Papulopustular acne : Chemical and Natural Treatment, Levels, Types and Characteristics

To have a beautiful complexion does not mean that it must be perfect in the style of Hollywood actresses, believe me that theirs is a lot of makeup and camera tricks; In real life, most women have acne, and there are various types of acne, seborrheic acne, cosmetic acne, and papule-pustular acne, the latter is today’s topic .

I want to talk to you about this type of acne so that you know your enemy and know how to fight it, it is possible that at this moment you are wearing enough makeup to hide these annoying blemishes, but this is something that may be making the acne outbreak worse and you will know later because.

What is papule pustular acne?

The name is long and non-conforming is very strange but this name of acne papule pustulosis is given to the appearance of pimples with pus, and it spreads easily to other parts of the face and body if you squeeze these papules at the time that has pus.

The combination of the name is due to the two different concepts between papule and pustule, the first, that is, the papule is an elevation of the skin surface, it is an acne lesion that can be reddened and cause pain, while the pustule is that elevation but contained with fat, bacteria and pus , when it presents pus it receives the name that here we are dealing with papule pustular acne.

Papulopustular acne, how is it detected? How to combat it?

Detecting papule pustular acne is not difficult because compared to other types of acne it stands out notably against comedones and papules; papule pustular acne is larger and painful.

Its outbreaks are usually greater than six pimples, up to 20 lesions , and can affect both the face and the trunk, and to cure it it is really necessary that you consult a dermatologist before because this type of acne can bring serious complications such as deep scars.

Your dermatologist can recommend some topical and oral medications, including antibiotics; Among the topical medications are: Erythromycin 2%, Clindamycin 1%, antibiotics such as: Benzoyl Peroxide 5% and oral treatments such as Isotretinoin 0.05%.

To combat it you can start by refraining from using exfoliating products and cosmetics that have oily and irritable ingredients , keep your face clean, wash it twice a day, try not to wear much sun because pustular papule acne could easily get worse.

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Characteristics of papulo-pustular acne

The only characteristics of this type of acne is that its appearance compared to the others is considered moderate and severe, its lesions are papules and pustules that contain pus inside, you can have mixed pustular papule acne, that is, not all lesions and inflammations they will contain pus.

Another of its characteristics is that when you burst it, or squeeze it, the content will cause a spread of these grains , so it is very important that you do not even touch them, their color is red with a greenish white tip , and they can measure 5mm in diameter.

Causes of pustular papule acne

The causes of papule pustular acne are the same as the other types of acne, it is due to excess secretion by the sebaceous glands that clog the pores , clog them and this leads to inflammation and infection that gives rise to acne pustular papule. .

The causes by which the sebaceous glands increase their production of sebum are multiple, and for all cases of acne they are practically the same, when these causes are internal they are usually hormonal: puberty, menstruation, pregnancy and menopause, stress also causes a hormonal disturbance.

Another internal cause is the diet you eat. If you eat junk food, fried foods, chocolates and soft drinks, you can drastically increase sebum production ; As well as external causes, the use of comedogenic makeup also clogs the pores.

When these pores, papules become infected after the obstruction of the follicle, the body reacts and produces white cells that are deposited in the infected area and cause pustular papule acne.

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Symptoms of pustular papule acne

Pustular papule acne has the same symptoms as acne vulgaris and seborrheic acne , beginning with open and closed comedones that progress to become inflamed pimples with pus.

Pathologies of papulopustular acne

Pustular papule acne is a pathology that if not treated in time the complications will be serious, from a simple outbreak of six pimples up to 40 pimples can appear , and the greater the amount, the more likely they are to turn into cysts .

The cysts leave important sequelae, they usually leave residual scars that hardly disappear, the treatments must be deep just as the scar is.

If the papular pustular acne is severe, you may have feverish symptoms , when you go to the doctor he will determine the severity of the papular pustular acne and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Areas of the body where pustular papule acne can appear

This type of acne unfortunately appears mainly on the face , and this is what turns a simple acne disease into a psychosocial problem.

Generally people isolate themselves because they feel unpleasant, but try to keep your self-esteem high, what matters most is what you think of yourself, and you will see that by complying with different treatments and personal care this type of acne will disappear.

As I just said, on the face is the main area where papulopostulous acne breaks out: on the forehead, nose, cheeks, jaw and chin ; they can also appear on the back and chest.

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Papule-pustular acne levels

Pustular papule acne manifests itself at various levels depending on the lesions , and for each level the diagnosis and treatment will be different.


In the mild level of pustular papule acne, open and closed comedones predominate , here there is only presence of less than 5 pimples with pus. The treatment is gentle, and they heal with hygiene and good nutrition above all.


At the moderate level next to the comedones there are more than six papulopustules and several inflamed areas. It is necessary to go to the dermatologist who can recommend some topical treatment.


At the severe level you will already be in the presence of nodulocystic acne with more than 20 lesions . The treatment can be long-lasting and strong; You must adhere to it to the letter because this level tends to leave many scars.

Women and pustular papule acne

Women get papule pustular acne breakouts because they always go through stages that disrupt hormone levels, and this in turn causes the sebaceous glands to produce a lot of sebum.

Excess sebum blocks the pores and as a result acne appears, when women do not use the appropriate makeup, rejuvenation or any beauty product depending on their skin type, this also contributes to the appearance of postulous papule acne .

Blockage and infection of these pores with increased sebum from menstruation, pregnancy, menopause and more, the use of comedogenic cosmetic products are factors that cause papule pustular acne in women of any age.

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Do contraceptives cause papulopustular acne?

The subject of contraceptives is simple and complicated to explain at the same time since they contain the hormone progestin, this hormone increases the fat in the skin because it stimulates the sebaceous glands.

And the tricky thing is this: in some women, contraceptive pills cause an outbreak of acne that lasts for the first few months only from the first take ; And this same causes in women with acne skin a considerable improvement in breakouts.

Everything will depend on the body of each woman and also the contraceptive she is using, but as you can see, some women suffer from adverse affects and others benefit much more.

Do men suffer from pustular acne?

Men are the most prone to suffer from papular pustular acne since male hormones increase sebum production and what begins with mild comedones ends up being acne papule pustules because males really have a hard time submitting to the necessary care of their skin .

In adolescents, is papulopustular acne normal?

At the beginning of puberty, the increase in hormones causes many changes in young people , and it is at this stage that more acne papule pustules can appear, which greatly affects their self-esteem and confidence.

The body at puberty begins to adapt to the increase and hormonal changes that cause an increase in production by the sebaceous glands . This increased production causes excess sebum to clog pores.

The obstruction causes the appearance of acne, many of them comedonic, others seborrheic and in the worst case a large part of the adolescent suffers from pustular papule acne that if not taken care of, the problem with noduloscystic cells would become much more serious.

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Pregnancy and pustular acne

If you are pregnant, it is very likely that the hormonal changes you are going through increase the secretion of the sebaceous glands , and cause acne, to avoid acne papule pustules you must have a good fat-free diet, and good facial hygiene.

Babies Can Get Papule Pustular Acne, Why?

It is not possible for babies to have pustular papule acne since these are a consequence of acne that becomes infected, in the last of the cases babies can have outbreaks that are mistaken for acne since these white nuggets are excess secretion of the sebaceous glands due to hormones from the mother passed to the baby through breastfeeding.

During breastfeeding you have acne papule pustules, why?

During breastfeeding, the hormones that were increased in pregnancy will return to normal , however, you can suffer breakouts while that happens since in this new stage of mother you will go through stress, even if you don’t call it that, sleepless nights Well, continuous baby care and many other things cause your hormones to go haywire and acne can appear mild during breastfeeding.

Menopause and pustular acne

Hormone levels also change when you enter menopause, estrogen levels decrease, and male hormone levels cause you to produce much more sebum in adulthood even more when you are in menopause.

Stress can cause pustular acne. How? Why?

The skin produces much more oil in times of stress , and if the hole in the follicle is covered then you will have breakouts of comedonic, seborrheic acne and even papulopustular acne. Less stress is less oil produced , and therefore you will have fewer acne breakouts, remember that the hormone cortisol is increased and this stimulates the sebaceous glands.

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How does isotretinoin help against pustular papule acne?

Isotretinoin treatment has been the most used for decades with this, it fights cystic nodule acne, and pustular papule to avoid scars that affect your quality of life.

The main thing for this treatment is to reduce sebum by up to 90%, and to inhibit the proliferation of follicular keratinocytes , with this, acne of any type is prevented and therefore the scars that these usually leave.

Menstruation and pustular papule acne

Among the premenstrual symptoms, one usually stands out, and it is the appearance of pimples or papule-pustular acne, this is due to the high levels of androgens and estrogens during the periovulation phase and cause an excess of sebum, much higher at the skin level than in other parts of the body.

Pustular acne or comedonic acne

As I have been mentioning, comedonic acne is one where you only have open and closed comedones, this is very easy to treat and does not usually become severe unless it is infected, if this happens then we would be talking about pustular papule acne, this presents pus , while the other is only characterized by very small black and white dots.

Hormonal acne vs. pustular acne

Hormonal acne and pustular papule acne are related since when hormonal acne appears, it can go from a simple closed comedone to a pustular papule , which means that hormonal acne is the first outbreak, generally in adolescence, while that papule pustular acne is a consequence of some infection that occurred in the pores and has no age limit.

Pustular papule acne or cystic nodule acne

Papule pustular acne, as you already know, presents pus inside , begins as mild acne and becomes moderate and severe if the skin is not cared for, while cystic nodule acne is severe, and the lesions are usually painful under the surface of the skin and the infection is also deep that often leaves marks and scars.

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What to eat if you have pustular acne

The first thing you should do is control your intake of fatty dairy and sugars, and of course forget about junk food and fried foods. You should eat citrus fruits instead, you need them to be rich in vitamin C, such as: lemons, oranges, strawberries and raspberries.

Also eat vegetables with vitamin A, which are rich in antioxidants, such as carrots and bell peppers. You can eat white and red meats but in moderation, and drink plenty of water daily.

Pustular papule acne, can it be cured? What is it?

Pustular papule acne has a cure , you should start by performing a correct daily cleaning at least twice a day, using the right products for your skin type in order not to worsen acne breakouts.

Do not handle acne papule pustules and even less with dirty hands, you will aggravate the breakouts and could turn into a deeper nodulocystic infection. Eat right , live a quiet stress-free life and this will be enough to prevent and cure acne papule pustules.

If you do not improve with these tips then you should start with a medical treatment, this will be indicated by the dermatologist, it is essential that you go to him when this type of acne begins to break out.

Medical treatments for papulo-pustular acne

Medical treatments focus on reducing sebum production, fighting infection, and reducing inflammation of papule pustular acne. The dermatologist is the one who decides which treatment you must comply with and for how long.

The most common to treat this type of acne are topical retinoids, benzoyl peroxide, topical antimicrobials, azelaic acid, oral isotetrinoin, and some oral contraceptives.

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Homeopathic treatment

Homeopathic treatment will study everything about you, absolutely everything, what you eat, your quality of life, your habits, your average history, your family history; Once all this information has been collected, the homeopathic treatment can be: natrum, thuya, sulfuricum, selenium.

Not only is the disease attacked with homeopathy, but it seeks to attack both internal and external causes, and psychosocial problems as well. In this way, homeopathic treatment provides great effectiveness in curing pustular papule acne.

Natural treatment to relieve acne pustular papule

Natural treatments are effective in different ways in each person, some can improve with honey and lemon in a few weeks but others will require other additional natural treatments.

For example, you can use an exfoliating mask made with brown sugar and lemon , you will apply it to the skin with circular movements very gently and you will remove it with plenty of cold water.

How does aloe vera help?

Another super effective natural treatment is aloe vera, this is one of the most recommended to combat acne pustular papule, because it is an excellent natural astringent, meaning that aloe vera helps regulate skin oil, also nourishes and moisturizes the skin and thanks to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties, pustular acne will heal quickly.


Acupuncture is another of the natural treatments widely used to combat pustular papule acne, with it a significant improvement is produced for all those who suffer from this type of acne since in Chinese medicine they consider that acne is caused by heat, toxicity and humidity.

With acupuncture the heat of the body is regulated , treating strategic points such as the liver, and the lungs, with each session you will see the improvement of acne to such a point that the number of outbreaks is reduced to a minimum and in fact with acupuncture new ones are prevented appearances.

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