Neostrata Bionic Moisturizing And Antioxidant Anti-Wrinkle Cream, Analysis And Alternative

It is defined as a restructuring cream that minimizes wrinkles and loss of vitality, with a formula with 4% gluconolactone, 2% lactobionic acid, and hyaluronic acid.

Regarding hyaluronic acid in particular, they do not mention the proportion, something that already makes me suspect; so I’m going to analyze your INCI to see what concentration you are in, and if there are any other assets that are worthwhile.

And after this analysis, I recommend you read this other one that breaks down the Best Anti-Wrinkle Creams Recommended by Dermatologists , so that you can see if they are better and more effective than the others.

Bionic Analysis Moisturizing and Antioxidant Anti-Wrinkle Cream from NeoStrata

Summary analysis of NeoStrata’s Bionic Moisturizing and Antioxidant Anti-Wrinkle Cream

And we knew that gluconolactone (moisturizing and scavenging free radicals) had a ratio of 4%, and that’s why it is in fourth place, just before lactobionic acid, which works as an exfoliator.

But to find hyaluronic acid you have to go almost to the bottom of the list, so its moisturizing and plumping effects are very weak.

Few more active ingredients we will find. Of course, the list is full of emollients, conditioners and other ingredients that do not add anything to the skin.

And not only that, the worst thing is that irritating, sensitizing, toxic ingredients are also abundant, and there is even a paraben. I do not recommend this cream at all, and I do not understand how there are dermatologists who do.


Although it shares several ingredients with Nezeni Cosmetics wrinkle cream, they are definitely not creams that look alike.

Nezeni’s choice if it has a high concentration of hyaluronic acid, in addition to other anti-aging active ingredients.

And of course, it does not carry any toxic ingredients, irritants, sensitizers, or parabens. Much more beneficial for our health.

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