Nivea Olive Oil Hand Cream, Analysis And Alternative

Do you want a hand cream that nourishes, hydrates and softens your dry hands? Try Nivea’s olive oil hand cream.

This light-textured formula enriched with olive oil deeply hydrates the skin. In this way, the natural balance of moisture in the skin is restored, and the hands are softer and more hydrated.

Its texture is white, creamy and of medium consistency. The cream is light and easily spreadable. It absorbs instantly and leaves no residue. As it has olive oil, the cream has a slightly greasy appearance, but when applied to the hand it does not leave any greasy residue and leaves a matte effect.

Hands look and feel more hydrated, soft and healthy, and this effect is long-lasting.

At the INCI we will see if it has more active ingredients than olive oil, as well as what other ingredients it is made of.

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Nivea Olive Oil Hand Cream Analysis

Summary analysis of Nivea Hand Cream with Olive Oil

After various lubricants and emollients such as glycerin, or coconut glycerides, olive oil appears in the formula, which is in a large proportion, but does not dominate the composition.

And in addition to this ingredient and other fatty acids such as oleic acid, which is soothing, repairing and anti-inflammatory, there is no other notable asset that provides any benefit.

There are many emollient and moisturizing agents, but no others that protect or nourish the skin of the hands. Instead, there are some other worrying ingredients. For example, there are some irritating fragrances, Phenoxyethanol which is a toxic preservative, and a couple of harmful ingredients.

The proportion of these compounds is not that it is very high, there is forever the risk of the combined effect, due to the accumulation of these harmful ingredients.

You can’t ask for too much either, as the cream is quite cheap. Still, it is better to spend a little more and that the ingredients are of quality.


You can invest in a much better hand cream, like Caudalíe’s, which is a little more expensive (not much more), but has ingredients that are worth it.

And best of all, you avoid the inclusion of toxic or irritating ingredients that can damage or irritate the skin in the short and long term. A much more successful option.

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