Peppermint Oil: Contraindications, Risks, Benefits And Properties

We must start by clarifying that mint is not the same as peppermint , that is, they are not the same plant. In this case, peppermint is a hybrid plant between water mint and spearmint.

This plant has been used to treat various diseases for a long time, as it has cooling properties that can relieve skin problems such as irritations and burns. Although it has also been used to reduce digestive problems.

Today there are still people who use peppermint for more complex medicinal purposes , although more often we see that it is used in cosmetics or hygiene products, such as toothpaste, rinses, detergents. And it is also a great protagonist in therapies, such as aromatherapy.

What is peppermint oil?

Peppermint oil is a compound derived from the peppermint plant , as we already mentioned it is a hybrid plant and should not be confused with the peppermint plant. This oil, unlike other herbal oils or essential oils, has been widely studied by the world of science, as it contains very beneficial and beneficial properties, both for health and aesthetics.

Origin of peppermint oil

The exact origin of the mint plant is unknown , but there are several suspicions. Because it is obtained in much of the territory, it is believed that it could originate in Europe, although there are also samples of this plant in North Africa and Asia. After its discovery, its use was inevitable, and from research on the properties of the mind, it was possible to give way to products derived from it, among which is clearly peppermint oil.

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What other names is peppermint oil known by?

Mint, today, can be known worldwide under this same name. There could be confusion between mint and spearmint, but it must be clarified that they are plants of different types; and for this reason, in any case, mint is only known under this name, like its derivatives.

Benefits and properties of peppermint oil

Peppermint oil is composed of several minerals, vitamins and nutrients, among which are iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, manganese, copper, folate, various fatty acids such as omega-3, and vitamins of complex C and A. Thanks to all these components and other natural properties of the plant, this oil can benefit the body in the following ways:

  • Reduces oiliness on the skin, thus preventing acne and cellulite
  • Helps to treat varicose veins, as it improves circulation
  • Avoid liquid retention
  • Serves as a decongestant
  • Has a cooling effect
  • It is used to eliminate bad odors
  • Has analgesic effects
  • May relief burns and inflammations
  • Control fever
  • Headache reliefs
  • Decreases muscle pain
  • Serves to relieve insect bites
  • It is stimulating for the nervous system
  • Relief premenstrual problems

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What are the benefits for skin and stretch marks?

Peppermint oil on the skin can cause a calming or relaxing effect , since menthol has this property. Likewise, it prevents the accumulation of fat by reducing the production of sebum, and can nourish the skin.

According to several studies, it is known that peppermint oil has antiviral agents , so it can be a treatment against infections such as herpes or skin breakouts.

This oil can be mixed with several other oils, in this way its effects and properties can be enhanced so that the product can be used in more treatments. The most used oils are rosemary, lemon and eucalyptus, these are mixtures that contribute to their therapeutic purposes on the skin and also in terms of aromatics.

In the case of stretch marks, this oil can produce a change and benefit in the skin , but it is not the most suitable product to treat especially the problem of stretch marks on the skin. In any case, you can prevent them because it nourishes the skin, thus improving its elasticity, but you cannot reduce or eliminate them once they are already developed.

Peppermint oil is good for weight loss

Peppermint oil itself does not have effects or properties that stimulate weight loss, but it does help to avoid certain things that can help us avoid gaining weight, calm anxiety and reduce digestive problems.

Due to its aromatic power, this oil can be used to inhale every time you have cravings for sweets, this simple fact can help you reduce anxiety and the desire to kill those cravings that affect us so much in our diet.

Inhaling this oil, or ingesting a few drops diluted in a glass of warm water we can improve certain aspects of our digestion, in this way we can avoid stomach heaviness, heartburn, reflux, accumulation of gases, upset stomach and avoid things like irritable bowel syndrome.

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Properties of peppermint oil for hair

Peppermint oil is very beneficial for hair , as it has antiseptic, regenerating and stimulating properties. Thanks to this, this oil can eliminate dandruff, eliminate lice, provides a soothing effect against irritations, prevents dry scalp, stimulates hair growth and improves its quality, that is, it grows smoother, shinier and stronger. .

This oil can be obtained in various cosmetic products , but we can also use it on our own, either by adding a little to our daily shampoo or by applying the oil directly to our hair, doing gentle massages and then removing the product.

Is it good for bad breath?

Thanks to its antiseptic power, this oil can eliminate bad alienation , hence the reason why this product is part of many toothpastes and mouthwashes. Peppermint oil helps kill bacteria that cause bad breath and also other infections like cavities and gingivitis.

How is peppermint oil used for scars?

Peppermint oil has soothing and analgesic properties thanks to the menthol in its composition, so it can be applied to wounds or bruises to produce a feeling of relief. In that sense, this would be the usefulness of this oil in terms of scars, as this oil does not have any property that helps improve the condition of the skin or healing, but simply helps reduce pain and can also avoid infections.

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Peppermint oil and pregnant women

A pregnant woman should always be aware of the products that benefit her and those that do not, since at this stage of gestation she is more vulnerable since almost everything the mother does is directed or absorbed in a certain way by the fetus. That is why certain activities, foods and customs are limited. Everything is for the good of the baby and because it can develop with total perfection.

In the case of peppermint oil, its use is recommended only from the fourth month of gestation and, however, it must be used moderately, either in aromatherapy or massage therapies. Since, the excessive use of this oil can cause damages and / or unfavorable reactions.

For babies, how does it benefit them?

Peppermint oil for babies is highly toxic , as it is a very strong compound that can irritate their skin and cause respiratory problems.

Therefore, it cannot be administered orally , since it would cause burning in the mouth and inflation, nor can it be used to rub on the skin because it can cause allergic reactions or irritation and also if this smell is inhaled it can cause damage to your respiratory system.

Can it be used while breastfeeding? Why?

The use of peppermint oil is not recommended during breastfeeding , nor any herbal oil in general, as this could affect milk production and also cause harm to the baby. In this case, not only the use of the oil is prohibited, but also peppermint tea and any use of this herb for medicinal purposes.

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Where to buy peppermint essential oil

Here we do have to be careful, since it is necessary to choose essential oils of the highest quality, I usually buy them on Amazon, I leave you the ones I have tried and I liked the most:

  • Organic peppermint oil Peppermint of the highest quality – 30 ml in a glass bottle with light protection – Pure and natural – 100% certified organic – Healing peppermint oil for healthy skin, body and nails – Essential oil for aromatherapy and for relaxation
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  • Aprilis Essential Oil, 100% Pure and Natural, Premium Therapeutic Grade Perfect for Aroma-therapy, Relaxation, Sleep, Skin Therapy (60 mL, Organic Mint)

How to make homemade peppermint oil?

We can get peppermint oil in capsules to be ingested or also in bottles directly. But, there is also a way to prepare this oil at home, we will present this to you below , you only require the following:


  • Mint leaves
  • A glass jar with a tight lid
  • Base oil, can be olive or almonds


The first thing you should do is wash the leaves and cut them, place them in the jar and crush them until they get their natural oil . Then, add the oil that you chose as a base, you must make sure that the oil covers the leaves. Close the bottle, shake and let it rest for a whole day (exactly 24 hours).

The next day, strain the oil and add more crushed leaves to the jar , close and let it rest again. You will repeat this process for five days. When it’s ready, store the oil in a cool, dark place.

Cosmetic properties of peppermint oil

The use of peppermint oil in aromatherapy falls into the category of cosmetic uses , since it is not a medicinal use, but simply a contributor to the relaxation of the body, since the fragrance of this oil has positive effects on the body and especially in the mind.

In the same way, this oil contributes to hair care and skin care, thanks to its vitamins and minerals, it helps reduce their fat and can regenerate both skin and hair, in addition to strengthening and reinforcing them.

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Therapeutic properties of peppermint oil

Regarding its therapeutic use, peppermint oil provides great effects in terms of nasal congestion , that is, we can decongest our airways thanks to the aromatic effect of the menthol in this oil. However, this is not recommended for children, as they are more sensitive in this regard.

In addition to this, this oil also provides relaxing effects , it can help us clear the mind and experts say that it encourages creativity, which is why aromatic therapies made with peppermint oil are so recommended for people who suffer from stress.

Where to buy Peppermint Essential Oil?

You can find peppermint essential oil on Amazon , the largest list and we also include:

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  • Aprilis Essential Oil, 100% Pure and Natural, Premium Therapeutic Grade Perfect for Aroma-therapy, Relaxation, Sleep, Skin Therapy (60 mL, Organic Mint)

Contraindications and risks of peppermint oil

When peppermint oil is consumed or applied in small and infrequent doses it cannot cause harm, but when – on the contrary – its use is exceeded, side effects and unfavorable reactions can be experienced.

For pregnant women , it should not be used postpartum because it reduces milk production. On the other hand, in children it must be diluted, in any case, since the oil contains a very high toxicity.

When it comes to diabetes patients, the use of peppermint oil can lead to very low glucose level or hypoglycemia. On the other hand, those who suffer from gallbladder problems may suffer from inflammation in the area , so they should first consult with their doctor about the use of this oil.

In general, you should avoid the daily use of this oil for any of its functions, as it could generate a side effect and could also interfere with your sleep.

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