alcohol and add this to your shampoo, this will provide increased hair growth.

This method works effectively because the pills are full of estrogen, which stimulates the hair to grow.

Oils and plants used to grow hair healthy

Feeling that our hair has stopped growing is common among many people, since this is a fact when our hair lacks hydration, nutrition and certain types of care.

When we want to have healthy hair with a good growth rate, we have to ensure that it does not have split ends and is in good condition , for this we must use products that work optimally on our hair.

Caring for our hair depends on the way we handle it , we must apply a shampoo that suits our needs, since we can get thousands of different brands on the market. In the same way, we have to provide some treatment from time to time, be it the application of a blister or a more specialized treatment.

In cosmetic centers, today, we can get thousands of treatments for our hair, such as hydrations, baths rich in platelets, collagen application, keratin application, hair surgeries and many others . These treatments are good to apply from time to time, of course, if you have the possibility of it.

However, there are cheaper and homemade ways to achieve long and healthy hair in a shorter time, this can be achieved thanks to natural treatments. Therefore, below we will show you a series of home remedies that you can apply to improve the condition of your hair.

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Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a substance that contains unsaturated fatty acids and many vitamins, which is why it is a product widely used in cosmetic products. On hair, coconut oil can soften and act as a conditioner, especially on the ends. If we suffer from greasy hair we should avoid applying it at the root of the hair.

This product prevents the possible loss of protein in the hair, so obviously your hair will grow healthier and of course faster.

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Olive oil

Olive oil contains innumerable beneficial properties for the human body, but in this case we will focus on its blocking action on the dihydrotestosterone hormone. The excess of this hormone is the factor that causes baldness to occur, since the hair follicle decreases in size, but thanks to the action of olive oil, hair loss will be avoided.

In addition, olive oil is a product rich in vitamins, antioxidants and serves to prevent the aging of cells, as well as the formation of cancer cells.

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We can use an infusion of nettle and apply gentle massages on our scalp to achieve healthy hair without problems . It is best to let this method work overnight and wash your hair the next day.

Perform the treatment for fifteen days and after this you will see that your hair will have significantly improved, in addition to its increase in length clearly noticeable.

Lavender oil

Lavender is in principle a plant , from which essences are extracted and its main characteristic is its application for medical treatments and also to flavor food.

However, our hair can also benefit from this plant, since lavender oil prevents hair loss , enhances growth and also repairs damage.

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Castor oil

Castor oil is beneficial to protect the hair fiber , as well as the scalp, especially from infections that can cause damage. This oil works by hydrating the hair and also nourishing it, so results such as shinier, thicker and stronger hair are obtained. This oil can also be used for the eyebrows and to increase the length of the eyelashes.

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The onion, despite being a strong-smelling vegetable, is very beneficial for the health of our hair, because it contains properties that act in a very good way on it. To take advantage of its function, we must cut a medium onion into small pieces and add this to the shampoo, then we will let this preparation rest for two weeks and after this time we will proceed to use the shampoo on a daily basis.

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Jojoba oil

Jojoba produces a kind of wax or oil which is used in many industries due to its properties. Therefore, in the hair it can seal the hair follicle to prevent moisture from escaping from it , which we cannot achieve with another product.

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Almonds oil

This treatment improves the health and condition of the hair , although it does not influence its growth much, it is vital if we want to have healthy hair, which is a primary condition for hair to grow.

Almond oil works by hydrating the hair and also protects it from other factors, removes dead cells and prevents inflammation from developing . You can also make your hair break a lot less.

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Aloe and honey

Extract the gel from an aloe leaf and mix it with a little honey, with this you can obtain a faster growth in the hair , as well as a more striking appearance.

For the treatment to take effect on your hair, you must let it act for at least twenty minutes and then rinse your hair as you normally would.

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Rosemary oil

This oil contributes in a very effective way when it comes to preventing and eliminating hair loss, strengthening its shape and preventing gray hair from appearing.

Likewise, rosemary oil also acts on the appearance of dandruff in the hair , which is a recurring and common problem in many people.

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How to keep hair healthy and healthy

When it comes to maintaining the state of hair that we already have, we can proceed to follow several tips and advice, since it is not simply about stopping caring for the hair because we already have it the way we want it.

Thus, to keep the hair in good condition and without developing any problems, you must carry out or take into account the following indications:

Change the way you wash your hair

There are details like how often you wash your hair and also the water temperature you use , which can obviously affect the health and length of your hair. We should not wash our hair every day and less with very hot water, since we can cause it to become brittle, which makes the hair not grow the way it is wanted.

What you should do is not wash your hair more than three times in a week and preferably use cold or warm water. You may initially notice that washing your hair less can cause it to produce more oil, this can be avoided by wearing a hat for a few days until your hair acclimates to the new procedure. Another thing that you can take into account is that if you do not like to bathe in cold water, you can wash your hair separately, in the sink for example, and then bathe as you normally do using a shower cap.

Dry your hair gently

If you tend to dry your hair roughly with a cloth, use a dryer and brush it very hard, you will proceed to break it very easily , so it will not grow more and it will look less healthy. This occurs due to the force that is exerted on it so abruptly.

Treat your hair carefully, especially after taking a bath , dry it with a fine cotton cloth and let it dry naturally. Do not brush it if it is still wet, if you want to detangle your hair use your hands or a comb with large and wide bristles. Do not use the dryer unless it is a special occasion and in any case try to use a treatment that prevents the harmful effects of using dryers and irons.

Don’t add harsh chemicals to your hair

Sometimes there are shampoos and conditioners that do not provide our hair with the proper properties for its improvement and growth , but contain substances such as sulfates which act by eliminating the natural oils that our hair contains.

To avoid this type of problem, what we must do is the following:

  • Wash your hair one last time with your normal shampoo just to remove any traces of silicone or other substances.
  • Let your hair rest for a few days without any type of washing, do not iron it or apply another treatment.
  • When you go to wash your hair again, use a different shampoo, one whose composition is friendlier, without chemicals, but only contains natural oils and other cleansing products.
  • Condition your hair with diluted apple cider vinegar, this mixture works effectively for this part of the side. If you want a more powerful conditioner, you can also go for coconut oil.

Comb and treat your hair with natural techniques and products

Combine your hair gently, and avoid tools such as an iron, dryer, curling iron and curling iron as much as possible . Replace sprays, hairspray and gels that are full of harmful chemicals with a more beneficial natural product so your hair can grow better and stronger.

You can take into account preparing your own gel with components that are friendly to your hair, as well as you can straighten it with argan oil, and as for curling it you can also do it with heat-free methods.

Use a hair mask every 15 days

This treatment is infallible when it comes to repairing any damage to our hair, since its natural hydration will be restored , we will make it soft, manageable, silky and in this way we can make it continue to grow correctly.

There are several options when it comes to hair masks , you can choose to use a coconut or almond oil mask, since they are products that have a very good impact on the hair, they will provide shine and strength. You can do this by applying the product to your hair, put a cap on and provide heat outside the cap so that the mask penetrates the hair better, let it sit for ten minutes and then rinse your hair.

Protect your hair from external factors

Sometimes our hair can be affected by external factors, so we must take into account the following:

  • Cover it up if you’ll be in the sun a lot
  • Also cover it if you will be in a pool with chlorine or in an environment that has a lot of pollution
  • Wear hats, hats or just a scarf to protect it from environmental factors, low temperatures can also be a determining factor.

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