Phytorelax Multi Vitamin Facial Serum, Analysis And Alternative

Not only does it have vitamin C, the Phytorelax serum is a cocktail of vitamins A + C + E and hyaluronic acid indicated for mature skins that have a dull tone and are released, since they help to reinforce the natural function of the skin as a barrier , to achieve a luminous and radiant appearance.

For their products they use fresh juices of oranges, carrots and lemons, obtained through a centrifugation process that keeps these three vitamins unchanged.

And in addition, hyaluronic acid has the function of rebalancing the moisture of the skin and helps to revitalize the natural radiance of the skin.

Looks good, so I’ll analyze their INCI for inclusion in the article that I wrote a review of the best Vitamin C Serums with .

Phytorelax Multi Vitamin Facial Serum Analysis

Summary analysis of Phytorelax Multi Vitamin Facial Serum

For a serum, I think it has too many ingredients. This is perceived as soon as you analyze the first 6 ingredients, which are the ones with the highest concentration.

If you look at it, the first thing we come across is conditioners, lubricants, emollients, etc. Do not activate ingredient. It’s a shame, because as we move forward, vitamins C, A and E come out in different forms.

Hyaluronic acid is also in a fairly low ratio, so rather than acting as an antioxidant and wrinkle-filling formula, it is more of a deep moisturizer.

But what worries me most is the amount of fragrances that are irritating, allergic, or the amount that benzene can produce in the presence of vitamin C; as well as the preservative harmful to health.

Although they are in low concentrations, the combined effect of all these small concentrations applied over the months comes to mind. It is not an option for me.


Looking for healthier and more effective alternatives, I have come across Nezeni Cosmetics’ Vitamin C serum, a more concentrated formula, with more active ingredients and without harmful ingredients.

They have also tried to limit preservatives as much as possible to avoid the combined effect of cosmetics, a long-term health problem.

Everyone can put on their face what they want, but since we make the effort to follow a facial care routine, which is good for our skin and also for our future health.

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