Tips For Perfect Skin

Who doesn’t want to have beautiful, smooth and hydrated skin? A few simple steps in your routine will make a big difference.

The secret to healthy, beautiful skin goes beyond cleansing care and sun protection. What you can do to curb the effects of time and other agents is pay attention to details and not relax when it comes to prevention.

Here are 14 tips for you to put into practice as soon as possible, and maintain the beauty of your skin for much longer.

14 Tips for Perfect Skin

1. Always wear sunscreen

Not only your face, but also your hands, décolleté and neck suffer the harmful effects caused by UVA rays of wrinkles and sagging. They penetrate the dermis, disturb and destroy the elastin fibers, and then the skin becomes saggy and aged. Although UVB rays only reach the surface layer they can cause cancer, since there are no products that protect 100% from radiation. A sunscreen with 60 SPF protects against 99% of rays, and a sunscreen with SPF 30 eliminates 96% of them.

Remember that there are different types of skin and specific sunscreens for oily and dry skin .

2. Hydration is everything

From head to toe and at any time of the year, during the summer, opt for products with agents capable of blocking water loss and preventing the entry of infectious agents . This is the case with hyaluronic acid , omega 3 and 6 fatty acids , and to protect against free radicals, vitamins C and E and the coffee berry (“Coffee Berry”).

According to dermatologists in the United States, the aloe vera is the essential ingredient of a moisturizer, as it also minimizes inflammation . Has hydration already decreased? They continue to improve hydration because the skin produces less sebum and dries, for this it is necessary to use formulations with ammonium lactate, silicone, ceramides or shea butter and andiroba (copaiba).

3. Exfoliate to renew

The procedure removes dead cells and removes impurities that clog pores , this facilitates the penetration of moisturizers and specific treatments, making them more efficient. If you have a propensity for blackheads and pimples, this powerful cleansing is also indicated to eliminate oily secretions.

Learn more about how to do a good facial in our decalogue article.

A publication of the journal Cosmetic and Surgical Dermatology relates the ideal frequency according to age. Mature skin , for example, tends to be drier and more delicate, so you only need a facial every seven to 15 days . Oily skin can go through the process every day if you use a gentle exfoliator . On the body, a weekly exfoliation for any skin type is a good practice.

4. Cleaning soaps as daily basics

Few use a specific soap for the face and this is wrong. Products for use on the body are often abrasive and can dry out the skin, so they are not suitable for facial skin, which is more delicate.

The ideal way to avoid dryness is to choose suitable soaps for the face both liquid and bar. For dermatologists, the important thing is that the pH is low in the case of liquid or glycerin bar soap.

5. Day and night care

Under sunlight, the best is a sunscreen with a lot of UV protection and a moisturizing cream to care for the face and before going to sleep we should use anti-aging active ingredients such as retinoic acid.

In the absence of the most suitable product for each period of the day, is the use of one or the other appropriate? Not! It is harmful to apply a sunscreen cream in the afternoon or one that contains retinol derivatives and vitamin A during the day . In the first case, in addition to being useless, the pores are clogged and in the second the risk is irritation, because the high concentration of acids does not tolerate radiation.

6. Eat fruits, vegetables and fish

The vegetables generally prevalent among foods rich in vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals : all friends cells of the body . Together, these substances have an antioxidant action, that is, they stimulate the liver to produce enzymes that break down toxins, which leads to a problem for the nutrients we ingest, free of obstacles, so their benefits do extend. One of the most visible is lush skin.

The consumption of fish such as salmon, tuna and sardines ensures the daily quota of selenium, a great weapon against premature aging .

7. Don’t think about squeezing or touching your face too much

Blackheads and pimples should never be squeezed . And if you are in the habit of supporting your face while you speak or think about life, stop, about 150 species of bacteria live in each hand. These microorganisms come from everywhere, from money, weights, elevator buttons, doorknobs in public toilets, grocery carts to the rail of the subway, and they live waiting to make their triumphal entry through the pores. Any injury, no matter how small, facilitates invasion through these holes by untold numbers of intruders. There are many risks such as inflammation of the skin, boils, diarrhea, and other illnesses.

8. Goodbye stress

Relax in the way you like the most, walk on the beach, listen to music, sleep well. Have you noticed that acne appears in those periods when you are under pressure? It is produced by stress . German researchers from the Freie Universität Berlin have just confirmed a direct link between altered emotional states and pimples . Bombarded daily by voltages, the body makes the sebaceous glands secrete more oils to protect tissues. And fat is the raw material for inflammatory skin conditions, which can affect even non-teenagers.

Learn with our article what are the natural treatments to avoid acne .

9. Exercise rejuvenates

Choose the anti-aging treatment you want, but do not neglect one of the most efficient: physical exercise . Aerobics, weight training, yoga … all these modalities practiced regularly help fight aging of the skin , the largest organ in our body. Exercises improve circulation, provide nutrients to cells and help produce collagen, the substance that most hydrates our skin.

If you need help on what type of physical exercise is best for you, check the options we give you.

10. Your body needs to hydrate, drink water!

Drinking 1.5 liters of water a day literally means that you will be cleansing your body from the inside. This internal bath removes most of the impurities that prevent the arrival of nutrients to the cells, including the skin. There is no doubt: if you do not hydrate well, wrinkles and fine lines will appear. Do you think it is too much water? It is not . With the ideal amount, the precious liquid actually replaces what is lost through urine, sweat and even breathing.

11. Dream

A good night’s sleep is a true tonic for the skin , improves the results of nutrition and detoxification of the body, in addition, it replenishes energy for a new day.

12. Insane vices

The damages of smoking to the skin are obvious : they reduce tissue oxygenation and, therefore, aggravate problems such as inflammation and burning. Moderating alcohol is another great favor to do for your skin.

13. Makeup

Always use quality products according to your skin type , if it is very sensitive, use hypoallergenic lines. A bad makeup can cause allergies and worsen the skin condition .Never sleep with makeup: always usemakeup remover and facial toner . Sleeping in makeup clogs pores and leaves skin oily, creating blackheads and pimples.

14. Eye contour

The eye contour is the most sensitive part of the face and requires special care . We must use specific products for this region to avoid redness in the eyes. After 30 years of age, use anti-aging to prevent wrinkles from forming. The effects are better when used at night and in the morning.

We leave you an article with the best anti-wrinkles on the market thoroughly analyzed.

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