Anti-Wrinkle And Anti-Aging Cream From Nutreplus, Analysis And Alternative

Nutreplus firming cream is very versatile, as it not only helps to soften the skin and provides luminosity and elasticity, but it also has SPF 15, to protect the skin from sun damage.

It can be used for the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, or for general skin firming. Its function consists of stimulating the natural synthesis of collagen in the skin, thus filling in sagging or sagging skin tissues, which provides a mini skin tightening without the need for surgery.

This cream is aimed at all skin types, and especially mature skin.

Contains several active ingredients including Molecular Film, which firms and provides elasticity; Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera Juice and Rosehip Oil.

Analyzing the list of ingredients we will check in what proportions are these ingredients, to better assess the product.

And after this article, I recommend that you do not miss this one with an Analysis of the Best Firming Creams for the Face on the market. In addition, it also explains everything you need to know to choose your firming cream correctly.

Nutreplus anti-wrinkle and anti-aging cream analysis

Summary analysis of Nutreplus anti-wrinkle and anti-aging cream

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It starts with shea butter, one of the active ingredients mentioned in the description, followed by emollients, lubricants and the first sunscreens. You have to be careful with one of them, as it is an endocrine disruptor.

There are also some fatty acids that can be toxic and irritating; and a preservative (phenoxyethanol) that is toxic. After these troublesome ingredients, aloe vera juice, rosehip oil, and vitamin E begin to appear; in too low a proportion, for my liking.

Although you have to go even further down the list to find the true assets, which are amino acids (they increase the synthesis of collagen and elastin) and vitamin C. Actually, these ingredients are too low to provide any beneficial effect to the formula. .

I think there are a lot of ingredients left over that can be irritating and toxic, and there is a lack of active ingredients that really firm the skin. It is not an option that I would choose.


A much better formula is the Nezeni Cosmetics Anti-age cream. It has few ingredients, but the vast majority are active ingredients aimed at restoring the firmness and health of mature skin.

It is the cream that I am using right now, and you have the complete analysis where I analyze all its ingredients in this article with the Best Firming Creams for the Face .

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