Neutrogena Concentrated Hand Cream, Analysis And Alternative

Neutrogena’s Norwegian formula provides immediate relief for dry, chapped hands, which need special care and lots of hydration.

It is designed to be used by those who live in harsh and cold environments, such as Norwegian fishermen; which means that if it can help the most exposed hands in one of the coldest regions of the world, it will work on your hands too, wherever you live.

Its key ingredient is glycerin, so it can be used for the most damaged hands, and even on other extremely dry parts of the body, and even on baby’s skin.

Being concentrated, just a small amount is enough to leave your hands soft and smooth after one application. And if you use it daily, your hands will no longer be dry and chapped.

You have two options, with the classic and light fragrance, or without fragrance. That is why it can also be used by men or people who are sensitive to odors.

Its absorption is relatively fast, which ensures that you do not have sticky or greasy hands throughout the day. The product works even better if you use it when you go to bed, as it can work overnight to help repair the skin.

But we are going to analyze the INCI to see if it has more assets, and what we will be able to expect from it. And if you are looking for a good hand cream, read this article beforehand with an Analysis of the Best Hand Creams on the market.

Neutrogena Concentrated Hand Cream Review

Neutrogena Concentrated Hand Cream review summary

The ingredient list of this cream is very short, which means that its first ingredients will be in a very high concentration.

The first ingredient is glycerin. This is a very mild ingredient, which is present in most moisturizers (also for the face), because it works very well by lubricating and retaining moisture from the skin.

In addition, there are also a good amount of emollients, which help to replenish the moisture in the skin.

However, there are some ingredients that I do not like very much, such as the two fatty acids (Palmitic Acid and Stearic Acid), which work as surfactants and one of them can be harmful to health.

Also present is Phenoxyethanol, a toxic and irritating preservative, and in this case perfume (although there is the same formula without perfume).

The other ingredients do not add anything to the skin, only to the formula. Therefore, all the weight of the cream is the glycerin, and although, as I said before, it is a good ingredient, I think it is not a good option as a deep moisturizer.

There are many other hydrating actives that work more effectively and better than glycerin, and I don’t like gambling on just one card.

I think it’s a product that just covers up the problem, giving the skin the lubrication it needs to be smooth, rather than deeply hydrating.


That is why I am more inclined towards Caudalíe hand cream, which has several emollient and moisturizing actives, as well as nourishing, antioxidant and exfoliating agents, which can solve all the problems of damaged hands.

It is a much more complete and enriched cream, and it is the one I like the most. If you want to see how it is formulated, you have the complete analysis in the link that I leave above.

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