Orange: Contraindications, Properties And Benefits

The orange is a round, orange fruit that normally grows in winter seasons and is packed with juice and many nutritional properties. It is the orange, a wonderful fruit that contributes to the diet and health, a great number of advantages due to its quality of being a citrus fruit and for its multiple vitamins.

The orange is eaten, it is a fresh fruit, mainly for its juice, which is used as much as the apple and the banana; This is one of the most consumed fruits in the world , it is citrus therefore it has a lot of acidity, although in some cases it is usually very sweet, it is round, the skin is white, but in some species it is usually red .

The orange is healthy , the only part that can be eaten in the inside and can be eaten as fruit and also, taken in the form of juice. It is very versatile, it is used to make sweets and jams or you can only eat it as fruit, another thing is that it is widely used to create oils, creams and cosmetics for personal use.

The orange is being widely consumed and used, especially in the richest countries where its consumption is increasing a lot because we are aware that it is a fundamental factor to keep the body in good health, helping to improve pre-existing conditions and correct some that people suffer from.

In normal markets, they are almost in half of the consumption of the richest countries, mainly because of its rich juice, for example in Japan it is one of the most consumed and does not need to be exported, because it is one of the most produced their own oranges for the consumption of their citizens.

Throughout the world, orange consumption is more or less than 12 kg per person each year, and the truth is that the percentage depends a lot on the country, there is one in which it is consumed a lot while in others not so much perhaps just 6 kg.

One of the highest consumption is the population of the United States, with almost 60kg per person, in some European countries it is not more than 40kg and in the Netherlands it is only 5kg per person.

A great variety are known which are identified by the shapes, colors, size and color of their interior, some are red, yellow and even orange. Some of the oranges are acidic while others are very sweet, it all depends on the ripening process before consumption , for example if it is green, it is most likely more acidic.

This article will explain and teach about oranges, some unknown facts and their multiple uses in health, nutrition and dietetics.

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Origin of the orange

As for its origin, so far there are many theories said by many people with experience in the field. Many of them say that its origin is in Europe, others say that it was in Arabia and brought to India and then it spread to other countries, and the others that it was found in Sicily because it was present in all the gardens of the place. .

One of the many authors say that the orange tree comes from India. The first person to write about the orange was Alberto Magno. As such, where the tree comes from is an unknown subject, everyone has their theory, many say that it is in Arabia then to Greece and others that it was in China through the Himalayas.

The Arabs were what introduced the sour orange to Spain, spreading it through the streets, gardens and parks and using its leaves for celebrations, the orange is a fruit with a great history but that is somewhat unknown, it was present even in Greek Mythology, first it was citrus until now the sweets.

In Greek Mythology there is talk about a tree with some golden apples , and according to reality they were oranges, it is said that they were the most valuable fruits in the garden, so much so that it was given to Hesperides as a wedding gift.

In China, the orange sowing has always been carried out and it has spread throughout the world and throughout the Asian continent.

The Arabs introduced it to Spain and made it known throughout the country. Some say that the orange was cultivated by the native peoples of the ancient times and later with the colonizers they discovered the leaves and they were spreading it all over the world and taking it to different places.

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In some countries the orange and its leaves began to be used for decoration purposes thanks to its very bitter taste, later other much sweeter and richer spices were obtained, the Arabs called them naranche.

In Brazil, the sweet-flavored orange with a lot of juice originated, and the navel orange that was brought to the United States and became the queen of oranges that is until now one of the most sought after and rich.

Orange characteristics

The orange is a sweet and tropical fruit that comes from the orange tree, it is said that it comes from Asia and then expanded to the rest of the world and the other continents. And already speaking of the tree, it proceeds to the family of the so-called Rutácea. Packed with many species.

2 species of oranges are known, which are: Sweet and bitter, the sweet is the most consumed, both in juice and naturally, which is only the fruit, most of it is used to make sweets and liqueurs, it is also used to create cosmetics to flatter the face and other parts of the body.

The orange is a characteristic fruit of citrus. It has natural and rich oils . almost all the content of the orange is almost 100% water.

There are many types and varieties of oranges that can be found in different sizes and flavors.

Varieties or types of oranges

The varieties or types of sweet oranges are divided into four groups:

Navel Group

The word navel comes from the English meaning navel. It is one of the most sought after oranges because they grow strong and very large, they form quickly. It is one of the most valuable for its rapid growth and development, it has a few seeds and its flavor is sweet and rich.

Some of the types found are: Newhall, Thompson, Washington and Navelina.

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White Group

This is one of the most important groups of oranges, it has been present for many years, they are cultivated in quantity, these oranges are of very high quality, it can take a few days and it will be completely preserved.

Sanguine Group

They can be identified by their anthocyanin content, which are a kind of pigmentation in the pulp and on the outside thanks to their strong red color, which of course also depends on the environment in which the fruit is present.

Other varieties of oranges called: sanguinelli, Tarocco Rosso and finally Moro are present in this same group.

Sucreñas Group

They are very similar to the white group and differ in being less acidic with a very sweet juice. And in this same group there are different types of oranges: Sucreña, sukkari and Lima, cañamiel.

Orange properties

Nutritional properties

From the part of its composition it can be said that it has a lot of energy, and that is due to its high liquid content and also due to vitamin C, it contains minerals such as folic acid, calcium and magnesium, which are absorbed by everything the organism.

It has a large amount of fiber, and this is in the white area, to say between the area of ​​the rind and the pulp, and thanks to this its consumption helps to reaffirm the intestinal and body flow.

And since it is a fruit rich in vitamin C, it helps strengthen bones and forms collagen more than all that of the teeth, forms more red blood cells and helps absorb iron from food and makes the system more resistant against infections . Beta Carotene is transformed into vitamin A, as the body and system need it.

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And thanks to this essential vitamin, it helps to keep the skin in good condition naturally, the hair and vision, the bones, the mucosa and the proper function of the entire immune system.

On the part of Folic Acid, it is excellent for the formation of white and red blood cells, and in genetic synthesis. Potassium is an important mineral for the generation of the nervous system, it enters the water balance inside and outside the cells, it helps in muscular activity so that it functions normally.

Magnesium is related to the function of the intestines, muscles and nerves, improving immunity, and malic citrus has a disinfectant reaction in the urine. And its mild laxative effect.

Orange benefits

Fiber contribution

Due to its content of folic acid, which is an excellent vitamin and unmatched in the processes of cell division, which takes place in the first months of gestation, orange consumption is good for women in the pregnancy process, although due to its formula can cause some heartburn in sensitive stomachs.

It has a good amount of fiber, where the greatest amount is found in the white pulp that is under the skin of the orange, and the truth is that most of it is discarded, especially when juicing.

It is a natural and healthy fiber , which retains water, which is why when consuming the orange with the pulp, it helps in the intestinal transit process , reduces cholesterol and fat in quantity, controls blood glucose, so It is a recommended fruit for people with diabetes problems and a lot of excess weight in the body.

For people who practice some type of sport, it is good for the content of vitamin C and potassium, it is excellent at rewarding minerals and fluids lost during the time of activity, and it reduces some risks of injury, helps to repower the body’s defenses .

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The juice mixed with water, sugar and a little bicarbonate, works perfectly as a hydration drink, at the time of games and sports that last a maximum of about 90 minutes, in which the loss of electrolytes and glucose are more affected.

As it has a large amount of juice and water, citric acid and potassium, it makes oranges become a fruit with diuretic effects , and this helps in cases of lithiasis, because the fruit, being diuretic, eliminates the acid and its salts , also the arterial hypertension or any disease on the retention of the liquids.

And for some of the person who already drink diuretics and discard potassium. Or they have bulimia because of the loss of this mineral. But on the other hand, other people who suffer from kidney failure and who already need a strict and special diet, where they control potassium, must rearrange their consumption.

The acid that oranges have called oxalic acid can create salts with minerals such as calcium and another that can form is calcium oxalate, so it is not recommended to take it if you suffer from this type of kidney stone, because it could happen to a bad situation.

The more citrusy and acidic oranges can affect the type of person with stomach problems or gastric diseases, stomach ulcers or heartburn.


One of the very few known facts about orange is that it possesses antidepressant properties, like most other citrus fruits. The consumption and the smell of this natural fruit, causes a positive reaction in the feelings and states of depression of the people, and can even calm the bad temper and anger. The orange causes joy and calm, this means that it is an essential fruit in our diet.

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Asthma is one of the main conditions that affect people, it can be improved if a cleansing treatment is carried out, which involves consuming oranges, in freshly squeezed fruit juice, for more or less 10 days. The consumption of the orange helps to balance and expel the mucus that is inside the lungs.


Orange is a good option for women who are pregnant, especially for those who have cravings for fresh and acidic foods. It is excellent and rich in folic acid, and vitamin B which is essential at this time, women with heartburn should totally avoid the consumption of this fruit to avoid worsening their condition.


The orange is a fruit composed of vitamin C, beta-carotene and flavonoids, which when mixed work as a great antioxidant that helps cleanse the entire body, reducing the chances of heart disease and problems, cancer and degenerative diseases.

It is a rich source of vitamin C

Vitamin C is important since most of the orange is made up of vitamin C, which helps in the creation of collagen , red blood cells, healthy teeth, helps the complete absorption of iron and fight infections.


The fruit has some properties that help to eliminate substances from the body that have not been digested and are found in the different organs of the body. It has microbial properties, which help eliminate bacteria from the body.

Supports the digestive system

The fruit has magnesium, which is a mineral that is ideal for improving the functioning of the intestine . For muscles and nerves, it reacts as an analgesic against stomach aches, facilitates digestion as it helps to dissolve food that has not been completely decomposed.

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Helps the absorption of Iron

Thanks to vitamin C it increases the absorption of iron, recovering and making changes in people suffering from anemia.

Fight cholesterol

As it is rich in vitamin C and flavonoids, this fruit is ideal for reducing and fighting cholesterol problems.

Take care of skin health

The fruit has great properties that benefit the skin as it keeps it clean and hydrated, it is ideal for injuries and to help reposition the skin and repair it little by little.

Reduces the risk of cancer

Nothing can be said about the benefits and properties that the fruit possesses, without talking about a little about its powerful reaction against cancer.

Thanks to the vitamin that the orange brings called vitamin C, which is called d-limonene, which has amino acids and fibers that together will help reduce the chances of cancer thanks to the large consumption of oranges.

It also reduces the possibility of lung cancer, mouth cancer, skin cancer and also breast cancer. It has a hesperedin content, which defends and helps all the capillaries that the body has, which with this is that cancer can be reduced.

Breast cancer

Some studies and experiments have said that the considered amount of orange helps to reduce the risk of contracting this type of cancer, as well as to improve the health and condition of the person who suffers it.

Lowers cholesterol levels

One of the reasons and points of the orange that attract the most attention are that the fruit has a hesperedin content, which reduces the risks of suffering from blood pressure and little by little it lowers cholesterol levels.

In a natural way it also has pectin, which helps prevent the body from acquiring so much fat, which is crucial to lower cholesterol, it also has soluble fiber, which oranges have, which enters the intestinal walls of the body, and thanks To this , cholesterol and sugar levels are considerably reduced.

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Strengthens the immune system

The orange also draws attention for its strong and bright color as well as for high levels of vitamin C, so this helps to make our immune system stronger and longer lasting to help us against viruses and diseases.

Help the heart

Many with experience in the field claim that orange helps the cardiovascular system, thanks to hesperedin and folic acid.

Prevents degenerative diseases

As it is vitamin C, which is a great antioxidant, it can reduce and prevent many diseases that are degenerative of the body, such as cataracts or the risk of going deaf.

Helps to lose weight

Another of the many properties of the orange is that it quenches thirst and is like a cooling effect when you eat it or drink it in juice.

This satiating effect is very important for anyone who is dieting, and more than the futa it has water, potassium and a little sodium, which help to lose weight; it is diuretic, another reason that it helps you lose weight by losing fluid and thanks to vitamin C, it gradually eliminates fat , and orange is very helpful because it has very few calories .

 Combat fluid retention

One of the many benefits of the fruit is that people who want to get in shape will like it a lot, which is to help combat fluid retention in the body.

Relief intestinal disorders

Thanks to soluble fiber, orange helps relieve intestinal pain , such as constipation, hemorrhoids and diverticulosis.

Eliminate uric acid

Vitamin C and all the other minerals that orange has, help to alkalize the blood, and thanks to that uric acid is eliminated.

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Avoid colds

The orange is well known for its healing powers, and in this case we cannot fail to say that thanks to its vitamin C and other properties, it helps to improve circulation and the body’s immune system, with this it is possible to take care of yourself from colds and defend the body.

Fight poor circulation

Now to finish this small list of each benefit and so many properties of the fruit and among so many properties there is one that helps in poor blood circulation. The orange relaxes and protects the body’s blood flow more easily. Thanks to the properties, the arterial pressure of the blood decreases.

Protects and rejuvenates every cell of the body and organism, strengthens the blood and sexual relations, giving better shape to the collagen of the skin, teeth and bones. It helps pregnant women a lot to help the fetus from many diseases and prevents depression and other diseases.

It provides benefits for the sperm and helps to calm many aches and diseases such as fever, liver, arthritis and fever. And with this we can understand that the fruit is a great advantage that provides many care and benefits to the body and the organism in an easy and rich way for the person.

It is very good for the body, it provides many benefits to the human body and it is time for you to go to a supermarket to acquire more fruit.

Orange contraindications

Commonly, allergy sufferers present this problem due to their intolerance to certain proteins contained in fruits called lipid transporting proteins, which tend to be shared between several different species of fruits, which can give rise to allergy cross reactions, for example most common is allergy to citrus.

The most common manifestation of the aforementioned allergy is a sudden appearance of rash or rash on our skin after consuming orange juice or other citrus fruits.

Orange juice or juice and migraine

People who have a deficiency of the enzyme called DAO may suffer from migraines and headaches after consuming orange juice, this is because said fruit contains among its components the histamine coma which is metabolizable only through the enzyme DAO. So those who have a deficiency of it are prone to pathophysiological reactions derived from this fact, among the most common severe headaches and migraines.

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Orange juice for diabetes and obesity

This concentrate has sugar that dissolves very quickly, it is a glass of well-made juice, you can be consuming up to 3 orange fruits in several sips, which means that if you drink a large amount of sugar quickly, that for True, the juice is provided in the fiber part of the orange.

That means that if you consume a lot of juice, hyperglycemia can be caused to the person, especially in people with low insulin output, as well as diabetes, overweight, PCOS and finally menopause.

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This reason has led some people to make many complaints by dietitians and nutritionists about the trials of orange juice in relation to diabetes.

With all this and this, it can be noted that there are people who recommend many interesting reasons that occur long before the consumption of orange juice is prohibited, such as the amount consumed and how often and with which it is combined.

Orange juice to lose weight

The most recommended thing to lose weight quickly is to eat whole fruits, neither chopped nor juiced, because sugar is diluted very quickly and hyperglycemia occurs, sometimes orange juice can be ingested in diets and meals to lose weight. But it is highly recommended to mix it with some foods that lower the glycemic index.

The foods that lower the glycemic level are those that are delicious in protein, fat and fiber: yogurt, almonds and walnuts. A plate of broccoli, carrots and white meat.

Orange juice and intestinal disorders

In some people, orange juice can cause pain and problems in the intestines, and from there begins heartburn, and diarrhea. The most advisable thing is to drink it wisely and evaluate what the stomach’s reactions were after having taken it, and from there decide if it is good or not to ingest it on other occasions and all the forecasts.

Some people who suffer from the colon because it is irritated are the ones who usually have problems and intolerance to juice in the morning, thanks to the effect of bile produced by orange juice, and when this is the case it is better to already have a suitable diet prepared the person’s needs.

For people who suffer from cholecystectomy, the effect of the citrus fruit of orange juice can cause a lot of damage, that is, in these people that the gallbladder has been removed. In these people it can cause a lot of diarrhea. The best and recommended thing is to take it with caution and care, it is better to consume the fruit, instead of the juice.

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Is orange good for the stomach? Is it contraindicated for ulcer?

The orange along with the citrus fruits are a group that have a very bad reputation because they say that it hurts the stomach, which is unfair and is wrongly said. If it is true that it has an acid that is citric, but it is not so strong, in fact, the lemon has almost 3 or 5 times more than the orange, and also does not have as much concentration.

And at the end of all this, this group of fruits is not harmful to the body, much less does it harm ulcers and the stomach, it has a good vitamin C content and thanks to the amount of flavonoids it heals tissues little by little. it is good when losing weight and dieting. Only it is advisable to eat the fruit than to drink the juice.

Does orange juice damage tooth enamel?

Corrosion of tooth enamel is caused by citric acid, which is not found in orange in as much quantity as in lemon, which does have a lot, therefore, it is not as aggressive or damages the enamel as much.

Orange juice, in other words, is very rich in sugar and vitamins, which is true that it can cause cavities if you do not have proper oral hygiene.

Do the vitamins go to the juice if it is not taken immediately?

This is false about the fact that orange juice loses its vitamins while it is being stored, everything is already proven by good scientists that it is the same amount of vitamin C since it is squeezed and the one that is stored and preserved for hours in the fridge or refrigerator.

It is a story that you tell young children so that they do not delay in having breakfast and going to study.

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However, the greatest thing that can happen is that the juice changes color because the orange has substances and enzymes and an oxidation of all these components can occur if it is left for a long time but everything is fine.

The main component is vitamin C and this is transformed from ascorbic acid to dehydroascorbic acid, and this is how this vitamin is converted. It means that the oxidation of this vitamin C is created naturally and easily in the intestine so that it can assimilate it.

This means that when we open the orange, some components of the juice will react thanks to the oxygen creating different molecules with different colors. This can be seen mainly in juices such as pear and apple that turn brown thanks to the enzymes that appear.

To prevent the components of the juices from oxidizing, it is recommended to store them in cold and dry places in case it is not going to be consumed in a short time. Because thanks to the low temperature the oxidation process will slow down.

Sometimes where the juice has to be prepared in places such as factories so that they are later exported and distributed in commercial places. What they do is process the juices at very high temperatures to deactivate the enzymes in order to prevent them from changing their color to brown and can last longer because thanks to the heat the bacteria die, although thanks to this some vitamins are lost.

Like any food, orange should be consumed with great care and moderation, although many experts affirm that there are no proven risks of consuming a lot of orange.

Many people also affirm that it should not be consumed by people who suffer from digestive problems such as heartburn, hernia, gastritis and ulcers. Although it all depends on the person, however, it is always good to consult with a trusted doctor before consuming it.

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However, other people may be prone to outbreaks and skin allergies, headaches due to heavy consumption followed by this fruit juice, but these are things that rarely happen, however you always have to be on the lookout for reactions caused.

How to take the orange to take advantage of its benefits?

It is advisable to ingest the fruit, in the most natural way that it can exist, because most of the juices that are sold in the street and markets, are made of concentrates, which already have most of the properties and enzymes of the orange, it is a lot better, take the natural juice directly, or eat them from a tree or a greengrocer.

It is good to buy these oranges that are large and heavy, because this means that they have a lot of juice. It is not advisable to bring home the one that has bumps, smells bad or does not weigh anything.

They can be left at the normal temperature provided by the environment. But in the fridge it is much better because they keep and last longer . It can be eaten and enjoyed in salads, salad, ice cream, sweets, fruit salads.

Those mentioned before are just some of the many uses that orange has, many experts of oranges mention that it is good to accompany them with bread, cheese, eggs, pineapple and banana and in many other ways that will make you feel that it is the best fruit in the world. world thanks to all the benefits and good contributions it offers to health.

It is a fruit that is known and popular for its rich flavor , we have consumed it since we are children and it has many vitamins for the body and diet and most of all for health.

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