Nausea: Treatments, Symptoms, Etc.

Nausea is a more common condition than it is believed, they are also known as disgust many times caused by discomfort in the stomach such as indigestion or others that in turn make food already ingested go up the esophagus and give its expulsion through the mouth.

In general, nausea is an unavoidable discomfort for many people and in some cases its relief or disappearance occurs after vomiting, however this is not the case in all cases. The main reason why this response occurs is due to the amount of stomach upset that the person feels, and in turn prompts the brain to respond through vomiting.

The reasons for a person to have nausea are varied, for example, low blood pressure, sudden but intense headache, poor digestion, fever, abdominal pain, diarrhea, a lot of sweating, excessive physical activity after consuming food or others.

Although we know that it is not a regular discomfort in people, but if nausea appears in the body by itself for some reason, it almost always disappears the same as it arrived. Another thing of great importance is to determine the time that it occurs in the body, that is, if it is accompanied by vomiting and if it lasts a long time, to the point that it is not possible to retain food , or if it is the case, even the blood is vomited, we must go immediately to the doctor to evaluate our state of health and determine the reasons for these discomforts.

There are diseases of the digestive system that are sometimes responsible for causing nausea in our body, however this is not always the case, there are also inexplicable reasons for these health ailments.

As we have been mentioning in this post, there are many reasons that cause nausea, among them are migraines or strong headaches, infectious diseases , viruses present in the environment, the body’s rejection of certain foods or others.

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On the other hand, it is known that the very irritated brain generates this natural response from the body. Also diseases such as hyperthyroidism are causes of nausea, in the same way it occurs when agitation of the inner ear occurs, which represents the balance of the body , causing dizziness, nausea and in some cases vomiting.

In relation to the nausea felt by women in a state of pregnancy for the first three months, the reasons why they occur are unknown, some hormonal changes during this stage are usually related to these discomforts that are generally very frequent in women. Feeling nauseous in the morning and then vomiting is something very unpleasant at this stage , however with the passing of the months it disappears on its own.

For these reasons, it is recommended to drink a lot of fluids, since when vomiting very important electrolytes for the body are lost, and it is convenient to stay hydrated, eat and drink in a small proportion and then progress food until reaching normality, in this way stabilize and strengthen the body.


What is nausea?

Nausea is nothing more than a discomfort within the body generated by some food intolerance, or as a consequence of a medicine that the body is not able to assimilate, which is commonly known as a side effect, this is reflected inside the stomach , generating sensation of fatigue, and the brain in response to it sends the vomit.

This indicates a warning sign that we do not feel well, so you have to go to the doctor to evaluate the reasons , sometimes it can be by eating or drinking excessively, high fats or sugars present in the body more than the body can stand.

What are the most common types of nausea?

It is important to note that nausea is a common and regular symptom in cancer patients , it stands out as part of the side effects after completing treatment for this disease.

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There are several types of nausea and for each there is a medical response:

  • Anticipatory nausea: it appears before performing the chemotherapy treatment session or another medical procedure performed for this disease, it almost always appears after the patient has felt nausea at the time of therapy.

According to studies, they have determined that there are elements that act as “triggers” at that time and generate the sensation of anticipatory nausea , these could be nerves, the environment of a health center, which many do not tolerate, and possibly the typical smells of medicine and implements present in the health center.

Anticipatory nausea is presented by some patients because it has happened in previous sessions , this is called conditioned reflex, it can be repetitive, that is, every time you go to the treatment room you can externalize this type of discomfort.

  • Acute nausea: this type of nausea occurs in the patient within a day after the chemotherapy session.
  • Delayed or late nausea: as the word indicates, nausea manifests late, that is, after chemotherapy has been performed, within a period of more than a day after the completion of treatment.
  • Chronic nausea: to determine the origin of chronic nausea, it is advisable for your treating physician to physically evaluate your body, and through various clinical examinations such as tomography, blood studies , plaques or others, which will help to confirm or rule out the diagnosis and later the determination of the treatment and recommendations to comply with. Your doctor must identify if you have pathologies due to non-visible gastroesophageal reflux , abdominal pain, or gallbladder disease, in the same way, endocrine system diseases such as hypothyroidism, diabetes, or the so-called Addison’s disease which are the main causes of chronic nausea.
  • Nausea related to radiation therapy: In this case, nausea occurs when the body is subjected to radiation effects in the brain area, either in the gastrointestinal tract or also throughout the body, this varies depending on the amount of radiation received, if it is in high dose has more possibility of nausea. It should be noted that this type of treatment is quick, under medical supervision.
  • Medication-induced nausea: as a consequence of some medical treatment such as analgesics, which in turn generate indisposition to defecate, and would be a difficulty for the patient, it must be treated appropriately and consistently to avoid intestinal problems.

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Nausea, are they pregnancy symptoms?

In general terms, it must be made clear that nausea is a symptom not a disease, so there are diseases or health conditions that somehow generate it, among these we will name the following:

  • Migraines , meningitis, brain injuries, brain bleeds, tumors, strokes, anguish, glaucoma signs as a result of pressure on the optic nerves, bad odors, in the same way as the resistance of a strong brain pain.
  • Swelling of organs such as the kidneys or gallbladder, Hepatitis, stomach upset, gastroenteritis, pancreatitis, normal or constipated menstruation, intestinal obstruction , gastroesophageal reflux of the appendix as well as of the pelvic organs.
  • What is commonly determined as vertigo or impaired balance in the middle ear, is also known as labyrinthitis which is nothing more than the condition of the inner ear.

We could highlight other reasons why nausea is present after:

  • Allergies to some foods
  • Low blood sugar levels, or as it is called Hypoglycemia
  • The use of birth control pills
  • Weakening from too much physical effort
  • The intake of drugs in excess, for example, in the case of antidepressants and chemotherapy.
  • After applying a local or general anesthesia
  • Intoxication from excessive alcohol consumption or withdrawal from it.
  • For food intolerance .

Nausea without vomiting, why is it?

The issue of nausea is not a synonym for vomiting precisely, as we have already explained that there are many causes that cause this annoying symptom and it does not end with vomiting, but it is there sometimes it goes away without the need for us to do anything about it. .

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As it is well known that vomiting is the consequence of a digestive stimulus that reaches the brain and leads to the oral expulsion of food or substances that the body does not tolerate at the moment, thus being a natural way to get rid of them, starting with the symptom, the stimulation and contractions of the abdomen to transfer all that mixture towards the digestive tract and subsequent rapid and abrupt expulsion .

Compared to other sensations of expulsion of fluids from the body, vomiting cannot be contained, it is a rapid activity, which causes terrible discomfort, and then a relief and total exhaustion due to the force that the body uses to do it.

What does it mean to have nausea and diarrhea?

Nausea is a body discomfort that can be something for the moment or for a longer time that generates a strong urge to vomit, many times it is related to viral or intestinal diseases that trigger the so-called diarrhea.

Both nausea and vomiting are frequent symptoms that affect not only children but adults , and the elderly, the duration of these symptoms ranges between 3 and 4 days. It is something that, from a medical point of view, goes away quickly and is not serious.

However, there are cases in which you have to pay more attention and go to the doctor for a review and determination of the causes and possible solutions for its prevention, among which are the following:

Appendicitis, migraines, pregnancy, and infections.

Why does nausea appear in the morning?

A healthy body should not feel symptoms of nausea in the morning, and if you are one of those who have that feeling we suggest you consult with your doctor to rule out any disease, or high value that is causing this problem and is sending you this as an alert so that prevent yourself.

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There are several reasons or diseases that cause nausea in the morning hours, mainly due to problems in the digestive tract, you may feel colic, pain in the abdomen, dizziness, gas, constipation or on the contrary diarrhea, that is why it is advisable to go to the doctor trustworthy.

During this period it may happen that you have gallstones , which cause nausea, gas , abdominal cramps, inflammation after eating grains or dairy products mainly.

In this vein, diabetes is also a disease represented by high blood sugar levels , and should be monitored medically, to treat healing problems, urinary infections, badly cut toenails, which triggers foot infections, among others. .

As for women, it is common that when having an inflammatory process of their pelvic organs, caused by an infection, nausea is common before vaginal odors, pelvic or abdominal pain, abnormal menstruation, cramps and menstrual pain.

There are other health conditions related to this symptom such as viral infections, liver inflammation and gastric reflux.

Is it normal to have nausea when you wake up?

Nausea during the morning is related to:

Low sugar levels

During the whole night no food or drink is consumed , so we are fasting while we sleep, which is why a drop in blood sugar occurs, an important reason why we feel headache, fatigue, dizziness or nausea and sweating.


It is a discomfort caused by excess food and drink to the body, especially those high in fat such as fast foods such as pizzas, hamburgers, hot dogs, sodas, sweets or others.


Apnea or snoring as it is commonly known, is the difficulty of breathing quietly while we sleep and is also a reason that can cause nausea in the morning.

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Cough or cold

As for cough or cold, we know that it is a health condition that begins virally, and involves an accumulation of phlegm or mucus in the chest and dryness and irritation of the throat that produces excessive coughing to the point of causing vomiting.


Anemia is a health condition characterized by low levels of iron present in the blood, this can cause nausea or dizziness for at least two days, and a diet rich in iron should be followed.

What Causes Medication Nausea?

Many people eat food to treat various diseases and these often cause side effects in the body that are manifested by nausea due to certain intolerances to these chemicals in the body.

It is important to note that substances such as alcohol in excess can cause health problems including nausea and vomiting, which in turn are the same symptoms generated by consuming certain medications that our body does not tolerate.

If these symptoms persist, they should see a doctor as soon as possible, if it is the case of patients who require antiretroviral drugs , or for chemotherapies, they should try to bear these symptoms. In this order of ideas we mention some medications that can cause nausea when you get up:

  • Asparaginase
  • Birth control pills or estrogens.
  • Doxorubicin
  • Doxycycline
  • Doxycycline
  • Altretamine
  • Sorbitol
  • The Carbopletino
  • Mechlorethamine
  • Cyclosfamide
  • Tetracycline
  • Docarbazine

Why the nausea when smoking?

A person when he smokes the first time could practice with a cigarette, and what results from there may please him and incite him to want to continue with it or simply dislike and hate him for the rest of his life, this due to the symptom of nausea that the woman feels. first smoke, cough, red eyes, and discomfort from smoke , this not only for those who smoke but also for those who are close and are affected.

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The toxic and chemical substances present in the cigarette and felt with the smoke translate into nausea especially when they start in this negative habit, so that those who have more time this does not affect much.

This does not mean that they are more tolerant. However, it shows that a smoker of this type is more prone to heart diseases and cancer-type, asthmatic, because the internal organs suffer faster.

Many times people are induced to this vice by unusual fashions, a bad culture that is formed, which is damaging health and is not perceived. In summary, the internal consequences progressively damage the organs, mainly the lungs, and a beginner will always feel nauseous because he is not used to this.

In general terms, inhaling cigarette smoke directly or indirectly leads to your body absorbing nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide. These chemical elements produce alterations in the central nervous system and people feel stimulated by accelerating blood sugar levels.

It also reduces blood vessels, considerably affecting the arteries , and even increases the desire to smoke more cigarettes .

In spite of everything, smokers become familiar with the feeling of nausea and meanwhile the negative level generated by nicotine decreases so they continue to increase the number of cigarettes.

How is nausea during pregnancy?

It is normal to feel the symptoms of infallible nausea in the morning when pregnancy begins, however this is not yet perceived as a cause until the menstrual period is absent and there is no other option but to use a pregnancy test to confirm the pregnancy .

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According to studies carried out, they show that around 70% or 80% of women have nausea during the morning, in some cases it manifests itself with vomiting , however it is not exclusive in this part of the day, since hormonal changes are in constant process and nausea can be at any time.

This process ranges from the first 3 months of pregnancy and as the 4th month begins, they change until the discomfort disappears completely, or on the contrary, there are women who can present these symptoms until the third trimester of pregnancy.

The variety and intensity of this unpleasant process of nausea in the gestation period is different in each woman, since many of them are calm with almost no symptoms, unlike others who feel everything and a lot at the same time, the first 3 months , they can be accompanied by vomiting, disgust or simply nausea .

The excess of this symptom can cause dehydration in the mother due to the severity of the case, this is irregular since it alters the healthy and stable diet of the mother and her child. This clinical picture is called hyperemesis gravidarum, which requires the mother to go to a health center to be hydrated through intravenous solutions.

Before delivery

The reasons why pregnant women have nausea are not determined, it is only attributed to the hormonal changes that are manifested during this process in this case it is progesterone, hCG and estrogens, which rise a lot and produce these undesirable discomforts .

This type of hormones such as progesterone , influence the mobility of fluids towards the excretory system of the body, from the gastrointestinal tract, ideal since women in a state of pregnancy are slow to discard the fecal material, which influences the sensation of fullness, and nausea.

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Why the nausea in late pregnancy?

The agitations of the hormones are responsible for these nausea discomforts, which almost always go with vomiting from the beginning of pregnancy and also in the final phase of this since the body still tries to balance the hormones. And likewise the growth of the uterus to house the baby is an influential factor in this matter.

When the expansion of the uterus occurs, the intestines are pressed, thus being a cause, to present heartburn, reflux, and the aforementioned nausea. For these reasons the stomach feels full even if you eat little, hence the importance of measuring food rations during the day about 4 times in small quantities.

Natural remedies against nausea

To treat nausea, natural remedies such as the following are used:

  • Soda cookies or crakers are a rich and healthy option to avoid nausea especially in the morning, ideally place them close to your bed so that you can consume them when you wake up, in this way you help to raise your sugar levels a little We know that during the prolonged fast that we do when we sleep, they lower a little and in the morning you get dizzy and vomit.
  • It is very important to make about 4 meals in small quantities , so as not to make 3 large meals, this is a trick that does not fail.
  • In the same way, you should not spend many hours with an empty stomach, have a snack of nuts , a sandwich, fruits, very healthy foods.
  • Eat grilled, steamed meals with plenty of fruits, vegetables, and fiber, avoiding carbohydrates and fried foods.
  • Foods rich in sugar induces nausea. It is very important to eat more salty foods than sweet ones, the idea is to reduce nausea.
  • Foods high in zinc , such as cereals, bananas, or others are of great importance. This component helps reduce nausea and dizziness.
  • Not only are meals boring in this gestation period but also strong smells such as creams, colognes, shampoos, that you used to use, and usually in this state the best allies are citrus aromas such as orange and lemon and more if they are natural.
  • Sleep is vital , because it not only helps reduce stress or agitation, but also lowers the level of nausea.
  • Ginger is an ally to reduce nausea although its use is not very usual , there are natural things that we usually use for this but once in pregnancy you should consult with your doctor to avoid taking risks.

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Nausea after having sex, what is it due to?

The exercise of sexual function is very common and leads to an energetic waste of its practitioners, in the case of pregnant women it generates nausea because those energies exposed there are hardly returned to the body.

Although it is true that the heart rate is slower in this stage, it is similar to when you are sleeping and therefore supplies little oxygen and that is when the inevitable nausea occurs.

Nausea while breastfeeding? Why?

In the lactation stage, nausea may also occur, the reasons may be:

  • The hormone oxytocin is responsible for the flow of milk in the breasts. It also influences the baby’s digestion, as well as releasing hormones in the intestine and later produces this symptom. It is the same feeling as when I started the pregnancy.
  • It is also observed that dehydration plays a role in this type of discomfort since considerable amounts of fluids are lost when breastfeeding, so the mother must be attentive and hydrate frequently.
  • Food is an important key to keep blood levels in their normal state and not let them drop, because it would be a sure reason for nausea.
  • Rest is essential when breastfeeding because insomnia and fatigue are also causes of nausea.

For a breastfeeding mother requires 250 extra calories during the process, due to the production of milk, the first vital food of her baby, this milk must be of good quality high in nutrients, which she will receive based on a good, healthy and balanced diet.

This means that it will have a stability so that the body does not use the accumulated calories. In this same vein, if the mother does not have a sufficient caloric base, she may feel symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, and her health will be affected.

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As time passes and this new being increases in size and requires more feeding, therefore the mother must provide more breast milk to sustain it. Therefore it is an extra work of the hormones to promote the increase of milk, this requirement can bring with it symptoms such as nausea.

Continuing on the same topic, we show you that there is also postpartum depression from which many mothers cannot escape, and feel tired, depressed, stressed among other feelings that are revealed, which your doctor must help control by prescribing antidepressant medicine , these in turn make you feel nauseous even though they seem safe.

On the other hand, urinary infections are the order of the day during this period, discomforts such as pain when urinating, burning, vaginal odor, leave the feeling of discomfort and nausea that must be controlled by drugs.

Complementing a healthy and balanced diet guarantees the intake of iron, a very important mineral in the body of both the mother and her child, since in many cases iron deficiency occurs, and the mother may feel nauseous, especially in the mornings, this is explained by blood loss at the time of delivery. For this, a diet rich in green foods and vegetables that are a great source of iron is recommended and in turn go to your treating doctor who will help you with supplements to increase the levels of this mineral.

Nausea and birth control, what is the cause?

There are medications that mainly have nausea as side effects, and among them is contraceptive pills , mostly they appear when it is the first time you take them, this is because our body is not used to receiving the intake of hormones, with The passing of time adjusts to this new condition.

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At the beginning of taking the contraceptive pill, it is normal to feel important changes that, after days or weeks, disappear, one of them is the lack of appetite for food , nausea and sometimes even a change in mood. Sometimes the discomfort is often repetitive , when taking the pill is regular or it also happens when you make a mistake thinking that you have not taken it a day, and you repeat it, in a nutshell, this with an extra dose of these hormones .

The unknowns that refer a woman about the effectiveness of birth control pills are due to the frequency of nausea they present, so it is logical that you wonder if you are being effective in your goal or not. In relation to this, if you only have nausea and vomiting does not occur, you do not need to worry, because if so, it is fulfilling its effect without any problem.

Faced with these symptoms such as vomiting or nausea, and even diarrhea for about two hours after taking the contraceptive pill, there you should realize that it has already lost its effectiveness, and you should take it again when you feel better.

Finally, if you suspect that you are pregnant and continued taking birth control pills, it is not difficult to imagine that from these two factors together there will be a higher incidence of feeling nausea accompanied by frequent vomiting.

Why does nausea appear during ovulation?

Ovulation is part of the menstrual cycle of women, and sometimes abdominal pain, cramps and nausea are manifested together with vomiting, we know that these symptoms are not pleasant , but it means a good indication that it is working correctly, but in some cases it is necessary to suspend treatment.

It is important to mention that among the causes of nausea, sometimes it becomes a more serious matter than it seems and clearly has a reason for being such as:

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  • Pregnancy . In some cases you thought you were pregnant and you have a lot of nausea, we recommend you go immediately to your gynecologist , to determine the state of the pregnancy or detect any type of problem or disease in this period, which could affect the fetus or even cause a spontaneous abortion .

In relation to this, it brings fever, the inevitable nausea together with this abdominal pain, directly affecting the normal balance of the body and affecting health. Ultimately it is essential to follow the doctor’s instructions and not self-medicate would be harmful to the fetus.

  • Also causing nausea are pathological disorders and / or changes within the uterus. Its origin could be congenital or acquired as a consequence of procedures to eliminate cysts and neoplasms, after an abortion or a cesarean section.
  • Genital herpes, gynecological diseases, trichomoniasis, cystitis, erosion, or other pathologies, also responsible for causing nausea.
  • Within the uterus, contractions take place , necessary to shelter the egg that would be fertilized.
  • Strong headaches , accompanied by dizziness, nausea, and even fainting spells, plus hormonal disorders, lack of appetite, constipation, diarrhea, as well as sleep disturbances.
  • The loss of fluids in the body , provides a not very favorable change, such as the absence of appetite, or not feeling the taste of food.
  • There are many causes of nausea as we have already identified in this post, and we always remind you that stress, the intake of contraceptive drugs, increased physical activities in the ovulation period, hormonal changes.

Nausea after breakfast, is it common?

In general, having nausea in the morning after having breakfast could be related to what you consumed or also to pregnancy, in the same way it can be a pathology that you do not know.

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You often feel nauseous in the morning , you should only slightly increase the sugar levels that go down with overnight fasting, although sometimes you vomit and develop physical weakness, you should consult a specialist you trust and follow their instructions.

In relation to breakfast as the main meal of the day, it can affect you without realizing it, because some people do not tolerate eating a lot so early , it could be heavy on the stomach . This also influences the amount of food eaten the night before, and even the stomach has not digested it and it runs into this in the morning.

Is it normal to have nausea after drinking coffee?

Today coffee consumption is very common for people to feel reactivated in their day, however its consumption must be regulated so as not to fall into excesses that tend to generate consequences.

Increased heart rate, nausea, alteration or irritation of the nervous system, upset stomach, trembling muscles , are symptoms of high caffeine consumption, because it increases the activity of the central nervous system.

It is important to mention that coffee is undoubtedly the most consumed drug today , however caffeine is not retained in the body for a long time, its effect will last for about 6 hours, which is why you feel nauseous after consumption.

Nausea during the menstrual period, why?

The changes Hormonal imbalance : The hormonal ups and downs, increase gastric juice in the stomach, this is also a reason to present some nausea, and even heartburn, and alteration in one way or another so that the brain cannot have control over them .

In turn, the acids and substances found in gastric juice can cause symptoms such as heartburn, nausea, and vomiting. Or the imbalance can also affect the part of the brain in charge of having control over them.

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  • Because of menstrual cramps . A strong colic or abdominal pain caused by menstruation in women specifically in the belly area, and could also reach the back and legs.
  • The pain is caused by the contractions of the uterus , and the beginning of the menstrual process causes mild or severe pain in the stomach area, increasing gastric juice, as described above, which also generates nausea.
  • Endometriosis: Endometriosis is a condition originating in the endometrium , it is formed externally to the uterus. Thus causing nausea.
  • For the menstrual migraine: the beginning of the menstrual period makes present migraines accompanied by nausea, with vomiting in some cases, this is due to the drop in hormones regularly occurring at this stage.

Nausea after menstrual period, what is the cause?

Hormonal imbalance is considered the main factor in these discomforts in women, because they are absent or in low production during menstruation, causing terrible nausea, vomiting, severe headaches and even cramps.

Hormonal imbalance

Progesterone and estrogens, these very important hormones play a very important role in balancing this cycle , since they are always in greater quantity but before the start of the menstruation period it changes and lowers many.


Prostaglandins are hormones responsible for sending stimuli to the brain at the time of pain. Although it is known that prostaglandins stimulate the uterus to reduce the menstrual cycle of projecting it and collecting it. Thus, at the end of this phase, some hormones may remain there.

In this sense, cramps or tingling and nausea are felt after the completion of the menstrual period. In this way, the greater the prostaglandins present, the more cramps appear. This gives support to continue there even if it is finished. Also these hormones or chemicals are rescued prior to your period and in the same way creating the sensation of cramps.

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Natality control

Birth control, such as the contraceptive pill, are recognized thanks to the imbalance it causes in hormones. However, it also gives its positive contribution since it promotes the relief of many of the common symptoms in this stage , but which also generate nausea in the first days or weeks of treatment.

Hormonal contraceptive drugs are high in estrogen and progestin. These in turn are like birth blockers , so they almost always manifest themselves through side effects such as the aforementioned nausea, which last for about 3 months .


Endometriosis is known as a condition that consists of the growth of tissues that normally must be present inside the uterus and in this case it also grows outside the uterus, thus developing towards different organs of the body.

Nausea from gastrointestinal diseases

Gastrointestinal disease characterized by directly affecting the gastrointestinal tracts, such as: the large and small intestines, the liver, Tracts such as the esophagus, stomache, gallbladder, rectum, and pancreas.

Gastroenteritis is known as the swelling suffered by the intestine and stomach, nausea occurs, accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea, during the disease.

Children can get nausea. What are the common causes?

Faced with the nausea that children present, you have to be patient and cautious as they feel an insipid jolt of bad taste right in the pit of the stomach, this often causes unpleasant vomiting and that in turn is stimulated or regulated in the brain to through provocations originating from nerve cells centered in the intestine.

In the same way, there are other inciting elements such as unpleasant smells or tastes, as well as the nerve cells in the eyes or in the ear that incite it. In this way it is the diaphragm that receives the stimulus and generates the inevitable nausea.

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Most of the time the nausea that children feel is caused by eating disorders , which are due to excessive consumption of food, intolerance to some foods, headaches or migraines, food consumed after the expiration date, consumption of toxic substances, intolerance to certain drugs, diabetes, nervousness, dizziness during a bus trip, or stress.

If a child has vomiting, the ideal would be to feed him light things and nothing heavy if possible very liquid such as juices, soups or creams , and hydrate him, in the first 6 hours, in such a way that the child’s stomach can be balanced and go recovering the bacterial flora.

Nausea from gastritis

If the child suffers from gastritis, the ideal would be to maintain maximum control over stomach acidity, to increase the internal mucosa, in order to consil a good dijestion and decomposition of food. In this way it is essential to stabilize and regenerate the stomach tissues.

This is one of the reasons that the body detects when the need to eat approaches and even when food has already been consumed, nausea forms with an urgent and relentless need to vomit and empty food, it is very important to have a gastroenterologist medical control and follow their directions.

What is hunger nausea like?

One of the reasons why you feel nauseous or vomit while you are eating is due to hypoglycemia, which is a disease determined by low blood sugar , it is a condition that can be controlled, however it will be the doctor who determines the condition through blood tests and observation of symptoms and conditions.

Nausea from anxiety

Anxiety is determined by the idescribable increase of the nerves , presenting restlessness or fear of certain things, or by feeling negative things, this is a very serious condition that although it causes nausea and vomiting, it can be much more serious than it seems, generally influences the mind by exercising strong control.

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In this way it can be treated and controlled, a person under states of anxiety can harm himself or others, without realizing it, among the most common symptoms or fears under a state of anxiety we have:

  • Pressure in the chest
  • The mood swings for no reason
  • Excessive worry about everything
  • Avoidance behaviors towards people or places
  • Fears of losing control
  • Feeling that the hands and feet fall asleep
  • They have concion difficulties
  • The overwhelm
  • The obsession

Headache and nausea why?

A headache occurs for various reasons. It can be mild or severe, it can also be followed by fatigue and nausea; The causes are varied, it may be related to mild discomfort that if they become repetitive, a doctor should be consulted to determine the origin of it through examinations.

Many times there are pathologies that we are unaware of and generate, weakness, stress, fatigue, nausea, tiredness or other symptoms that we must detect and solve in time.

Types of situations:

  • Pregnancy : it is common for women in the pregnancy stage to sustain this series of discomforts , nausea, vomiting and headaches, as we have already described in this post, which are caused by several.
  • High-impact sports : when carrying out activities with strength, or alteration of the heart rhythm or other, it is normal that it triggers these symptoms and even more so if it starts abruptly, therefore it is recommended to do exercises little by little until you get used to the body.
  • Stress: nowadays this affects many men and women, regardless of the age from a child to an older adult, they are prone to feeling stressed by the rhythm of life, work, studies, family pressure, problems of economic reason, or others That they overload your energy , exhausting you, I feel fatigue, nausea, weakness, this is recommended rest, meditation and a lot of relaxation.
  • Indigestion: this is a gastric disorder that brings together the three aforementioned symptoms, along with a strong fatigue generating heaviness from excess food or drink.

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Alcohol and nausea

The consumption of alcoholic beverages is not suitable for health in the first place, in addition, many people do not like this type of beverages that after their consumption they feel a discomfort called hangover characterized by dehydration of the body highlighted by dryness in the coca, nausea, pain headache, vomiting, these discomforts are relieved with the consumption of liquids and rest.

Consume enough liquids, in sips little by little, until the quantities increase, to cope with the terrible nausea , which in turn, if vomiting follows, causes the body to lose the electrolytes it needs, so it is good to drink energy drinks and refreshing like Gatorade. It should be noted that coffee is not a good ally , since it dehydrates the body even more, but it alleviates other discomforts.

Have breakfast as soon as you get up , even if you feel unwell, you don’t feel like anything, because if they continue fasting it aggravates the symptoms, because the stomach is irritated , due to excess alcohol. Only light food fruits, soups, vegetables, free of flour, and fat.

Indigestion and nausea

When you do not digest foods well or eat very quickly, you decompose in the intestine , it is normal for you to feel heartburn, gas, fullness, dizziness, nausea, belching, vomiting, which are clearly due to indigestion or dyspepsia. It also inflames the stomach , coupled with this influences the type of food consumed depending on whether it is greasy, sweet or other.

Nausea and chills, what is the cause?

To determine the reasons why you have nausea and chills , it is important to detect if you have diarrhea, fibres, some infection of the digestive tract, or mucus with blood in the stool, however if this is the case you should immediately go to the doctor for a review and appropriate treatment assignment.

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In the same way, it is essential to drink a lot of water and hydrating drinks, and avoid a lot the type of spicy, fatty, gaseous foods, rich in sugars, which are harmful to health, from now on you should prepare them on the iron, steamed. Keep an eye on body temperature and taking medications such as atamel, and ibuprofen for example.

Urinary infection and nausea

Urine infection is a serious case that deserves medical treatment based on antibiotics, and paracetamol , since it produces high fevers, chills, dizziness, nausea, burning and pain when urinating and even a bad vaginal odor, it should be noted that infections of Urine is produced by poor hygiene, holding the urge to urinate . Hydrate with plenty of water and follow your doctor’s instructions.

Nausea and vertigo

Vertigos are an alteration of the middle ear , causing loss of balance in the body , this triggers symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, vomiting, it is also important to mention that they are due to low blood flow to the brain and low oxygen level there Present. In the same way, you should have a daily calorie intake according to the rhythm of physical activity that you have during the day, in addition to rest and healthy and varied food.

Physical activity either for sport, for daily work or home tasks, generates the expulsion of toxins through sweat, which is composed of water and elemental electrolytes for hydration of the body. If sweating is excessive, so-called hyponatremia occurs, which could cause fatigue, weakness, headaches, nausea, vomiting, or dizziness.

Why the nausea after an abortion?

The abortion process is very complicated, you have to be very careful with this issue, since after the surgical process, the level of hormones drops and at the same time generates repetitive nausea, sometimes alone, other times with vomiting, it usually lasts two or three days , it is not serious unless it spreads, if that were the case, you should go to a health center to receive adequate care and hydration.

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After this, sudden changes in mood are manifested , due to the recent loss, many feelings are removed and can even reach a state of depression or anxiety , and promote vomiting or simple nausea , which would no longer be directly related to the abortion but with the consequences that derive from it.

Nausea after a blow to the head

Receiving a blow to the head, whether light or strong , triggers post-traumatic symptoms, consequences of the same, these can be like those we have already mentioned, simple nausea or vomiting, fatigue, headache from the blow or irritation of the brain, lightheadedness , lack of sleep, total reluctance, and lack of concentration after the incident.

Nausea and ringing in the ears why?

Many people are sensitive to the ear and it is shown mainly by being exposed to loud and stormy noises, which leave nausea as a result of this, and a buzzing that resonates in your ears this health condition is called tinnitus . The most common cases are due to nightclub workers, machinery, fireworks, police officers (noises of gunshots), sound technicians, whether it be the estuary, musical bands, or cars in particular.

On the other hand, the activities or trades that we have mentioned are not the only reasons to cause nausea thanks to the buzzing in the ear, the accumulation of wax in them is also known , it can be due to lack of hygiene or naturally , that is, it produces lots of wax.

They are also caused by allergies, sinusitis, stress, sinus infection, blow to the head, anxiety states, neck injuries, ear infections, whiplash, Meniere’s disease, hypertension, sinus infection , or others, as well as the loss of a family member, chronic illness, among others.

All these factors already described are brought together in a single condition called tinnitus, to formalize what happened within the inner ear, essential balance of the body , and which can also compromise functional actions of the brain .

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What is nausea after surgery?

A challenge for him anesthesiologist or therapist after surgery is to deal with nausea or vomiting as a consequence of this process or due to the reaction of the applied anesthesia . According to studies, they identify this problem in patients between 20% and 50%, this means that said patient must stay a day longer under observation, even if it is an outpatient operation.

To much dislike it but it is a common effect , so the most ideal and recommended thing is for the patient to stay, even if it causes an extra expense in the health center, everything is for their healthy recovery , it usually does not go from there the reaction, thanks to advances in technology.

Gallbladder nausea, what are they like?

As we have already explained, nausea is a common symptom after a surgical procedure, it is determined as a regular side effect, after receiving anesthesia, however after a gallbladder surgery. the abdomen suffers a little and after this causes pain or nausea .

After this type of surgery, nausea is really a very terrible thing, since the body comes from dealing with severe pain for a certain amount of time and at the moment the body finds the solution to the problem by removing the gallbladder which represents a sudden change, causing nausea and consequent intense pain in the compromised area.

According to studies conducted by the American College of Gastroenterology , it was determined that when the patient manages to overcome the state of nausea the first hours after surgery, he is more likely to reach his normal state, assimilating easily and without inconvenience the food he eats from there onwards .

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In the same way, before any symptoms, do not hesitate to ask your doctor any questions, he will determine if you require narcotic analgesics. These types of analgesic drugs such as hydrocodone and oxycodone generate the side effect of nausea. Once the pain is controlled there is no problem, or if, on the contrary, the need for medicine continues, the paracetamol which is a drug that does not generate this annoying symptom.

Nausea and lack of appetite why?

Lack of appetite and nausea show signs that you are experiencing a digestive problem. Showing little interest in consuming food or drinks, because when it does, it expels everything through vomiting , altering the normal state of the body. That goes through a food intolerance. It is a case to be attended with great attention, evaluating the eating habits and health that the patient carries out, to prevent such a situation from being prolonged.

How to remove nausea?

Feeling disgusted and nauseous will take away the desire to eat even your favorite food, however this should not be a reason for weakening keep in mind that hydration is very important, drink water every 30 minutes in small sips, and often to combat this painful discomfort and make it disappear.

There are energy drinks that will help you stay hydrated, among these we mention Gatorade, Powerade l Aquarius , or others that fulfill the same function, however this is the most common option, and on the other hand you can also make a homemade natural drink, based on lemon, sugar and hot water along with all the ingredients, after cooling take sip by sip until recovering.

It is important to mention that complete rest is a key element for recovery, in the same way it is recommended to apply cold compresses on the forehead, it will lower your discomfort or your restlessness due to this.

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It is no secret to anyone that vomiting is a terrible thing , but it is advisable not to avoid it since it is also a nuisance, and at the same time it is a relief , that is to say that through the expulsion of substances and undigested food, you will feel relief and Rest from this discomfort, after this you should clean your mouth well and gargle with salt water to eliminate the bad taste of vomit.

Nursing care for nausea

  • The main thing is that the patient is calm, without agitation.
  • The use of alcohol applied with a cloth on the forehead minimizes the symptoms of nausea.
  • It should be in a resting place neither too sitting nor too lying down
  • The food to be consumed should be soft, easy to eat, preferably liquid and with a low proportion.
  • Minimize strong odors that cause more nausea
  • Check for diarrhea
  • Assess for abdominal pain
  • Pay special attention if there is anxiety and try to reduce it.
  • Take the appropriate medicine for this case, which minimize dizziness and the urge to vomit, these drugs are called antiemetics. Its effect is fast and effective in the same way that food acts in the intestine.

To treat vomiting and nausea, a series of medicines are used that we will mention without forgetting that these in turn generate a stimulus to the brain which immediately blocks these vomiting responses.

  • Cinnarizine, cyclizine, promethazine: these are medicines considered antihistamines. Its effect acts as a blocker of the histamine 1 (H1) receptor zone, which is responsible for generating nausea, in response to some chemical effects in the body . They act efficiently on nausea caused by discomfort in the middle ear and affecting movement.
  • Hyoscine : is a drug that works as a blocker to a chemical present in the brain which is called acetylcholine . Its effect on nausea caused by hearing problems and dizziness is incredible.
  • Chlorpromazine, perphenazine, haloperidol, levomepromazine and prochlorperazine: all these remedies act on dopamine in the brain. Ideal for fighting nausea caused by certain types of cancer , also by radiation and treatments such as codeine, opiates and morphine.
  • Metoclopramide: it is one of the most common and works flat on the intestine. Giving quick relief to nausea, speeding up the normal activity of the stomach to stimulate it to expel what it does not need and lighten the bowel movement.
  • Domperidone : it is very important since it speeds up evacuations, activating intestinal transit, it should be used for a short time .
  • Dexamethasone : it is a steroid, it is a synthetic or derived adaptation of a natural hormone originating in the body. Its functions are wide and varied, but the most prominent is to considerably reduce symptoms such as nausea.
  • Granisetron, palonosetron and ondansetron: are a group of drugs that work by blocking the chemical serotonin called 5-HT on the intestine and also in the brain. It should be noted that serotonin operates in both areas, which cause nausea between them. These are characterized by being advantageous drugs to intervene nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy treatments.

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Natural treatments to remove nausea

Natural medicine will always be of great help to combat diseases and symptoms characterized by not triggering unwanted or secondary effects among these:


The action to combat nausea has not been determined exactly, however, this root is widely used, especially in morning sickness in pregnancy. Minimizes them , its consumption is in the form of tea either from the natural root or already in powder, also incorporated into foods or juices that you usually consume.

Aromatherapy with peppermint or mint

Peppermint is a medicinal plant widely used to combat nausea, it is very practical to just have a few twigs nearby and perceive its rich aroma to combat this discomfort, or if you want to consume it in drinks or tea. It is something natural that you can consume frequently to eliminate it permanently.


The smooth and rich aroma of citrus lemon eliminates nausea that arises suddenly, in the same way its rich lemon juice will help you minimize it, or eliminate it. Just scratch it and add it to your preparations, smell it, it ‘s very easy and practical you can do it anywhere. It is very accessible to get and easy to take with you anywhere.

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