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As the saying goes: “In fashion, what suits you” that is, dressing well, choosing the right clothes according to what looks best to us and depending on the type of body we have, is an art. We are going to show you what keys we have to take into account to choose the right neckline for you .

Choosing the right neckline depends on your shoulders, neck, arms and bust . Without neglecting the colors, patterns, styles and cuts of garments that best suit us.

Although every woman is different, there are 6 types of female bodies : triangle, inverted triangle, straight, hourglass, rhombus, and round. (explained in the image)

Taking into account the body structure, let’s start with the necklines:


This type of neckline helps to make your silhouette longer and slimmer. They are usually associated more with party dresses or tops designed to seduce and, in fact, attract all eyes. It is ideal for all types of complexions, but it is very flattering for people with wide shoulders, short or robust necks and for those who have a lot of bust.

Asymmetric neckline

There are many types of asymmetrical necklines, but the most common is the one that usually leaves one shoulder exposed, favoring women with shoulders (of all types of shoulders). It is suitable for all bust sizes and favors women with almost all body types (straight, triangle, inverted triangle, hourglass and round).

Boat or bardot neckline

Its name is due to the fact that it resembles the shape of the bottom of a boat, although it is also known as a bardot or tray neckline . There are several styles of boat neckline: depending on what the shoulders are shown (more open or closed the neckline) or, more curved or softer, even straight.

Boat necklines tend to widen the shoulders and favor women with normal and long necks, enhance the bust (small and medium) and inverted triangle bodies (compensate the width of the shoulders with the hips).

This neckline gives prominence to the shoulders and clavicles, they will become the new weapon of feminine seduction, hiding little turned arms and helping us to achieve that sexy touch.

Sweetheart neckline

This neckline can go in all possible ways (with or without straps, short or long sleeves …) they adapt to practically all types of bodies and shoulders and, depending on the cut of the garment or if the neckline is higher or lower , the neck is lengthened.

They favor women with little bust, medium bust and better endowed women, enhancing the shape of the breast and supporting it, exerting a push-up effect for women with small or medium breasts.

Crossover neckline

This type of neckline can take the shape of V and sweetheart neckline. They can be limited to covering the bust or extend to the waist. People think it is for plus size people, but they are totally wrong, it is an elegant and sensual neckline .

Cape or hood neckline

Its name is due to the neckline that falls, with pleats, similar to those of a hood. They are perfect for women with small and medium busts and with fine, normal or long necks. This neckline is elegant, sophisticated and has a sensual touch when it is more pronounced.

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