Furniture With Pallets: Easy Ideas To Decorate

One of the most fashionable low cost decoration ideas is to make furniture with pallets . The pallets can be found in any warehouse and many times we can even get them for free so, with a couple of arrangements we can turn them into a table for the living room, a set of garden furniture, a bed, a headboard or even in other furniture with decorative pallets such as shelves or flower pots. Here we give you some of the easiest and most beautiful ideas you can do to decorate with pallets that we have taken from an article in Espacio Hogar with more than 100 ideas of Furniture with Pallets.

Furniture with pallets for the garden and terrace

If you have a garden or terrace to furnish and you don’t want to spend too much money, we recommend you get some pallets and make both a table and some armchairs or sofas as you see in the image. Basically it is about joining pallets in the way that suits us best to create the structure we want. To join them you can use nails. Something very good about furniture with pallets for the garden or for the terrace is that, being wood, they are quite resistant to water so you will not have to worry if it is raining outside.

If you want more sophisticated furniture to be left, you can lacquer it in white and give it some final details that will make it look totally different: some pretty cushions and a glass for our table. The good thing also about these furniture with pallets is that we can make them almost to the extent that we need so they are fully customizable as if they were restored furniture, which you can see an article that we have made here .

Furniture with pallets: sofa and armchairs

One of the most popular ideas for making furniture out of pallets is sofas and armchairs . As we said above, one good thing about using pallets to make furniture is that we can choose your size. For example, depending on the seats we want for our sofa or armchair, we will use more or less pallets. As you can see in the photograph, to make it comfortable you just have to put the cushions you want in such a way that the pallets are only the base.

You can also choose the height of the sofa or armchair , depending on the pallets that we put as a base. Also, as you can see in the photo, the lower part of the sofa can be used as storage .

Of course, there are many ways to make sofas and armchairs out of pallets. For example, in the photograph there is no backrest but some cushions doing this function. However, it is also entirely possible to attach a pallet for the backrest to the base , as in some examples in the photo gallery that we show you below.

Furniture with pallets: bed and headboard

And if we have seen something on YouTube, Instagram and Tumblr, it is the headers made with pallets . They are a very simple way to decorate our room quickly without spending much money. In addition, using a pallet as a headboard can give us a lot of play as a decoration. In the photography they have chosen to place some led lights , but you can also choose to place your favorite books, an alarm clock, some pretty flowers or even hang some photos of your favorite moments. As we had mentioned above, the pallets can be lacquered in the color we want but if you want to follow the retro trend or Nordic decoration , we recommend doing it in a worn white .To achieve this very special shade, paint it with a white spray and then, with sandpaper, go over the entire pallet to give it that worn look and that it does not look like freshly painted.

But we can also use the pallets to make the base of the bed, as you can see in the photo below. Depending on the number of pallets that you stack one on top of the other, you can decide the height of the bed , although we recommend that you join them with nails so that they do not move too much.

Furniture with pallets to decorate

Using pallets to decorate our home is a perfect idea because of how easy, fast and cheap it is. Among the most popular ideas that we have seen in social networks to decorate with pallets, we can find pallets as shelves and pallets as flowerpots . Read on to find out how.

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Shelving with pallets

To give a retro, casual, industrial and original touch to any room in our house, you can use pallets as shelves. We can use them to place books, files and even as it is made of wood, to nail some thumbtacks with notes or photos . If you want an original and practical workspace, we recommend a shelf like the one you can see in the photo below. We do not need to hang it or make any hole in the wall, you just have to place the pallet vertically on your work table and so you will have a nice shelf to place the things you need and also to give it a decorative touch.

And this is one of the things we like the most about pallet racks: that we don’t need to make holes in the walls because we can stack one pallet on top of another and make the shelf as tall and big as we want.

Pots with pallets

Finally, another idea that we also like a lot to decorate with pallets and that we can use both for the interior and exterior of our home is to create a pot with pallets . It is about making a kind of vertical garden that is so fashionable as decoration, to our liking. We can do it in a simple way as you can see in the photograph below or we can fill it completely with plants and flowers to make it even more original.

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