Orange Juice: Contraindications And Benefits

Nowadays, being able to enjoy good health is essential for the life of each person in terms of its quality, and that is, each person uses different methodologies to keep their body healthy, and it is that a large number of citizens use some drugs that They contain elements that are harmful to health when used and used for a long time.

And that is why many doctors find it complex to be able to indicate the taking of any medication since they can produce symptoms that are reactions to the medication taken, that is why you must be very careful with your body to avoid any problem that may affect the normal functioning of your body, your quality of life depends on it.

Given this, the valuable alternative of orange juice arises, and it is important to note that your body will thank you, it is necessary to consume it since this will bring great benefits to your body that will be useful for your life, and that will allow you to enjoy an excellent health, without any adverse effect that leads to a regrettable situation for your life.

The orange juice and the consumption that you can give it produces great and excellent benefits for your body , because each of the components that the wonderful orange fruit has are much more concentrated, and therefore are of greater benefit to you, even becoming better than even the fruit itself.

Orange juice is a fruit juice obtained in liquid form when squeezing the entire internal part of the oranges, a juicer is commonly used to obtain each of the benefits that this wonderful fruit has for you, so that there is absolutely no nothing in the shell that you are going to discard, assimilating every portion of vitamin that it has.

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It should be noted that the main exporter of orange juice is Brazil, followed by the United States of North America in a second position, especially in the state of Florida, the type of use that is given is totally culinary, that is, it is a product complex type food that is composed of different ingredients good for your body.

We all know that orange juice contains a fresh fruity flavor and a bit acidic, that it contains a very large amount of vitamin C, also called ascorbic acid and some companies usually add citric acid and some other nutrient such as calcium and also vitamin D, this already to sell it in some countries that import it to their nations.

Regarding the quality of this drink, it should be noted that it will be fully influenced by microbiological factors, as well as enzymatic, chemical and physical types that will provide the aroma, flavor, the type of color of the drink, its consistency, stability , and also the turbidity, and it will give the types of nutrition in the product.

What does a glass of orange juice contain?

Related to the microbiological type properties, I want to emphasize that these can be controlled by carrying out thermal processes, which will be responsible for carrying out the reduction of populations in this case pasteurization, this will be done through HTST, and with treatment of this type, lactic acid bacteria are controlled and prevented.

It should be noted that these bacteria have little resistance to thermal type treatments, however, orange juice is considered a great acid type food that contains low PH 3, this also helps these juices to be packaged for a short time due to to its oxidative nature and therefore have a certain quality time.

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What are the properties of orange juice?

In the first place, orange juice provides great benefits to the digestive system, that is, it has great benefits as well as excellent properties for the stomach, since it helps regulate each of the functions of this important system, which guarantees that avoid some complications in terms of its operation.

It is necessary to emphasize that it is responsible for avoiding complications in terms of gastritis and thus gastroduodenal ulcers, since the juice is extremely effective in causing relief from the so-called excess gastric acidity, and with this it is guaranteed that your digestive system can function properly. a better way, assimilating better the type of food you are consuming.

This indicates that each property of the juice is very important and that ulcers can heal, it is necessary to emphasize that the juice must be consumed between meals , without being accompanied by any other food that can cut the effects of this, because doing so in this way its consumption will be very effective for your digestive system.

It is evident that if you suffer from any of these diseases you can take the option of using orange juice so that you can have a different alternative to cure that disease, and the best of all is that it is something completely natural , without any chemical component that it brings for you other complex reactions and complications.

On the other hand, that you consume orange juice as a unique form of food between each of the meals you make a day, can also benefit your liver since it is important that sumo has the great ability to avoid to a great extent poor digestion, as well as bloating and food fermenting.

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It is an excellent method used by millions of people to protect their liver and digestive system, this has caused large people from many countries to use it repeatedly by their citizens to take advantage of the benefits it offers, therefore, it is necessary to be able to have it at home for when you need to use it.

By virtue of the above, this type of zuma is considered very important for biliary insufficiency, since it helps to produce and generate a greater amount of bile , which is why it is quite useful and of much benefit for each of the people to world level who currently suffer from biliary insufficiency and with this juice can improve their health.

Now, it is usually used to relieve constipation and also diarrhea, because during this process to which the organism is subjected in which it is suffering some of these symptoms , the intestinal part is the one that suffers the most damage , and therefore many specialists today recommend it, because this can regularize all these functions .

In this sense, the juice has a great capacity to counteract the effects of indigestion, because it has the necessary properties to greatly improve each of the problems that afflict you due to poor digestion, this because this drink is responsible for eliminating each of the intestinal waste that causes discomfort.

It is well known that the consumption of orange juice generates benefits for the urinary system, because it has many alkalizing properties, and this is of great importance to carry out blood purification, since it is in charge of completely dissolving acids, which prevent them from remaining in our kidneys for a long time.

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In this way, a future disease called kidney stones can be eliminated since by eliminating acids you can be totally parked and forgotten any of these diseases, which leads to a much healthier life and therefore that our body works in the best way possible without any hiccups.

It should be mentioned that uric acid is the only and main responsible for the formation of the so-called stones in our kidneys, coupled with this because it is alkalizing, it has great power over our metabolism, so if you consume orange juice you will each of these benefits that we have already mentioned to you is guaranteed.

Likewise, I want to mention that uric acid accumulates and deposits in each of the joints of the human body and in each person who is sick with gastritis, which very often generates very strong pain, which is why orange juice performs the function of alkalizing and lowers the level of uric acid, improving health in people.

The benefits that orange juice brings to people and essentially to their bodies are evident, but we have not said everything yet, and it is that this drink is used and used by all those people who suffer from diabetes, because these fruits here used contain low levels of sugar and this makes it very special for this disease.

Thus, it has diuretic-type properties, which is why they even have the great ability to regulate sugar levels in people’s bodies, specifically in the blood, and together with their large amount of vitamin C they protect and also benefit many people who today suffer from type II diabetes working against every effect of this disease.

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Because this disease carries out persistent infection processes, as well as poor healing and poor vision, among other processes that it carries out in the human body, therefore, it is essential to be able to take this juice that it generates that your body acquires the vitamins necessary to stay healthy.

Orange juice is also good for the flu

Because orange juice contains large amounts of vitamin C , which generates the body has the necessary response capacity to be able to face a disease, and in this case it is essential and fundamental for the recovery of the flu, because accelerate the process to cure this annoying disease that you suffer from daily.

In addition to this, it also has great benefits for all those people who are prone to respiratory diseases, since it helps them eliminate any disease of the respiratory system, including any type of allergies, and thus also reduces the chances of coughing attacks of asthmatic people, hence its importance.

Orange juice helps and also slows aging

Thanks to all the vitamin C that is contained in orange juice, it has numerous antioxidant-type properties, which ensures a high percentage of effectiveness against the harmful effects of free radicals in the body , and these are the ones that will cause aging. for the body and organism of people.

Now, likewise, it is ensured that with the consumption of this drink all ailments that may affect the body after reaching a certain age can be considerably delayed, and that is because with this the person can accumulate a large number of years and not suffer any type of muscle pain in your body even as the years go by, and here we include:

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In the first place, arteriosclerosis, this natural drink is necessary and very useful since its consumption helps and considerably improves blood circulation in the human body, that is, its great antioxidant properties are responsible for carrying carry out this process, as well as antiplatelet agents, which are also included.

And the latter have the great function of improving circulation in this system, preventing thrombi from forming in our arteries, which would lead to serious problems in our health, that is why the intake of orange juice worldwide continues to add followers with As the days go by, because its consumption improves our health.

In this sense, it is guaranteed that when the person has good circulation in their circulatory system, it is very likely that the blood pressure is completely adequate, which will allow you to enjoy good health, in addition to avoiding the problem of hypertension and all its consequences, here lies the importance of its use to enjoy good health.

On the other hand, there is also the possibility that vitamin C represents an excellent help to avoid deafness, and with this your auditory system will function properly without any problem or limitation, in addition to this, it also helps prevent the total loss of hearing. sight, and also diseases such as cataracts and any other disease.

In this way, and through many and excellent investigations that many scientists have carried out on vitamin C, it has been proven with a great percentage of success that it is a great antioxidant and that therefore it reduces cancer disease and therefore it was demonstrated that consuming orange juice there is a lower possibility of acquiring cancer.

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It is evident that the consumption of orange juice in the early hours of the morning has numerous benefits for our body , and this is something that has been proven over time, so it should become a habit that you do every day to art If you have stopped doing it, it is important that you can resume it as soon as possible in your life.

Today in countries like Spain, campaigns have been launched and started to promote the consumption of orange juice in order to remind and encourage people to include the consumption of this natural drink in their lives, explaining that there are no conditions that they harm people if they consume this drink by eliminating any myths about it.

Such is the case of the campaign called seriously fruit juice, which through specialist numbers in which there is great support from experts including nutritionists, have taken as an objective the premise of informing the public about each of the benefits that the person receives from ingesting this great and fabulous drink.

Next, we present certain variables that have been considered around the consumption of orange juice, most of them are myths that do not have any type of reality, so we will explain them to you to conceptualize each of the variables and that with this you can put aside any type of prejudice around this process.

Myth Orange juice makes people fat

Nowadays, some studies have been disseminated by some newspapers worldwide, and they have even reached the internet in some blogs, which incorrectly and irresponsibly point out that people who consume large amounts of orange juice can easily gain weight, and this is completely false and has no foundation

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The expert in the field of nutrition, Dr. Tanja Callawaert, who is an active member of the scientific committee that operates worldwide and belongs to Fruit Juice Matters , points out the complete opposite of this type of malicious information that tries to discredit the benefits of the drink.

It is fully proven that each person who eats breakfast and eats well, and who then drinks a small glass of orange juice is less likely to be overweight, that is, it helps people stay healthy because by ingesting These vitamins the body receives what is necessary for its proper functioning.

This mentioned specialist affirms that it is very important to start the day by eating a completely healthy breakfast, in which portions of fruits can be included, which will be responsible for providing a percentage of calories that range between 20 and 30% on a daily basis . which shows the importance of having a good meal in the morning

For example, in this same study it is mentioned that an average woman should consume a maximum of 600 calories in the first meal of the day, this obviously at breakfast, and it is known that orange juice provides 60% of those calories that your body deserves at breakfast, this is necessary to maintain a completely healthy life.

The lack of credibility of this myth is evidenced and therefore their opinion should not be considered, because it has no basis that accredits it as true, therefore, continue consuming your orange juice regularly, trusting that it is the best way. to start the day, acquiring the calories and vitamins that you need regularly in your life.

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Myth: Orange juice has sugar and that is why it makes you fat

Today, the main and most important reason to think that orange juice is fattening is that it is believed that this juice contains added sugar, and that is why many people question and say that those who consume it can gain considerable weight and fall in obesity, but later I will explain how false this statement has emerged.

It is worth highlighting the opinion of Javier Lorenzo who is the president and in charge of directing the Spanish Association of Orange Juice Manufacturers, in its acronym ASOZUMOS, he states that in relation to this sector, they are the ones in charge and guarantors that the product is preserved and absolutely preserved in a natural way and that is above all very pure and healthy.

So that with this association the quality and purity of the product can be guaranteed and therefore the person will ingest the nutritional content that corresponds to the fruits that have been used to make the product, this is something completely natural that you can enjoy when most you want it, because its quality is fully guaranteed and verified

And I even want to point out that, legally, orange juice should not be or cannot be added sugars , and if it is the case that they add some type of additional vitamin C or some sugar, it must be fully visible and indicated in the label on the container, and for this reason it will no longer be classified as a 100% natural product because it has additives.

Now, if it happens that you acquire a natural type orange juice, even though this is a concentrated type, you must be calm and confident that you will not ingest any type of added sugar, and that therefore you will only consume the sugar that naturally brings the fruit so it is a completely original and pure product that has not been altered.

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This type of sugar that the fruit naturally contains does not represent a risk to people’s health, in addition to these specialists such as Callawaert, affirm that in the type of juice we are talking about, the vitamins that are found in it can be maintained for a duration of at least one year, and therefore maintains its validity and vitamins.

Now, in this part another type of myths arose, in which it was affirmed with great falsehood that orange juice in regard to its vitamins, evaporated and were lost in terms of its effectiveness in our body, this It happened when the product was not consumed when it was squeezed, for this reason we also dismissed it in everything.

On the other hand, other specialists such as Zamora affirm that for diabetic people being able to drink a glass of orange juice daily is something completely healthy and that therefore it does not affect them at all or cause any type of problem, in this case, many experts suggest taking it with a little food at that time of day that we take it.

It should be noted that among the benefits that orange juice contains include that its natural sugars only include 9% corresponding to the nutritional content, the same ones that provide you with any other type of calories that you can ingest in a day, and this is the same amount that contains a glass of this exquisite and rich nutritional and delicious drink.

Myth: Orange juice tends to cause cavities in people who drink it.

Although it is completely true, that with the frequent consumption of all those sources that contain carbohydrates, such as sugar and that this increases the percentage of risks that you get dental cavities, in the case that your hygiene of the type dental is scarce or not even there, problems arise in your teeth which brings conflicts.

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In this sense, many experts affirm that everything will depend on the exposure you have to fluoride, also the amount of sugars you are consuming and everything related to the pH of the food, among other things and factors that exist, as time depends on many variables contracting cavities and the consumption of orange juice is not one of them.

It should be mentioned that oranges and specifically orange juice have a pH that ranges between 3.8%, and some studies have concluded and affirmed that there is no type of difference between free and intrinsic sugars in relation to to the pure juice of the fruit and also of the whole fruit in relation to the mineralization of the mentioned enamel.

Therefore, some specialists highlight and even recommend to their citizens that they drink orange juice during the meals they do a day, or that it can also be diluted with a little water so that this can contribute to excellent oral health. , which helps you maintain good teeth, and above all very healthy.

Therefore, it is totally denied that orange juice produces cavities that later lead to oral problems that prevent you from enjoying a good life in your teeth, in addition to that without going to a dentist who charges you large amounts of money to be able to clean the damage you have caused to your tooth enamel and everything that goes with it.

Truth: Orange juice has large amounts of vitamin C

It is well known that with just a small glass of orange juice you get a percentage of 50% with respect to the amount of calories that every human being needs to consume per day, and this contributes to your metabolism working in a completely normal way, which release energy relative to the normal functioning of the immune system.

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Truth: Orange juice is packed with lots of nutrients and enhances and assists in the assimilation of others

First of all, along with the vitamin C nutrients, there are another 20 grams of micronutrients that you don’t know at this time, so I’m going to define them for you, one of the main micronutrients stored in this drink is folate, and the importance of this is that contributes to a healthy growth of maternal tissue that must be carried out during pregnancy.

And it is that this micronutrient helps and generates that the immune system works in a normal way, in addition to this, folate also has other very important characteristics that we should not ignore, and that is that it helps reduce tiredness and also the fatigue that you may have a person in your daily life as a result of the stress of the daily work you have.

Otherwise, potassium is also a micronutrient that is present in orange juice, and this helps the muscles of the human body work correctly and stay in good shape, avoiding possible injuries, in addition to this helps and maintains good blood pressure in the lives of those who consume it.

On the other hand, it is known that there is still the presence of phytonutrients that are not known, but that it is estimated that they work synergistically or simultaneously with vitamin C, which helps other nutritional properties to be assimilated in the correct way without waste any nutrients that may contain any fruit or vegetable.

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Truth: Orange juice helps improve our performance and also physical capacity and is a source of hydration

Specialists in the field agree that it is completely proven that a good breakfast in which orange juice is ingested has cognitive effects of positive types on our body and that it rapidly increases our energy to carry out the day to day without no limitation or fatigue, this is a great virtue.

Now, apart from being a good and excellent source of energy for our body, it also represents an excellent source of hydration that carries out this process in us in a very healthy and natural way. This product should be consumed 100% natural by ingesting it once or twice a day and you can add some food to it.

The specialist Callawaert, affirms that healthy habits are really necessary in the life of the human being, and that these are a completely indivisible pack, he also affirms that the diet must be fully accompanied by some type of daily exercise that you do or in mornings or afternoons depending on the availability you have

In addition to daily exercise, you must include around 5 daily servings of eating and eating vegetables and also fruits, it must be noted that a large part of Spaniards follow a total of 58.3% of all the instructions and recommendations that the world organization makes them health, and that they comply with it more than other countries throughout Europe and even the whole of America.

Faced with this situation, a large number of experts affirm that there is no type of food that makes people gain weight, but on the contrary, people carry out eating styles that are completely inappropriate and that are totally unbalanced and therefore tend to gain weight. and to fall into obesity with all its risks.

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It should be noted that many people eat in an unhealthy and inappropriate way but that in some cases they do not gain weight or fall into obesity and many will wonder why this situation is, and that is that this disorder is compensated by the consumption of calories that it has. person , the essence is to eat healthy and burn the calories ingested daily .

What kinds of uses are given to orange juice?

I want to start by noting that one of the main uses that is given to orange juice is as a soft drink, that is, as a refreshing drink after some physical activity or that due to the heat that there are certain people decide to drink it because they felt like it at that time, which makes it a drink that is ingested sporadically or inconsistently.

Another use is that it is included for many people as something essential in their breakfasts, which has become a habit, which is part of the now famous and well-known English breakfast, it is also used to make cocktails such is the case of the so-called screwdriver. or even the world-famous Christmas punch, and also sangria.

Now, given its characteristics of being acidic, it is used to make various types of sauces, including the so-called red sauce, or also used to prepare ceviches or vinaigrettes to accompany salads, sometimes it is used to prepare foods such as The Baja California cake is very common in northern countries like Mexico.

In countries like Puerto Rico, it is commonly known as china juice, in countries like Venezuela it is known as orange juice or orangeade, in which it contains a percentage of 60% in the concentration of the product and the rest as regards the water with which it is mixed and also the sugar that is going to be added to achieve a better flavor to the product.

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In general, when we talk about orange juice, we do it by highlighting only that it has high levels of vitamin C. It is a food that contains a large amount of fibers, as well as vitamins and minerals so that your body can achieve a good functioning while maintaining all the necessary nutrients for it.

What contributions does a glass of orange juice give you?

The energy that a single glass of this excellent and also nutritious drink can provide you is not disposable at all, since it provides you with at least 110 kilocalories, which are perfect to ingest in the morning at the first meal you eat a day. , that is to say, at breakfast very early.

Even so, if you cannot in the morning some days you can also eat them at noon or at lunch or even as a snack, it should be noted that since it is a fruit, all it contains are carbohydrates that come in the form of completely natural sugars This means that it is energy that must be used quickly and burned quickly.

It has small amounts of fat, and a minimal portion of protein, for which many specialists strongly affirm that a glass of orange juice is the perfect drink for lovers of physical activity, therefore, millions of people in the world of football and baseball as well as others use these great natural drinks for themselves.

Thus, it has a wonderful and wonderful energy profile, the most important thing about the orange is all the vitamins and minerals it has; We ingest a quarter of the fiber that our body requires at the time of drinking a glass of orange juice, hence the importance of starting taking it in the morning.

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Now, we must not forget that it contains minerals such as iron, magnesium and phosphorus, which are essential for all athletes worldwide, however, only with a small glass of orange juice you get 10% of the vitamins that you require daily, take into account that with only one glass you reach that percentage, it is very important to show it.

In this sense, preparing a small glass of orange juice is very simple, therefore you can do it yourself at home if you have the juicer so that you do not waste any minimum amount of vitamins in the shells that remain of the oranges, remember to keep it 100% natural free of preservatives and sugars added by others.

And its use may vary, since many take it in the morning to start the day with maximum energy, others at lunchtime, some other percentage in the snack and many others after having carried out the corresponding sports activities, for example. which being able to ingest it at any of these times is important for your body and organism.

Contraindications of orange juice

For some, the problem with consuming orange juice is that in some cases it contains high levels of fructose sugar , which instantly reaches the small intestine after being ingested, in the morning, after a few hours without having taken any other amount. of food, this organ of the body has a hard time processing sugar

And it is that, it cannot process large amounts of fructose , which generates that it reaches the large intestine, at the time of being in this part, the fructose will come into contact with all those so-called good bacteria that are not created to process all the sugar, And for many scientists this is related to negative effects on people’s health.

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For this reason, people are advised to limit the amount of sweets they eat and therefore limit and moderate this behavior, since all excesses are bad, these amounts of sweets should be moderated just after meals, and You must remember that orange juice is naturally rich in all sugars without adding anything else.

In earlier times it was believed that sugar in the body was processed by the liver, however in more recent times it has been satisfactorily proven that 90% of ingested sugar is processed by the small intestine, in addition to this it has been confirmed that fructose is processed much better when eaten after a meal.

Therefore, it is suggested to consume fructose after having made a respective meal , since this ensures that the body can function in a better way and that each organ of our body can do its respective function, because if this does not happen the organism can have a malfunction and with it damage the health of the same.

It is important that each organism carry out its respective functions without letting another carry it out because this generates a malfunction of the body and therefore this would bring serious consequences for the life and health of the organism, however, it is necessary for the body to place everything in its place and works in the best possible way.

In some cases, previous research has shown examples in which fructose was integrated and reached the large intestine, and it was stated that it was fermented when it came into contact with all the bacteria that resided there, this generated that it was produce other harmful effects that we will gradually define.

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In the first place, hydrogen is produced, also methane and even carbon dioxide , which leads to the formation of gases that can cause severe pain to our body, in addition, distension is generated in the abdomen that also causes a lot of pain and finally in many cases it also causes diarrhea in people who have studied .

On the other hand, many new findings have been made that demonstrate other types of adverse effects that are yet to be determined and are still being studied, and this has led many people to dismiss the consumption of orange juice and prefer them after meals. , whatever the case, its consumption represents advantages for people.

Do not forget that orange juice is an excellent natural drink that contains many benefits and also properties that are very positive for our body, you must remember that it has a large amount of vitamin C, a great nutrient that will strengthen your immune system generating that you do not get sick for a certain time.

Advantages of consuming orange juice

The consumption of this drink helps us control the level of cholesterol in your body, and because of its high doses of flavonoids, cholesterol is controlled by this rich drink, this was a study published in the American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition, which I affirm through many tests this hypothesis posed to his daily readers.

Another of its enormous and large amounts of advantages that this fruit has is that it is very hydrating, because it contains a large amount of water, it will provide us with excellent hydration in our body, and this will be essential for the correct production of energy in the body. , triggering the correct functionality of the human body.

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In addition to these benefits, orange juice has enzymes that help us to process and assimilate carbohydrates correctly, but to this must be added, that it is the perfect drink to achieve the necessary balance between acid and base with this you collaborate with the production of proteins that our body performs daily.

A great and last advantage is that vitamin C j uega paper or fundamental role in the production of all new cells that creates our body , and this is one of the main demonstrations that orange juice performs its functions in processes of curative types that our organism carries out when faced with a disease.

It is for this reason, that the consumption of orange juice has achieved the approval of millions of people around the world, meaning that every day people ingest this drink to enjoy a completely natural product that gives you unimaginable vitality, and better. still no ill effects to regret later.

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